Monday, November 30, 2009

I've missed this.

So, I just read most of my old blogs and realized how seriously retarted I used to be. I mean, I knew I was stupid but to have it here in writing to look back on just makes it so much more embarassing. Also, looking through the yearbook today in History, I realized how retarted I used to LOOK just a year ago.

This is rather random, I know. I just want to let everyone know...don't read my old blogs. They are dumb. And annoying. And I'm embarassed to say I wrote them. Yet not embarassed enough to delete them.

Moving on now.

I never blog because I'm busy. Today I'm busy, but blogging instead of doing homework. Yay!

I believe that when I last blogged -not including the blogs where I said 'I never blog anymore'- it was somewhere near the beginning of school. Sitting here today, it still feels like it's the beginning of school. But in fact, this semester has 11 remaining days until it is OVER. Yikes.

I suppose I'm getting to that point in my life where I realize that life actually DOES go by fast. People don't just say that to be cheesy and cliche. I figured I'd be 90 with gray hair and fake teeth before admitting to this, but I'm not. My life really is flying by! I guess that's okay with me, in a way. It's exciting to think that soon I'll be a Junior...and then a Senior. And then COLLEGE. Kinda scary, but more than anything, exciting! I'm ready to be in college! I'm even more ready to start life as a Pediactric Nurse Practioner, with a cute little house and a dog.

That should be fun.
Now I'm going to completely switch subjects for a bit.


Like two weekends ago, Shelbie, Blanca, Audrey, Jacinda and I (along with Bailey and Zack..kind of) went to see New Moon.

I have very mixed emotions about this movie.

It was indeed, amazing. But I'm not sure it was as amazing as the critiques RAVED it would be. Maybe I'm wrong. I have to say, as shallow as it sounds, Taylor Lautner without a shirt made the movie ten times better. He has like a 34 pack, okay! Don't get me wrong, my love still goes out to Edward Cullen. Even though his stomache is white, hairy, and not even close to muscular.

I'm just ready for Eclipse! And BREAKING DAWN.
If Stephanie Meyer (sp) knew what was good for her, (and the souls of every teenager in the WORLD!), she would continue on with the twilight series. Some say that's overdoing it, but I say...You can never have TOO much Twilight. Impossible.

I will leave you with that, and go read! Because reading on winter days is the best. :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


So, I don't really blog anymore. At all.

I would apologize, but I get the vibe that like, no one, reads my blogs.
Therefore, it's pointless to write. Hahaha.

Anyway, I'll probably start up again during Chirstmas Break, or Summer, or some other time when I have like, FIVE spare seconds in my day.

That is all!

Until next time,