Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I have officially switched blogs, so read this. :)

I'm still using Blogger, however I've made a new site thingy.

It's now called 'The Adventures of Ashlee'

The URL is: "ashleemoments.blogspot.com"


It's a little more sophisticated, personal, informative (about my life/myself) and a tad more serious. Never fear, silly stories will still be taking place!

Anyway, be sure to start reading my NEW BLOG, rather than this one because it will be updated a whole lot more!

Don't forget!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Snow. Snow. Snow.

It is about seven o'clock in the morning of CHRISTMAS EVE.

I cannot sleep on days like these, it's just impossible.

This morning, I woke up, looked out my window and saw that my front yard was covered in SNOW. This might not be fascinating to you, but in stupid Texas this is a rare occasion. So yay! I was so excited, I actually ran out there in a short sleeve t-shirt and my pajama pants, just to feel the snow.

Now, I am going to go into the living room, open the curtains real wide (so I can see the snow falling), grab a blanket and watch some seriously amazing Christmas movies.


Merry Christmas.

P.S. I do believe my cat is even more excited about the snow than I am. It's hilarious.

P.S.S. Yesterday, I watched The Polar Express three times in a row! And like, twice the day before that. It's the PERFECT Christmas movie. I love it.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Fabulous weekend.

It's Christmas Break! Hooray!

Tomorrow, (December 22nd) is one of my best friend, Shelbie's, birthday. To celebrate her SWEET SIXTEEN, we spent a weekend in Ft. Worth. And, of course you want to hear about it, so here we go! :)

As most of you readers would know, we made it to STATE in football. This was more then exciting for our little town. Lucky for my friends and I, the state championship took place in a town near Ft. Worth. The game was great. The outcome was unfortunate (we lost) but it was still really fun. Audrey and I basically spent the entire time dancing, but that's just how we roll.

The stadium was like, ridiculously sweet and huge. We sat on the end and kind of in the middle. Where we were sitting (technically, we stood the entire time) everyone was QUIET. And by quiet, I mean STONES. This is the state game, people. What the heck! So, me and my friends looked pretty dang ridiculous screaming our lungs out and cheering reallly loud the entire game. Unlike most, we did NOT give up when we sadly fell behind.

GOOD JOB BOYS! You made it to State, and that alone is beyond amazing. Needless to say, you had a freaking awesome season this year, and I'll never forget it.

Enough of that.

After the game, we went to THE MAGIC TIME MACHINE.

If you are unfamiliar, it's a resturaunt. They dress up as characters and pretty much just act crazy the whole day. It's great. Our waitor was Shaggy from Scooby Doo. He was beyond hilarious. 'Satan' was funny too, until he started hitting on April (shelbies mom) hardcore. Then he became awkward. But that's beside the point.

When we had to go to the bathroom, we lined up behind Shaggy. We had to run through the entire place screaming at the top of our lungs, "GOT TO GO" Shaggy would holler, "TINKLE WINKLE!!!" we would scream.

It was fun. The food and desserts were tremendous, as well.

Leaving The Magic Time Machine, we went through the cutest little downtown area. It was completely covered in Christmas lights and decked out in decorations. It was almost like a mini- New York. We loved it.

By this time, it was getting late so we looked for a hotel. We came accross the Hilton and decided that we only turn 16 once, so what the heck! It was extremely fancy. Everyone inside had long formal dresses with expensive jewelry, while we trucked on in, in our T-shirts and to-go boxes, making too much noise and feeling out of place -yet not caring. Ha.

Leave it us, to get locked out of our room, like twice, and not be able to get in. We camped in the hallway for quite some time. It was funny. The next morning we went down to the Java shop for some delicious Caramel Fraps. But while in line, Audrey and I dropped our bags and snuck up the stairs into the International Sweets, ballrooms, and much more. It was fantastic. I've never seen such a fancy place.

Anyway. The entire next day was dedicated to shopping at the Grapevine Mall (and Arlington). However, Audrey and I didn't get much done. We DID try on super cute dresses in Forever 21, but being the fatties that we are, we ripped them all the way down because we couldn't get them off.

Embarassing, yes. Hilarious, yes.

After dashing out of the store, we made a somewhat split-decision to dye our hair. If you know us at all, you know that we are some pretty wild children who don't really care about much. So we decided, What the hay! Let's do it.

It took four hours. She now has platinum blonde hair and I have black hair. With a big pink streak. We look pretty crazy now, but NO REGRETS!

After lunch at the Rainforest Cafe, some more shopping and an extremely fun/entertaining ride home, our weekend had sadly ended.

BUT, I still have the crazy hair to remember it all. Hahahaha, wow.

Love my life.

Monday, November 30, 2009

I've missed this.

So, I just read most of my old blogs and realized how seriously retarted I used to be. I mean, I knew I was stupid but to have it here in writing to look back on just makes it so much more embarassing. Also, looking through the yearbook today in History, I realized how retarted I used to LOOK just a year ago.

This is rather random, I know. I just want to let everyone know...don't read my old blogs. They are dumb. And annoying. And I'm embarassed to say I wrote them. Yet not embarassed enough to delete them.

Moving on now.

I never blog because I'm busy. Today I'm busy, but blogging instead of doing homework. Yay!

I believe that when I last blogged -not including the blogs where I said 'I never blog anymore'- it was somewhere near the beginning of school. Sitting here today, it still feels like it's the beginning of school. But in fact, this semester has 11 remaining days until it is OVER. Yikes.

I suppose I'm getting to that point in my life where I realize that life actually DOES go by fast. People don't just say that to be cheesy and cliche. I figured I'd be 90 with gray hair and fake teeth before admitting to this, but I'm not. My life really is flying by! I guess that's okay with me, in a way. It's exciting to think that soon I'll be a Junior...and then a Senior. And then COLLEGE. Kinda scary, but more than anything, exciting! I'm ready to be in college! I'm even more ready to start life as a Pediactric Nurse Practioner, with a cute little house and a dog.

That should be fun.
Now I'm going to completely switch subjects for a bit.


Like two weekends ago, Shelbie, Blanca, Audrey, Jacinda and I (along with Bailey and Zack..kind of) went to see New Moon.

I have very mixed emotions about this movie.

It was indeed, amazing. But I'm not sure it was as amazing as the critiques RAVED it would be. Maybe I'm wrong. I have to say, as shallow as it sounds, Taylor Lautner without a shirt made the movie ten times better. He has like a 34 pack, okay! Don't get me wrong, my love still goes out to Edward Cullen. Even though his stomache is white, hairy, and not even close to muscular.

I'm just ready for Eclipse! And BREAKING DAWN.
If Stephanie Meyer (sp) knew what was good for her, (and the souls of every teenager in the WORLD!), she would continue on with the twilight series. Some say that's overdoing it, but I say...You can never have TOO much Twilight. Impossible.

I will leave you with that, and go read! Because reading on winter days is the best. :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


So, I don't really blog anymore. At all.

I would apologize, but I get the vibe that like, no one, reads my blogs.
Therefore, it's pointless to write. Hahaha.

Anyway, I'll probably start up again during Chirstmas Break, or Summer, or some other time when I have like, FIVE spare seconds in my day.

That is all!

Until next time,


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Thinking, of course.

So the past few nights have been really great. I'll give you a brief of each:

-Wednesday night Audrey and I went 'power walking'. We ended up walking all over the freaking town talking, laughing and re-writing songs. Hahaha.

-Thursday night me, Shelbie, Audrey and Blanca made T-shirts for our homecoming float. It was hilarious and fun and as we're making our beautiful shirts it starts pouring rain like crazy.

-Friday was homecoming, so naturally it was just a really great day at school. Then was the pep-rally which was very fun and the video basically killlled me it was so funny! Afterward, we got all ready to ride on the float but Audrey's mom couldn't take us and we were late, so we ended up running to the Baptist parking lot in 'MIZZU' letter jackets and the like. It was pathetic, but memorable. Haha.
Riding the float was pretty fun, as well. Except, we ran out of candy and all the kids started BOOING us! How nice, right? Anyway, the game was pretty much fun and then my friends stayed at my house for the night. GOOD DAY!

-Saturday (today) we slept late. And then got all ready and went to Abilene with my sister. She got her haircut and we rocked the mall for like...all day. Haha, it was great and Dante's Pizza is amazing. Just saying.

So that about raps it up. BUT, that is pretty much only the Introduction of my blog, so just get ready!

Today Shelbie, Audrey and I went for a walk. It was cold outside, and we all LOVE coldness so we decided we should walk through it. :) Anyway, we were talking about how we only have three years left. Not even three whole years. What happens after High school? Do we promise to stay in touch, but slowly drift apart? Or do we do as everyone hopes and stay in touch forever?

It got me thinking about after high school, during high school, and everything in between.

None of this is going to matter!

When we all grow up and graduate college, get jobs, get married, start families and each pursue whatever it is we're looking for in life, it's not going to matter who the most popular guy was, or who was the prettiest girl.

No one is going to care who was the athlete, the nerd, or cheerleader.

All of this drama of 'You stole my boyfriend; You're two-faced; I'm prettier than you; We're cooler than y'all' and SO ON... is going to seem stupid, and we'll all be embarassed of the dumb things we did and said.

There is something bigger than all of this, out there for ALL OF US! Who knows if one of my classmates will be an upcoming president or work at Allsup's all of their life? There's no way to know, but whatever it is all of these stereotypes and cliques will fade and be laughed at.

So don't get super upset if someone looks down on you and thinks they're better. Don't be offended if you didn't make cheerleader or your not the best at sports. Usually those beautiful kids with their noses in the air are the ones that fall hard in life, and end up in the shelters. I'm just saying. ;)

Anyway, the things that WILL matter is who we actually are, underneath the uniforms we wear, the clothes that we buy and the label that's automatically pinned accross our foreheads.

We're going to look back and wonder, 'Am I PROUD of who I was?' 'Did I make the right decisions?' We will remember WHO WE WERE, not what we did, the friends we had, how many boys we dated or how much we hated 'so-and-so'.

So instead of worrying about who likes you and how cool you are, focus on what's really important and what you'll remember in the long run.

Will you be proud of who you are today? Will you be able to say that you tried your hardest at everything you did and always made the right decisions?

I want to be that person who is happy and successful and can look back and tell my kids, 'Maybe I wasn't the most popular girl in the school, or the best at everything, but I changed a lot of people's lives and made lots of people smile. And today, I can stand proud and say that I have no regrets and I wouldn't change a thing!'

Just remember that there is something bigger and better out there for you somewhere. And how you live your life today and in these years can effect if you achieve that or not. Remember what's important and don't get caught up in stupid high school drama. Because soon enough all of this will be gone and all you'll have to remember was who you changed and how you treated people.

:) [sorry about the length of this]

Monday, October 5, 2009


High school is much, much more difficult than everyone makes it out to be. By everyone, I mean those who are no longer or not yet in it! Kaitlyn's status on FB said something about all she had to do and how she was so stressed, and multiple college students left comments saying how high school is a breeze and they wish they could come back.


This is not directed to those who commented on the status. It's just directed to people, in general. Everyone thinks we have it SO easy but I have yet to see the easiness in my so-far-two-year-high school-experience.

Work all day, Volleyball, Homework all day and night.

Might I add this "homework" is NOT simple stuff. We're dealing with some difficult classes here. I mean, individually they're not so bad, but when you put all of the work together, it adds up kids!

Now for the point.

I think I'm taking my life for granted. I'm coasting through without ever 'stopping to smell the roses'.

During school and homework, I focus on school. I count down the days, looking forward to the weekend. I've already got a countdown to not only christmas break, but SUMMER. During Volleyball, I only focus on that. Getting better in each position and looking forward to the next game.

Constantly I think of my future and how much I'll be able to express myself, once out of high school and into "the real world".

But why not now?

WHY does everyday have to be the same? WHERE IS THE FUN IN MY LIFE?! Haha, but really. I'm a freaking teenager and I should be living it up! Also while focusing on God, grades and sports of course.

But still. I think that it's time I start focusing my life ONE DAY AT A TIME. I have it so much better than so many people, and I think sometimes I forget to stop and think about how wonderful my life really is.

Don't get me wrong, I'm constantly talking to God, thanking Him for certain things, begging Him for others. But it's important to realize that our lives are happy and it's all thanks to HIM that we're so freaking blessed.

This blog is a mess. It's pretty much my brain unravelled. Just some thoughts I needed to get out.