Saturday, August 29, 2009

FIRST week of school blog.

So, I suppose school isn't QUITE as bad as I anticipated, but it's still bad of course.

And I've already been tardy like, six times. No exageration there, by the way.

I'll tell you about each class:

BCIS- this is the easiest class in the entire world. Everyone said Mrs. Bailey made it really hard, but they're apparently REALLY dumb because this is like fourth grade stuff, okay! So I have no problem with this class. EXCEPT, that I can't come to school at 8:45 anymore, like last year. Darn.

ENGLISH- this class seems to be really fun! We've already done lots of activities and like, no work. It's wonderful. And Coach Fuentes is freaking hilarious!

SPANISH- wow. I'm like so white, it's not even funny. I'm the worst at Spanish, and I have the feeling I'm going to fail. Hardcore. Not to mention, I have to basically sprint all the way across the school just to get there ALMOST on time.

CHILD DEVELOPMENT- this class was originally supposed to be cooking, but she changed it without asking us. It'll be cooking next semester, though. Anyway, this class is like REALLY fun because we get to go to children's hospitals, daycares and that kind of thing. It's like a 'hands-on class' instead of note taking and work. So that's awesome. And next year I get to be in Ready-Set-Teach which I think is going to be wicked fun.

Oh, another good thing: We're already taking a field trip next week. She won't tell us where we're going but we'll miss most of the day.

A bad thing about this class: It's required for us to be in FCCLA. Which I guess is cool because we're taking lots of trips this year. And missing lots of school. WOO!

Enough about this class already.

WORLD HISTORY- is amazing. We walk in, do some easy vocabulary or something, and then do whatever we want. Coach Faith is so very mellow. I LOVE it.

Lunch- WOO!

BIOLOGY- is somewhat difficult. But not TOO bad. I like how he explains labs and helps you out, unlike Mr. Raymond who you just smiles when you ask a question. I love Mr. Raymond, but that's awfully annoying. I like Mr. Norton too, but I will have to get used to this class and the 5023498 vocabulary tests we'll be taking, WEEKLY.

GEOMETRY- regardless of what everyone says, I think Mr. Davis is an awesome teacher. He's really nice and doesn't get mad if you have no idea what's going on. He explains things really well. I like this class, but I don't like the homework. (In which I should be doing right now.)

ATHLETICS- VOLLEYBALL PRACTICE! The best part of the day. :)

So yeah. That is all.
Except for the whole -having to walk all over campus because my classes are all so spread out- thing, and then the -having so much work and getting stressed out a lot- thing, oh and the -annoying people that they're wonderful- thing, school really isn't THAT bad.



Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I am infuriated.

Here is my schedule for the coming year

(in which I am NOT looking forward to):

BCIS -Mrs. Bailey

English 2 -Coach Fuentes (female)

Spanish - Coach Fuentes (male)

Cooking -Mrs. Bailey

W. History -Coach Faith

Biology -Mr. Norton

Geometry -Mr. Davis


Issues with this schedule:

A.) I have to start off the day in a class of FRESHMAN, taught by a teacher who despices and who I'm not too fond of either, might I add. (I am not in a class with younger kids because I failed, but because I took Journalism last year, and need a computer credit.)

B.) I have [that teacher] TWICE A DAY! Just kill me now.

C.) Another of my teachers -in which will remain nameless- HATES ME!

D.) I have World History right before lunch. Which means walking ALL THE WAY FROM COACH FAITH'S CLASSROOM TO THE CAFETERIA! If you're not familiar with this, it's a freaking longggg walk!

E.) My two HARDEST classes are after lunch. NOT COOL.

F.) Also not cool, because those are the classes I'll miss for Volleyball games.

G.) I can't learn Spanish. Impossible.

H.) I have Mr. Davis right before athletics, which means ANOTHER long walk. Not as long as the other, but still too long for me!

Last but not least,

I.) I don't have Mr. Raymond OR Mrs. Reiger this year. This is just outrageous!

On a more positive note;

Good things about the coming year/schedule:

A.) We have Coach Faith for WH! I hear he's totally laid back and easy.

That is all.

Friday, August 7, 2009

"Oh my! Guys! In 15 years, we're ganna be...30!"

Today we had our first scrimages of the season!


Considering they were only scrimages, they made it all weird where we didn't play to 25, but just played two twenty minute rounds.

Our first game (JV) was against Breckinridge JV, and we lost the first round and won the second.

Next, we played Bryson Varsity and did the same. (Won one round, lost the other.) But that was pretty exciting for us, considering they were a varsity team. And not a bad one, either.

So yeah.

I feel much better about this year. It will be more fun and stuff once we really get into it and everything. You probably have no idea what I'm talking about, but that's okay! :)

Anyway, I'm off of two a days until Monday (obviously), and if my sources tell me right, we only have three more days of two a days.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week.

Because Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we have a TOURNAMENT!


I'm basically booked tight for the rest of the Summer. Which kinda sorta stinks! But oh well.

Let's see.

Tomorrow: watching Cade and Calhan with Stef.
Sunday: Going to Shelbie's to meet her foreign exchange student, Ivy! (Hong Kong)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday: Two a days.
Thursday Friday Saturday: Tournament
Sunday: Church and packing.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday: BEACH TRIP! WOOO!

Thursday: Orthodontist appointment.

Friday: Take Stef to college.

Saturday: FINISH SCHOOL SHOPPING! (Hopefully I can get that done before this time, but by the looks of this schedule, who knows!)

Also Saturday: Get hair done!

Sunday: Get ready for school. ://///

Monday: First day of school. KILLL ME!

I think I counted right.
Anyway, that's crazy. School is coming way too fast.
I am SO not ready. Ugh.

That's all for now!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Don't worry, it's pretty short.

So I was watching The 700 Club (because I'm nerdy, and sometimes find the stories interesting) while cleaning up my room, when one of the stories caught my eye...or ear? Ah, whatever.

It was this lady who had gotten some kind of tendinitis in her wrist and hand. The doctors at first said that it was no big deal, and it would soon fade, after a little medication.

However, it didn't fade, it got worse, and soon enough her hand was basically crumpled up in a little ball. If she tried to open it, excrusiating pain shot from her fingers to her upper arm.

Doctors soon diagnosed her with a very rare disease that can sometimes come from simple injury. They said her hand would never heal and the pain would only get worse.

Not only that:

The disease was going to spread (and quickly) all over her body, and soon enough her body would be shriveled up just like her hand, and in a wheel chair, living with terrible pain all the time (NO CURE!) and completely depending on others one hundred percent!

Even the thought of it, threw her right into a deep depression.

She said that she prayed and prayed and prayed.

One night, her sister invited her to a church service thing and she was standing there singing, when suddenly the pain in her hand that she hadn't gotten used to, but learned to live with, was no more. She could freely move her hand without any problems at all.

When she went back to the doctor, they said that it seemed that the disease had disappeared completely. Leaving NOTHING behind. Not even a need for medications.


Now I know what you're thinking right now:

"That's great for her. But God doesn't usually get around to answering my prayers."


This woman said that if you have even the slightest doubt when you pray, it more than likely won't happen. You have to believe and KNOW that God is capable of anything and totally in control. He knows what's good for you and what's not. So BELIEVE and HAVE FAITH that your prayers will be answered.

As long as it's right for you and and it's the right time (and you ask and believe) God's going to bless you with what you want and need.

But with doubts, why should He?!

If your prayers aren't being answered often, maybe it's because you doubt God? Maybe you think it seems too impossible. Sometimes the doubt inside of us is too deep for us to realize it's there.

Have faith in God. :) He is the only one that can help!

...and He CAN do anything.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Well my reason for not blogging in a century and a half, is plain and simple:

I've been grounded.

And it seems that with all the text messages and the like, that everyone under the sun knows why. Haha!

Anyway. Luckily (thanks to my wonderful, merciful mother) I was only grounded for one week, rather than three months, as my dad had planned.

However, it was probably one of the most boring weeks of my life. Probably.

I basically watched TV for a week, straight. It was crazy.

But enough of my boring week! It was all uplifted and made happy again when 12am on Sunday night rolled around! :)

Do you know why?!


I love Volleyball.

While most teenage girls claim their love to a boy, mine goes out to Volleyball!

Hahaha, as weird as that sounds.

Anyway. I told my parents I wish I could just move into the gym, wake up early EVERY morning, play volleyball until late at night, and then sleep in the stands or something until it's time to wake up and play again.

Yeah, that would be awesome.

Alright, I'm going to stop babbling and tell you of my "first complete session of two-a-days experience"!


All day and night I was so anxious it was pathetic. My mind raced with thoughts of how this year would be, how many people and who all were playing, and so on.

My poor family probably wanted to KILL me I talked so much about it.

I think when eleven o'clock creeped on up I was trying to find excuses to go ridiculously early. But found nothing.

So I waited......until 11:30.

I hopped in the car and rushed to Audrey's house where I picked her up, and we sped to the gym.

Only to discover that I had forgotten all of my paperwork. Not just forgotten to bring....but forgotten to DO IT!

Thankfully, my mother came to the rescue, by quickly filling them out and bringing them up to me. How nice!

I have to admit, when I first walked into the gym I like, gasped, or something, because of the large amount of girls. The gym was basically packed full. Okay, kind of.

And the scary thing is.....a HUGE MAJORITY of them were...freshman.

Hahaha, I don't really have anything against freshman, considering I was one last year, and all, but you know.


Anyway we started off by getting all of our workout clothes, knee pads, shoes, lockers, etc. I got the locker that I've had forever, and coincidentally (spelling) my pin from last year was in my locker, as well. Crazy, right?!

So we did all of that good, exciting stuff. (By the way, our work out shirts are totally cute because our theme is "Live It", which apparently has a lot to do with Vegas?)

We started off with a few easy drills, and after like five seconds she said "Okay y'all go get a drink and then will finish off with this last drill!"

"Did she say LAST drill?!" I quickly asked the people next to me.


So what I'm trying to say is, it went by REALLY fast. TOO FAST!

But I had the coming morning to look forward to.

I was so excited I couldn't go to sleep. I finally crashed at like four thirty, but woke up again at five thirty. And then again at six thirty. And then again at eight thirty.

So I decided to just stay awake seeing as I would need to be at the gym, in no less than another hour.

Today's session was pretty fun, but very hard.

For like, the first hour or something we did conditioning.


Yeah, it was painful.

But the last hour was FUN!!

Now tomorrow might not be so fun.

Timed mile runs (which is okay with me), agilities/conditioning, and LIFTING WEIGHTS.

I totally wouldn't have a problem with lifting if I wasn't like, the most weak person on this whole freaking universe.

Oh well. I'm still excited.

Hope you enjoyed this ridiculous blog!