Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Presents; fun yet ironic day in abilene; &birthday ideas (:

So, I realized this morning when I was doing all of my cleaning, that I never followed through with promise of writing a blog, telling everything that I got for Christmas. So, here goes;

1. An Ipod Touch (I'm basically in LOVE with the thing!)

2. Some of those winter boots! (I think people call them Ugg boots, even though they arn't really the "ugg" brand, they still look like them. ha. Anyway, they are brown, and really soft, and warm. I've only stopped wearing them a few times. It's hilarious.)

3. The new teen study bible (This thing is amazing! First of all, the outside cover is adorable. Secondly, through out the entire Bible, it has little notes, and stuff that make things easier to understand. Deffinatley needed this one, haha.

4. Guitar Hero for the DS. (I'm crazy addicted to this game. It's so much fun, if you're into the guitar hero games.)

5. This EXTREMELY CUTE over the shoulder/satuel bag. (It's pink & black, and EXACTLY what I wanted. Props for mom & dad, haha).

In my stocking I got an eyebrow razor/machine, and one of those HUGE colorful lollipops, that you see in the movies! Also, lots of candy and fruit.

From my cousin, I got a new volleyball, perfume, and shower lotion.

From my sister Stefani, I got two amazingly adorable shirts.

From my other sister Christi, I got a really cute hand bag, with toe seperaters, lip gloss, two pairs of slipper socks (really warm&comfy), and a gift card to Old Navy. (:

From my neighbor, I got twenty bucks, some stamps from 1870, some cute printing paper, for computer editing, and a REALLY big box of those amazingly delicious chocolates.

I'm pretty sure that about raps it up!

Tomorrow is my birthday Eve!

Meaning day after tomorrow, is my birthday!

I'll more than likely be posting tomorrow, and then on my birthday to tell everyone how it went.

Now, for the next part of my blog;


Yesterday was so much fun! As a birthday gift, my sister Stefani, took me to Abilene. When we got there, she let me pick the place to eat. Of course, I chose Red Robin. We ate, and then went to Hendricks to visit poor little Cade Fairchild, and Kensie. Then, we went shopping. We basically went everywhere in the town of Abilene! Haha, but it was fun. Then, at the end of our day, we went to the movies where we watched, "Yes Man!". It was freaking hilarious! I loved it.

Also, it was the most Irony/Ironic day I've ever witnessed!(sp).

First of all, we're driving down the road, thinking of somewhere to eat. We're thinking Logan's Roadhouse, but we arn't sure yet. Then, we see a white Armada, which is the car my friend Shelbie's mother drives. I said to Stef: "I just got the strangest feeling that was Shelbie!", and she replied, "She isn't the only one in the world with that car, Ashlee!".

So, I proceeded to text Shelbie, and after all, it was her! Meanwhile, we chose Red Robin over Logan's. While me and Shell were texting, she said that she was going to go to Red Robin's to eat, but decided to Logan's instead. I quickly informed her that we were going to eat at Logan's, but chose Red Robin.

Crazy, right?

Well about three hours later we're driving and I see a white Armada. I think to myself, "Okay. Abilene is not a small town. How crazy is it that I saw her once, and we almost ended up at the same resturaunt. But TWICE? That's insanity."

I text her anyway, asking if she just past the Lowe's, and she says YES! Yikes!

So, then we go to Target, and as we're walking in, this strangley gorgeous guy is right beside us, and staring at us like he knows who we are, but isn't sure. As we walked our seperate ways, stefani squeels, realizing that that is one of good friend from college, all the way in San Angelo. So, we walked by once more to make sure. Surely enough, it was him! We talked for a while. Turned out he lived in Gorman, and happened to be in the Abilene target at the same time as us.

So, we go to the mall. There we see the people who sat at the table beside us, at Red Robin. Next, is Kohls, where we saw our waitor at Red Robin!

Then, after other shopping stops, we went to see the movie.

When I looked up, I saw Eric, my sister's best friend running at us, excitedly. He was there with Keely, and Molly.

Then, we're in line getting pop-corn, and we look behind us, only to see Gracie! Which is a little girl, that my sister babysits like everyday.

It was such an insanely ironic day.

But a fun one, at that.

To end the day, we met Eric at Wal-Mart, where we picked up a few things. Eric screamed a curse word to the whole store, and we recieved a few dirty looks.

It was great!

So, that concludes this randomly long blog (:

note: if you plan on getting me a birthday present,
but are worried because you have no idea what to get,
I'd be perfectly happy with money, or a gift card. & clothes
are always greatly appreciated.

(: thanks.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Oh yes! It's another one!


It's midnight, so that means it is technically CHRISTMAS DAY.

This is incredibly exciting.

I considered not writing this blog, because I understand that I've written exactly three thousand, six hundred and fifty two blogs about Christmas, and the like. But, seeing as this is MY blogspot, I will write all the christmas blogs I want! Therefore, you can choose or choose not to read them. And, if you do read them, you have ZERO percent permission to gripe. (: Thank you very much.

Now. To get on with it.

I was originally going to write my blog tomorrow morning, before looking at my presents, but I decided that would be physically impossible, considering the high state of anticipation nawing at my sanity. So, I'm writing tonight instead.

I am sord of one of those freaks who is absolutley IN LOVE with christmas, and surprises. Also, I am a BIG planner. Basically every aspect of my life is planned, and with that, I see nothing wrong!

So, of course, I've already planned everything about Christmas. Wanna hear?

Well, I'm going to wake up EXTREMELY early, just like every year. Then, I am going to walk down the hall, with my back facing the living room, so that I can't see a thing! When I reach the end of the hall, I'm going to take a deep breath, and embrace the christmas spirit, and excitment (yes nerdy, but I do it every year)! Then I'll slip around (still not looking at the santa present) and peek at my stocking present. After that, I'll cover my eyes and walk into the living room. When I reach the tree, I'll feel around for my santa present, and then OPEN MY EYES. It will be great!

Then, after that, I'm going to write a letter of appreciation my parents, for everything they have done, and will do to make my life as special as it is.

I will then add some eyeliner to my sleepy eyes, and go to wake up my sister, who will probably beg for more sleeping time. But that will NOT be aloud (:

She'll look at her santa and stocking present, squeel with happiness, and then we will go and wake up the parents. When we finally get them up and going, mom will grab her camera, while we open the remaining gifts. Then comes Christmas dinner, and helping mommy cook.

It will be one spectacular Christmas, I tell you.

Oh, and on the 26th, we get our presents from Christi, my oldest sister, who seems to be AMAZING at getting christmas presents. And then, as you all know, comes my birthday the 29th. Happy Birhtday Me!!!!

So, that about raps it up. I'm so excited right now, I'm afraid my heart is going to jump from chest, and pump it's last breath out right in front of my eyes.

Wow, that was creepy, haha.

Anyway, I'm going to sleep now! I'll need all the rest I can manage for one early, yet exciting morning!

It is, you know, only the HAPPIEST day of the year!

So with that in mind, I wish you the merriest Christmas you've ever expirienced, and blessedly happy new year!

I'll be posting ANOTHER christmas blog tomorrow, informing everyone of my new belongings.

Again I say, Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Oh my freaking goodness, my sister infuriates me to EMOURMOUS amounts. She's one of those rude people, who makes fun of you for everything, and then just keeps agging it on and on, until you POP.

She's so freaking stupid. And she's such a JERK!

First she's rude to me, after I do SO much for her, and take up for her about EVERYTHING, even if she IS wrong, and then she has the freaking audacity to tell me that I make a big deal of everything, and ask me why I am in such a bad mood!!!! UGH!

Well STEFANI (&i hope you are reading this) WHO FRICKIN cares if I make a big deal of everything. GET THE HECK OVER IT. I am not going to change because of your lousy oppionion, and so if you have problem, TOOO FREAKING BAD!

And WHY am I in a BAD mood? Maybe because you have the power to drive someone so INSANE, that they cannot see straight! EVER THINK OF THAT?

If you don't want my bad moods, then I HIGHLY suggest you don't give off your rudeness like it's Carbon Dioxide. Because my "bad moods" are only the result of YOU.

And I have the feeling that you are going to tell Mom about how I am ranting of your actions to the entire world wide web, and she's probably going to yell at me, and suggest that I delete the blog, and never write about you again; BUT, this is a blogging site, and as far as I am concerned this is a blog. What is wrong with that picture? NOTHING. Thank you.

So, I'm sorry that you all had to listen to this, but there was simply no where else to rant. Thanks for reading, which I doubt anyone did.

Merry Christmas Eve, Eve!

Day after tomorrow is CHRISTMAS.

Hope it's wonderful!

&bytheway; I feel a LOAD better now.

I'll try this more often.

Monday, December 22, 2008

I am the tennis champion. And it feels good. Haha.

So, I'm really happy right now because me, stef, my mom, and my dad are all hanging out tonight, playing Wii. It's cool because we arn't fighting, or anything, and that doesn't usually happen, haha.

But it's really nice being with just my family and having fun.

We had a Tennis Tournament, and you guys will never guess who won the entire tournament. Who is the CHAMPION? You ask.


First I beat my mom, and then my dad, and Stefani almost died of shock when killed her three games, of five. It was great! No body EVER beats Stef. But I so did. Haha, I'm quite proud of myself.

Anyway, I just had to share that incredibly exciting information with you all.

Now, I believe we're going to have a Bowling Tournament. I'm pretty much positive that I'm going to lose this one, though. Oh well!

Merry Christmas & remember!

tomorrow is the eve of christmas eve (:


Uhm, yeah.

Just so everyone knows, I am beggining to freak out.

I know, I know, I've posted only about five thousand and six blogs about Christmas, and how it's only so many days away. But, get this; IT'S ONLY FOUR DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS. AND DAY AFTER TOMORROW IS CHRISTMAS EVE.

You cannot tell me, that that isn't insane.

Today has been a pretty spectacular day, I'd say. The typical Christmas Break day, anyway. I slept late. Woke up at like ten, and then came into the living room. Everyone else was still asleep, shock. I played Wii for a little while, and then my mom woke up. We took the dogs out, and then came back in and talked for a bit.

Then when Stef woke up, we played against each other on the Wii for quite some time. We then ate, and then played some more. Now, she has gone to babysit Gracie (spelling) & Will, and my mother is in the shower.

I just took maxy, sophie, and my cat outside. I walked outside with jeans and a short sleeve shirt, in the crazily cold weather, and sat on the outdoor-rocking chair on the porch, and watched the animals, do their business and play.

Life doesn't get better than that, haha. Most people hate the cold, and would rather stay warm, and inside. But, I couldn't love it more. I find it refreshing, and exciting. The colder it is, the more if feels like Christmas. I love the Christmas feeling.

Today is one of my best friend's birthday. Shelbie, it is. I texted her at 11:30 to tell her "Happy Birthday Eve", and that it was only thirty minutes until she had been walking this Earth for fifteen years. Then at about one thirty, I sent her another text telling her Happy Birthday, and reminding her to text me later, to tell me how everything went.

She had family Christmas today, and I do not believe she was too happy of the fact. That happened to me last year, as well. But, we just celebrated my birthday on the 28th, then when we went to family christmas on my actual birthday, everyone gave me their present to me, and sang to me, and told me happy birthday about ten times. It was great, actually.

I really have no absolute clue as to what it is that I got for my birthday. My mother assured me that she has already purchased the thing, but I'm not too sure of what it could be. My Christmas presents are wandering my mind, as well.

They STILL arn't under the tree! Mom said that they have one more to get, in which they are getting tonight, and that tonight she will wrap the presents, and set them under the tree. I sure hope so. I can usually guess my presents by the size, or shape of the box. Sometimes, however, I'm wrong.

Anyway, this blog is becoming pointless, although, I'm not so sure it had a point to begin with. I'm probably going to continue reading, and check my MySpace.

Have a very very Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Family Christmas was fun.

Yesterday was family Christmas. It went basically like I said it does every year, in one of my previous blogs, below. Do read, if you havn't.

It was good fun. Especially the Kick The Can part. This time, we played for hours. Everyone had a lot of fun. Me, Jessica, and Brady (two favorite cousins, that are my age) were hiding like way out pasture thing, just talking and hanging out. Then we decide that we'd sat there for a long time, and hadn't seen the sight of the flashlight in quite some time. So, we decide that we should quickly, yet quietly run up to the front to see what was going on.

To our surprise, everyone had given up on finding us, and gone in a while before. It was funny, to think that we spent all that time hiding...from no one. Haha!

The present part was pretty good, too. Besides the fact that one of my aunts got "angry" (what else is new) when no one liked one of her "good ideas". She decided that considering the large number of children in our family, and the small amount of space in my grandma's house, that we should line up on the sidewalk, outside. Yeah, that was a good idea. Then, she says that we should all go into the house one at a time to open our presents in front of grandma. Yeah, RIGHT!

I'm no shy person, at all, but I think it might be a little awkward having everyone stare at me, while I opened each present. So, I said, "Whaaat?", and everyone else proceeded to join me. Apparently, she felt attacked, and got quite upset. She didn't understand the problem, so I said, "That would be awkward, not to mention it would take all day!", and basically everyone agreed.

So we all opened our presents, outside, and had good fun doing so.

One of my aunts who gets every kid a present, wasn't there, so we only had two to open, but that was okay, because we arn't greedy, haha.

I got a new volleyball, with spritz stuff, and flavored lotion, or something. Haha. Then, I got a little stuffed animal from my grandma, that has some internet game, or something.

Anyway, the point is, it was fun, and there is only FOUR days unil Christmas!

Going to finish my Christmas movies, now.

Thanks for reading, (:

Friday, December 19, 2008

My fifteenth birthday plans.

So, this is about the third blog I've written today. This will more then likely be happening quite often, considering it's now CHRISTMAS BREAK, and there isn't a whole lot to do (besides wait, impatiently for CHristmas to come).

In this blog, I want to write about my birthday, because it's coming up in ten short days, and I have the feeling it's going to be the best Birthday I've ever had.

I didn't really ask for anything this year. Just whatever I don't get for Christmas, basically. I'll be pleased with basically anything.

Anyway, here are my birthday plans.

I will wake up, quite early I suppose, to find my beautiful banner that my mom hangs up every year the night before our birthday, and big balloons covering the kitchen floor. Also, one or two presents laying on the table, neatly wrapped. And then the presents from aunts and uncles.

Then, when my mom wakes up, she will begin baking my cake. While she does this, I will be eating a HUGE bowl of sliced oranges, strawberry's, and grapes. (With a bowl of sugar beside me, for my strawberrys), while watching lifetime movies. Oh, yes!

When my dad gets home from work, and my cake is baked, I will make my way into the kitchen, and blow out my candles, while they sing Happy Birthday to me. I then will open my presents, and thank everyone for supplying them. We will eat the supper of my choice, and then treat ourselves to ice cream and cake.

I also wanted to squeeze in going to Chili's to get me a lava cake, but I'm not so sure where that would fit into this tight schedule, above. Oh, well. Maybe the day after! Haha.

That about raps it up for my fifteenth birthday, in which I'm extremely excited for.


I am posting this blog because it is an incredibly special occasion today. I woke up at about 8:45. I then did my hair, brushed my teeth, got dressed, and headed for the school. I went inside and found the big, yellow tablet, where I wrote "Ashlee 9:20". I then walked out of the school, climbed into my mother's car, and we drove home.

Do you know what this means????

As if you cannot tell, I'm extremely excited.

Can you believe that Christmas is only SIX days away? Oh my goodness, this is just awesome, haha!

Christmas is next Thursday! Yikes.

Tomorrow, I have family Christmas, which is also pretty exciting. Our family Christmas is usually a lot of fun. We get there really really early in the morning, and considering my grandmother and aunts and uncles all live about three and a half hours away, you can't imagine what time we wake up, to leave.

Anyway, everybody always goes straight to the presents to see which ones have your name on them, and to see if maybe, just maybe, you can guess what's inside. After that, all the kids are usually playing some sort of sport outside. Usually football, sometimes basketball, and the occasional Volleyball. Oh, and of course wall ball. While this taking place, all the men of the family are cooking the big turkey outside, while all the women are cooking the side dishes, and stuffing, and stuff inside. Once the big dinner is complete, we all take our places inside, and eat as fast as we possibly can, knowing that as soon as everyone is done, it's present time. After the constant rushing of the adults to hurry up and eat, already, we all head into my grandma's house, and crowd around the small tree, with tons of presents underneath it. One of the oldest kids, (usually my sister) goes through each present, and hands us the ones with 0ur name on it. On three, we all open each of our presents, with ginormous smiles on each of our faces. We usually get one from my grandma each, and one from aunt lori, each. Also one from Great Aunt Ruth. Then we get our special, or "big" present from the person who drew our name.

After this exciting event, everyone is busy showing off their gifts, and then putting them away. Then, we all go and crowd in the living room, to watch some big important game that may be going on that day. Football, or basketball, doesn't really matter. After this, we usually just kind of hang, and crowd around the desert table.

Once it gets dark, it's time for Kick The Can. (Which is a game that our entire family places every single time that it's dark, and we're all together. It's the game of hide and seek, but when you get caught you wait in the base area, hoping for someone to kick the can, and set you free. You try not to get the light of the flashlight, help by the person it, shone on you.) It's really fun because they live kind of out in the country, so there's lots of open land, and tall grass to hide in.
Oh, and lots of trees! So, we play that until each set of parents comes out to say "Alright kids, load up! It's time to get home". Then we all say our goodbye's, and wave our arms off to the person leaving. You travel all the way home, sleeping the entire way.

It's great, and the more I talk about it, the more excited I get. Haha.

Then just five days later, it will be the ACTUAL CHRISTMAS.

I love Christmas Eve. It's the absolute longest day of the year! My parents always try to keep us up really late, so that we will sleep as late as possible. But, I like to go to bed as early as possible. This doesn't entirely suit their fancy. Anyway, I usually wake up at like five or six o'clock in the morning, and go and look at my stocking present and my "Santa Present" which is usually the best present, of all. I then wake my sister up, and she goes into the living room to look for herself. We go and wake up our parents, and then they acompany us into the living room, where we open the remaining presents. After this, my mom and dad usually take a big, long nap, and my sister too. While I stay up too excited to go back to sleep.

When my parents wake up at a decent hour, they begin our big Christmas lunch.

It's the happiest day of the year, and I cannot wait.

and my birthday is only in ten days! (:
fifteen, here i comee*

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

That 70's Show, and Christmas.

So, it's only like 11 o'clock and here I am, propped up in the recliner chair in the living room, rapped in gobs of blankets, with my sister's laptop in my lap. I have absolutley no idea what the point of this blog may be, but I'm feeling lonely, considering my mother fell asleep on me. I'm not really sure why I'm sleeping in the living room.

My mom got a new puppy about two weeks ago, Sophie. She's a chihuahua, and the cutest you'll ever see. Anyway, she cries all night if she isn't right beside my mom through the entire night. Therefore, my father said, "I will not have that animal sleeping in my bed". Knowing this, my mother has been sleeping on the couch for the past two weeks! Usually, I sleep in my room, in my bed, because I have school and need all the comfortable rest I can possibly get. But, seeing as I don't have any finals tomorrow, I really don't need much rest. So, out of the kindess of my heart, I told my mom I would sleep in here tonight, to keep her company.

And what does she do? She falls a-freaking-sleep.

I can understand, though. She's had a busy, stressful day. David (her subsitute father (seeing as her dad died, she has david. who is quite like her dad)) was rushed to the hospital this morning, by ambulance. She spent the day there, only to find out that it was simply his pacemaker off track. Anywho, he's doing good now.

So, I'm watching That 70's Show. I completely love this show. It's so "seventies", it's hilarious. I like how each character has their own personality, and their own way of doing things. Well, duh, but still. I really enjoy Eric's mother, Kitty. Her, and her cheesiness just makes me laugh. She actually reminds me of someone, that I will not name on the world wide web, haha. And Donna! She's amazing.

I mean, yeah, she's very "masculan" (as Jackie stated in one episode), and even though at times she seems dull and insecure, I personally think she seems sure of herself. She knows who she is, and isn't ashamed of that. I don't know, it's just pretty cool to me, haha.

Jackie is the funny, air headed, self centered, girly character that happens to appear on every show, ever made. She's adorable, and I love her. Ha.

Eric is nerdy, and not the cutest thing I've seen, but deffinatley a loyal and sincere boyfriend. Also, a good person. He's hilarious, and sometimes a little oblivious, but he too, is irrestible.

Kelso. Also, not so cute. However, everyone knows Ashton Kutcher(sp) is only the cutest thing in the world! But, they made him ugly in the show. He is the cutest of the bunch, though! He's the typical care free, one hundred percent guy, guy.

And then there is that little mexican. Fez. He just makes me laugh because he has a lysp. I love it when mexicans have a spanish accent!! It's so cute! Haha, and the lysp is just the big fat juicy, cherry on the top (: bahahaha.

Also that guy with the fro; I'm not too sure about him. He seems dull, and kind of like a stoner.

So, I am now realizing that I just went on and on, paragraph after paragraph, about a television show, who's setting is the 70's time era.

Oh well.

I'm SO excited for Christmas. For a while, I was unsure of my excitment, and wasn't really feeling the Christmas spirit. But now, as I look up at the beautiful Christmas tree, glowing all different colors, with each ornament hanging lightly off of each limb, I feel the excitment. After all, it is only like EIGHT MORE DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! It's next Thursday! Like, a week and one day! Christmas Eve is exactly one week from today! (technically, tomorrow, but oh well)! It's crazy.

I didn't ask for that much.

I'll write my brief list right now.

I have nothing better to do! Haha.

Keep in mind: I (some-what recently) wrote a christmas list

on one of my blogs. However, it is non accurate. So here is the final,

complete, small, yet exciting, Christmas List for Ashlee Haferkamp,

of 2008. Thank you.

1. New Camera. My cousin Valerie, and Aunt Lisa both have this incredibly awesome camera. It's kind of like a digital camera, but not your basic silver camera. It looks kind of like those cannon black ones, but it's not a cannon. Anyway, it's a really good camera, and I'm pretty much in love with it. It's only Two Hundred and Thirty dollars. Haha, only.

2. A new satuel/over the shoulder/colorful bag. I need this for my personal belongings. I'd like to have my own personal bag, that seems to be cute and colorful, to hold my most valuable items, so that no matter where I go, I have everything I could need, or want.

3. Some winter boots. I love those things. They are so warm, and comfy. Who wouldn't want them?

4. Stuff for my room. I'm re-doing my room, and stuff FOR my room, would be greatly appreciated.

5. A new "teen style" Bible. I really need a new Bible. And might I remind you all, this is no regular Bible. It's all colorful, and cute with little notes on the sides of each page, to make it more understandable. Also, it has little stories about other people and stuff. I think it will make the bible seem a lot more interesting, and understandable. So, yeah.

6. Oh, and then there is this one game. I would tell all about it, but absolutley no body would have a clue what I was talking about. It's guitar hero, only a little bit different. I mean, it's called guitar hero, but it has some different features, and the like. It's also not for the Wii, or the xbox, or the playstation. It's for this little hand held thing I have.

7. And for anyone who doesn't have a clue what to get me (not that anyone has to get me anything, just if you are wandering), I would be perfectly satisfied with winter clothes. The more, the better!

That about raps it up. Chirstmas is almost here! Woo!

Hope yours is happy (:

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Twilight. Stephanie Meyer amazes me.

Twilight. Can you say, AMAZING?


What crazyily deminted person on this gigantic spheric object, filled with homosapian's we call "the earth" wouldn't fall in love with this intruiguingly wonderful action filled love story, involving a hott vampire, and a clutsy pale faced girl?

I read the book, first. Then the movie.

Both grabbed my heart and turned it to gooey mesh.

If you havn't, I highly suggest you read Twilight, by Stephanie Meyer.

The movie is truly outstanding, but the book is even BETTER.

I'm sad that it's over, but the fact that the sequel "new moon", awaits me, sitting pleasantly on the shelf of my locker, makes it all better, ahaha.

Why can't I fall in love with a blood-thirsted monster who has an appealingly adorable side grin, and could kill me in the flash of a millisecond, but chooses to keep me alive, and love me unconditionally for the rest of my life?

Is that too much to ask for?



The plan of my life.

First things first; I havn't written in like ten years, okay. I'm totally sorry. It's difficult juggling high school, the stress of finals, on top of all the work we originally have (which is a lot!) Not to mention, I've basically just completely forgotten about this whole blogging thing, in general.

Haha, just being honest.

Anyway, my life suddenly rocks. Even though, it consists of the same routine over and over again, everyday, it's still awesome! (:

I wake up every morning, around six thrity. I straighten my hair until seven. After my hair is all done, I put on my make-up on, which usually takes until seven ten. I then get dressed, clean up my room, make my bed, brush my teeth, and am in the kitchen ready for breakfast by seven thirty, to seven thrity five. I leave the house around seven fifty, to seven fifty five. Occasionally, a little later than that, when my schdedule runs late.

I get to school and go to art class. Then FCS. Then Geography, IPC, and algebra. Next is lunch. Following is English, Journalism, and then athletics, where I secretly die and come back to life everyday. We lift. I'm probably the weakest homosapian (human) you will ever meet in your long, endless life. It's crazy how weak I am. It's unnatural, to be honest. But most of all, it's embarassing. Really, it is. Anywho, that's beside the point.

I get home, and open my organizer. I then write down my "plan for the day" on my 'dry-erase marker board'. I start my homework at about four thirty, to five. I must have all of my homework completed by 6:45pm. At six fourty five, I get in the shower, making sure to be out by seven! At seven, I clean up my room, and clean the litter box. Also, unfinished homework can be done during this time. If nothing else, there is always MySpace, and checking of the e-mail. From eight to nine, I read, or do things that I need to do. At nine thirty, I straighten my hair. At about ten o'clock, I start getting ready for bed; brushing my teeth, washing my face, getting bed ready, etc. I kiss my mother goodnight, scoop my cat off of the couch, and go into my room closing the door behind me.

There, I turn on the television, setting the 'sleep timer' for exactly fourty five minutes. I then set my alarm, for the coming morning. I turn off my light, kiss my cat goodnight, roll over, and pray. Then, I do my best to go to sleep.

The next morning, I wake up and start all over again.

I'm beggining now, to wander why on earth I posted this blog, and what, in fact, the actual point of it is. Anyway, it's sad how my life is so planned out, and scheduled, but to be honest, I like it that way. It feels good to know I got everything done that I needed to.

I can't wait to be a mother, planning things for my kids, and the like. It'll be fun!

Have a good day, and thanks for reading this entirely pointless blog!
(although i'm sure no one really did, hehe)