Monday, October 27, 2008

I'd like to come back as a cow! It's too late, sister.

So, today was my first day of Off Season. It was actually pretty fun. Well, not fun, but deffinatley not bad, at all. It was quite sad seeing the Varsity in their workout clothes, and us not being out there with them, but oh well. I like off season, because it means I get home at like three fourty five. As opposed to five thirty or six, that is pretty sweet. It's also extremely easy. I'm not sure if it's that easy everyday, but I sure hope not. I felt like I didn't even work out! Haha. We did a little weight lifting, and then went to the track where we ran two laps (but walked the curves). It was funny.

The rest of my day was pretty okay, too. Not much laughter went on today, so that was a sad thing. Anyway, art was freaking boring. I'm beginning to really hate that class. FCS, was boring as well. Always have hated that class, haha. Geography; again, always boring! I almost died. IPC wasn't too bad. We did this really easy work sheet. Oh, and I found out that I'm making a 99 in that class. I almost died of a heart attack, considering I figured I was failing, or something. I honestly didn't know, it was possible for me to make above an 89, in that class. So, that was encouraging. After this next test, I'm sure it will plummet. Ha.

Algebra was okay. Pretty boring, though. The lesson seems pointless, to me, anyway. Lunch was boring, which was shockingly upsetting. English was filled with diagramming sentences. Journalism, wasn't so great either. We wrote leads. I discovered what a terrible journalist I am, and now I'm thinking of changing careers. It's my dream to be a journalist, but if you arn't good, you arn't good.

I've always wanted to work for an Insurance Company. Lame, I know, but I think it would be fun. There are lots of careers I'm considering, actually. I have three and a half years to figure it out. Preferably two, though. I'd like to enter my Senior year, knowing exactly what's ahead of me.

Anyway, it's time for me to go. I'm going to make myself a Dr. Pepper float, and then sit down to watch One Tree Hill.

So, have a spectactularly wonderful ecstaticly fun night! (:

Oh yes, I'm that cool.

Oh, and if you've tried texting me, and recieved no reply, it's not because you're lame, and I'm totally ignoring you. It's because my phone has been dead for three days now, and I havn't the slightest clue where it's at.

I don't care, though. I never used the thing.

Well, I'm starting to ramble, so see you later!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Look Christopher! I'm baking you cookies!

Okay, quick post.

I know, I know, I insisted on writing quite often, and I havn't in a while. I'm truly sorry, haha. I'm so freaking busy; it's pathetic! However, Volleyball will be over in only two days. After that, things should be easier. Don't get me wrong, I'm like incredibly depressed that it's almost over. Terrible, isn't it? Anyway.

So, I'm really excited right now. So much to be excited for, actually. I just got a new book, today. I know, how nerdy, I'm excited about a book. But excuse me, Mr.! It's freaking amazing. It's about Merlin. It actually starts out when he is six years old. If you do not know who Merlin is, that would be the man in which, raised King Arthur. He is known as a "magician". If you are not nerdy, and proud, like I, then you probably have no idea of who I am even speaking of.

I'm also excited about this weekend. Aside from my loads of homework I'm sure I will have, it's going to be great! (: Stef is coming in tomorrow! Football game tomorrow! Winter's is coming! I have friends from there! Haha. Fifth Quarter! On Saturday, I have a Volleyball game! The Fall Fest! RUNNING MAN! On Sunday I have church! And hanging out with Stef! Yay!

So, I'm going to eat my Ramen Noodles, now. I'm all alone. My parents, and neighbor went to an ACU Volleyball game. I didn't get to go, because of all the homework I had in store. But, I'm going next time! Anyway, after eating my ramen noodles, I will read chapter two, in my most amazing book, in the world!

It has like 600 pages! But hey! I can totally do it.

I love you all; have an incredibly wonderful night!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Maybe he wanted someone with smaller lips.


It's Sunday. I love Sunday's. The weather is always perfect on that certain day. Except, today is a little warm. A little more of a cool breeze would be great. So anyways, Church was good. My second favorite preacher, preached about temptation. You see, our church doesn't have a dignified preacher, so we just have visiting ones, basically ever Sunday. Well, kind of. Every fourth Sunday, we have a "visitor preacher". Every third Sunday, Brother Roland preaches. Every first, Jimmy Dukes, preaches. And every second, Wayne Blackerby.

Yesterday was fun. My mother, and I, traveled to Abilene where I got my hair done. It really doesn't look any different, but oh well. I was upset, because I completely forgot about Maggie's get-together type thing, and didn't get to end up going. But, I did spend the night with Shelbie and Audrey, at Shelbie's house. We watched Clueless, and Garfield, played lotssss of Volleyball, and hung out in the hot tub, for quite some time. It was really quite fun.

Today has been pretty good. I guess. I've been playing volleyball, basically all day. And homework, of course. We're currently reading the novel, "Fahrenheit 451", and I love it. Most people hate it, and some don't even read when she says to, but personally, I think it's quite interesting. However, it could be the fact that I absolutley love to read. The only problem is, she only assigns us a certain amount of pages. So, I get like really into the book, and then I come to page 48, and have to stop. It's not cool; I'd rather just read the entire book myself!

So, as if it isn't obvious, this is just another of my many, many random blogs, containing tons of random facts, that you, nor anyone else, really cares about.

So, for my next random paragraph; I'd like to talk about Christmas.

I freaking love it. It's so magical, and beautiful. I know, corny! But you totally know it's true. From the time it clicks, December, 1st, to the time it clicks January 3rd, I have constant butterflies. Not necessarily, because I get presents for Christmas, or whatever, but because it's a time when everyone is happy, and excited. Everything is so bright, and glowing, and it's cold! The bitterly cold weather just makes you all the more excited. Oh, and the little Christmas jingles! You gotta love 'em! (: The Christmas Tree's! Christmas lights! Sometimes even, Christmas snow! Wow, I really love it. To top it all off, my birthday is four days after Christmas. Therefore, December is just one big happy month! (:

My Christmas list this year, is quite expensive, however, there arn't many items on it. Well, kind of, but not really.

1. New Camera. (It's amazing. I'm in love with it. It's not just another digital camera, it's actually a nice one, that takes really good pictures, and has a framing grid, and everything! I'm literally in love.)
2. Ipod Touch (I've decided, it doesn't necessarily have to be the "ipod touch", just some form of a music player. Preferably, and Ipod. Don't get me wrong; I'd love to have the touchy one, haha. But, seeing as the camera above, is near 300 dollars, I feel kind of greedy :/)
3. Purpose For The Pain (I'm sure most of you know what this one is. It's a collection of journals, by Renee. If you arn't too familiar with "To Write Love On Her Arms", then it probably won't mean anything to you. But, yeah.)
4. New "teen-like" Bible (It's basically just a Bible, with notes on the side, that help you understand, and see things the way a teenager would. It's really helpful, and quite informative)
5. My room re-done (It's going to be quite amazing. I'm really looking forward, to this one.)

That's it. So far, anyways. I don't suppose it's too outrageously expensive.

Anyways, I have about two more months to decide for sure.

Well, I'm going to clean up my room, fix my fat cat's litterbox, and then start studying for IPC.

Have a happy Sunday!

Friday, October 17, 2008

How do you know? Because I'm magically delicious.

So, I'm basically infuriated. I specifically told my mother to set my hair appointment up, at Just Teasin', for tomorrow. But did she? No! She says we can go to Abilene, to get it done. Um, excuse me mom, I want to get it done here! I totally sound like the little girl on that chocolate factory show. You know, the one with the rich dad, that gives her everything. Only, my parents aren't like that, of course.

Back to the point, I wanted my hair done this weekend so that I could show up to school with a "new hair style", to bring in a new week. I know, I'm like insane, or whatever, but it makes sence! I'd feel weird going to school Tuesday, and then going back Wednesday, with completely different hair. It just doesn't seem right.

Okay, enough ranting. Lets talk about my day.

It was pretty good, I suppose. Lots of laughter, involved, which I like. Art was good because that strange, art woman that can't even draw let me change my little square. You see, now that we are out of our little "musical dairy cow" stage, we are working on some famous artists mural. We each have our own square from the painting, that we have to "re-create". Mine in the begginning, was quite hard, but the one I have now is simply a woman's hair, and half her dress. This is good news, seeing as I have no drawing abilities, what so ever.

FCS was good, because we got to play Old-Maid. Random quote of the day: "I do NOT have the monkey!" Okay, sorry. Geography was terrible. Test, ew. But hey! I ended up only missing two. I guess I should consider myself, a good guesser. Haha. IPC was horrible, especially now that Mr. Raymond hates me. He used to love me, but apparently I did something to offend him. So, now he basically critisizes, and insults me in front of the entire classroom, daily. It's quite annoying, but I'm getting used to it.

Algebra was great. Mrs. Rieger was sick, so she basically gave us work, and said "go for it", which I like. We got to do it as slow, or fast as we wanted, and were free to socialize while doing so. Lunch, of course, was fun. Besides certain annoying people pretending they were cool, and refusing to scoot down. Yeah, you know you are. English was basically terrible. We have a ton of homework, and the thought of it makes me want to hurl. Journalism was absolutley amazing! We got to write for the first time! Even if it was only the lead paragraph!

Now, I'm writing this, and will soon be finishing my ten million piles of homework. Then, me and audrey are spending the night with Shelbie. It's hot tub, time. (: Oh yes, I love that thing.

Alright. So, I should really get started on my homework. No telling how long it will take me. I'm not going to the game, so good luck boys!

Have a happy night, everyone!

Monday, October 13, 2008

One Tree Hill completes my soul.

I love One Tree Hill. From crazy nannies, to high school shootings, to fashion designers getting beaten by their jealous mother's, this show takes all. It's so dramatic, yet cute. And Chad Micheal Murray, is just the cherry on top.

As if it isn't obvious, I'm watching One Tree Hill. My mom, and aunt are "taking a nap", at eight thirty. And my faja is Louisiana. So, it's just me. We had so much freaking homework, I thought it was going to come out of my ears! Wow, that was corny, but for real. It was insanity.

We literally had homework in every single class, and three different things in English. Although, my day was actually quite awesome. Art was fun, because we just got to mess around. After we finished those "musical dairy cows", that is. Home-ec was basically okay, because we got to go the computer lab, under no supervision. Geography was pretty boring, big shock. It was cool though, because we didn't have a lesson, we just got to have a "catch-up day". IPC was nice and easy. He just talked the entire time. Algebra was fine. I love algebra, though, so it's always fun. Haha, I'm quite the nerd. Lunch was fun; as always. Besides Coach Wilson, and Mrs. Brown calling us rude. Boo-hoo, get over it! Haha, they're crazy. English was basically terrible. What else is new? Journalism was incredibly fun, and easy, of course! (:

Then, of course, Volleyball was amazing. It really brings me down that we only have a few more games. No more hilariously fun, work outs in the old gym with Coach Wilson! :( But hey! I get to play with both Freshmen, and JV, tomorrow. So that's exciting. If I get to finish the season, with JV, then I'll actually have five more games. That would be quite great. I love playing with them! They are so good.

Anyways, I finished up all my homework, and got most of my studying done. Although, the English makes absolutley no since to me, what so ever. Therefore, I'll be visiting Mrs. Bartee tomorrow, during tutoring.

Well, thats about all the rambling I have for you, tonight.

Have a good one!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Just got home from Church.
I'm sitting here, eating peanut m&m's.
They are basically the bomb, and pretty much addicting. I hate the peanut-part, though. I just eat all the chocolate around the outside. I'm sure you wanted to know that.

So, church was pretty much boring. It's usually pretty interesting, but today our guest preacher was Jimmy Dukes. He always preaches for a long time, not to mention he has mono-tone. Anyways, I just sat there day dreaming the entire time. Day dreaming. That's basically what my life consists of. Isn't that sad?

I always find myself day dreaming about my future. Sometimes it's me, married with kids. Other times, it's me as a huge famous journalist. But today, I was thinking about Jake and Rusty, and their wreck. A disadvantage of living in a small town; you have no idea what/who to believe!

Some people have said that Rusty is okay, but Jake probably won't make it. Others say, Jake is practically fine, but Rusty is fatal. Some say, they are both dying, while others say they're both fine. It's crazy! I don't know which is true, but either way, it's terribly sad.

Speaking of sad, my mom and I, watched the past four episodes of Army Wives, last night. Wow, that show is dramaticly intense.

Pamela had a creepy stalker, threatening to basically kill her daughter. He broke into her house, and everything! Roxy, and Trevor were having problems, because suddenly Trevor is addicted to his pain meds. Joan's uterous(sp) has a tear, and she has to have the baby in a rush, causing the baby to be premature. Rolland tells Joan about Trevor's drug problem, and she fires/re-assigns him. Meaning, Trevor finds out that Roxy told Rolland, causing Trevor to hate Roxy, and Roxy to hate Rolland. Michael's "friend", from another country tries to rape Claudia Joy, but she breaks a wine bottle over his head. Frank and (I forgot her name) seperate, as their son Jeremy deploys to Iraq.

It's all so crazy, and dramatic. I love it! (: haha.

Anyways, this is totally and completely pointless, which most of my blogs on here will be. I was just bored, and had nothing else to do.

I'm going to write my political belief paper, for Geography, now. No, I never did it last night.

Then, I'll probably post ANOTHER blog on here, stating my political beliefs.

Although, it will probably seem more like a "rant session".

Goodbye for now! (:

Saturday, October 11, 2008

first post (:

First blog (:
This will be fun.
I'll try and write lots of blogs.
That shouldn't be hard, considering I love blogging.

So, I'm laying here on the floor, rapped up in a blanket, watching a lifetime movie. Let me tell you, it doesn't get any better than that. I love lifetime movies. They are so dramatic.

Today has been such a beautiful day. The weather has been perfect. It's like warm, with a nice cool breeze. I've been with Shelbie and Audrey practically all day. We spent the night with Shell, to help out with her sister's fourth grade slumberparty. We didn't end up helping much, but we had a lot of fun. We spent, basically, ninety nine percent of our time in the hot tub. It was great.

We also played a lot of Volleyball. I think it's cool how we play Volleyball for fun. It's also cool, how we all three love it with everything we have. Well, Shelbie recently informed us, that she will not be playing next year. That is quite upsetting.

So anyways, my day was pretty much amazing. My hair still smells like hot tub, (and yes, that is possible), so I'm going to get a quick shower. Then, I believe my mom, and I, will end up staying up half the night, watching basically the entire season of Army Wives. Yay!

I also have to write my "Political Belief" paper, for Geography, tonight. Although, I think that will be fun! Oh, and I need to do some reading, as well.

I got a new book. It's Mary Higgins Clark, of course.

Anyways, I'll try and write tomorrow, after Church.

Have a happy night!