Saturday, February 28, 2009

I love this.

fifties pic Pictures, Images and Photos

"Who is that?! And why on earth are they running so fast?"

Two days filled with oversized, non-matching Pj's, crazy unbrushed hair, no makeup, endless doses of horrible tasting medicine, a permanent spot on the couch, and hours and hours worth of lifetime movies.

The life of the temporarily ill.

I think I'm getting better. I'm starting to feel better, anyway.

Considering I havn't much to do all day, I will probably start putting some of these blogs on Myspace. I understand that I've been saying this for weeks, but today I actually might do it. MAYBE.

I should not be held responsible for my serious procrastination issues.

Ok. Moving on now.

I REALLY want some new music. I mean, don't get me wrong, I do indeed love the music that I listen to now, but at one -very soon- point in time, the same songs over and over again, are going to get old.

I also want some old-timey music. Like, I would seriously enjoy hearing some fifties music. I tried searching it, and the best I got was, "The Chicken Dance", and "The Electric Slide". Not exactly what I'm looking for, I must say.

I think I may call my grandma, and ask her who her favorites were. Then I could actually search them by name, instead of "Fifties Music". That would be great.

Anyway, the point is -- If you no of any music you think I might take interest in, do let me know. Oh, and if there are any artists from the 50's, or any of those old days, you are familiar with, I'd LOVE to hear about them. Thank you very much.


Today I was thinking.

If I had like a lot of money, and an incredible amount of patience, and creativity, I would have one heck of a "Sweet 16".

Now, I've considered having one of those, but thought it may be better if I were to just hang out with my best friends instead, or something.

BUT. (If I had a lot of money), I would SO have a 50's Sweet 16.

I would probably rent some nice old-looking bowling alley, and fill it with pretty decorations. People would wear old-timey clothes, and make their hair look all cool. There would be bowling, and lots of classy balloons. We'd all wear heavy lipstick, and there would be TONS of Sherbet Ice Cream. Oh, and milkshakes!!!

I'd get a big screen, and rent one of those weird movie players that they used back then, and we'd watch some Audrey Hepbern movie. Probably Breakfast At Tiffany's.

We'd dance, play games, listen to fifties music, have a costume contest, bowl, watch movies, eat ice cream and milkshakes, and all that good stuff.

It was be so amazing.

And just as the party was ending, my parents would ask me to go outside. As I walked out, I would see some sort of classical car, that would be my sixteenth birthday present. I would squeel with excitement, and jump in it, leaving everyone else to clean the place up, haha.

Yeah, that would be super amazing. Maybe I'll be able to do something similar, yet cheaper.

And the car part, probably couldn't happen.

Oh well!

fifties Pictures, Images and Photos

Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Ah! A siren! --Yep, their comin' to get them coaches for child laboring laws!"

Tomorrow is our first track meet. As I've been told, lots of people do really bad at the first meet, and as Coach Norton stated, "It's morely considered a practice meet for us, because y'all are still out of shape."

However, it's still exciting! First track meet of the year; sunscreen, butterflies, hanging out in the middle of the track, screaming like crazy for your friend during their event- all mixed in one. It's so much fun, and wether I was to get LAST, or not, it would not change the fact that it was going to be a great day, filled with nerves and encouragment. (Also a little pain, but we'll leave that out.)

So, I'm making this the part where I say;

I don't get to freaking attend my VERY first track meet of the season. And this makes me so angrily sad (made that up :] ) I could physically harm someone (just kidding).

You know why?

Because the harmfully, evil thing we call "mother nature", could not possibly despise me any more. In other words, I'm sick, and will not be able to attend the meet.

It all started Wednesday, when my throat began to sting like eternal fire, and my body ached with pain. I sat in the girls bathroom, ready to die, repeating to myself (intellectually), "I will NOT get sick! I will NOT get sick!". And, seeing as my brain -or shall I say ammune system- hates me with a firing passion, I GOT SICK. Hmph.

As the week progressed, I began to get sicker, and sicker. Also, the two minutes of sitting in ice cold water, obviously didn't help much. Oh, and the waking up at five something to go and do a track workout in the freezing cold this morning, wasn't exactly the nicest thing in the world.

The point is -aside from all of my babbling- I'm super sick now, and would rather die, than move a single muscle. (a tad of drama there).

AND, aside from the track meet that I REALLY want to go to, I have a family reunion on Saturday, that I also won't be able to go to if I'm still feeling like poo on a stick.

This would be a great dissapointment to my mother, considering she hardly ever gets to see her mother, whom is quite old and not doing her best.

So tell me, why won't this STUPID "Motrin- COLD" kick in, and making feel -freaking- better!??!?

As if it isn't obvious, I'm super tired and terribly dilarious.

It would be great if I could simply go into my room and sleep for two days straight, but even if that were possible, I couldn't sleep that long.

Now I'm simply rambling.

I deeply hope no one is reading, or has read, this blog. If so, you, or they, probably think I'm crazy.

It's the meds I tell you! --

Yeah, I'll be deleting this soon.

Excuse my lack of sanity;

I'm going to go read & then hit he sacccc.

(although i never understood that expression)


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"You are the rotten cherry on top of my fat-free sundae!

It's been a terrible day.

And not only that, but the beginning of many many terrible days.


School was "okay", from what I remember, anyway.

But the amount of homework we recieved was ridiculous, and I thought I was going to drown in all of it!

We have to memorize all the freaking landforms of Europe by tomorrow! Coach Britting makes me so angry, I have to hold myself back from literally punching him square in the face, during class. One day, I'll lose it I'm sure.


ALL the freaking landforms! First of all: I'll probably never go to Europe. (as much as I'd like, it's just not going to happen!) And second: Even if I was lucky (& rich) enough to visit Europe I wouldn't need to know all the frickin' landforms of the place. GEEZ.

Also, we have a HUGE IPC test coming up on Thursday, and the review is super long, with like a bazillion and two essay questions. I still have quite a few of those left, which in the end, probably will remain unfinished, but oh well. Anyway, I have to work on that. Also read TWO IPC sections, that all in all will make absolutley no since to me anyhow-seeing as we're doing chemistry, now.

An Algebra paper with like over 50 questions on it. (Which -I know- doesn't seem like much, but each problem takes like ten minutes!!!).

And actually, I think that's all, but it is worse than it sounds okay!!

For the worst part of my day:


I would advise every kid in this entire country NOT to ever -no matter what- do the unspeakable -- track.

We had to do a 400. Then sprint 2 800's, and then sprint another 400. After this -our faces redish purple, and each of us panting repeatedly- we headed up -or so we thought- to the weight room, to get in some lifting.

On our merrily way up, we so wonderfully (sarcasm) ran into Coach Johnstan.

"Where are y'all going?" he asked innocently.

"To the weight room!" we replied.

"Oh no!" he laughed, "It's party time."

If you have ever, or are currently in athletics with Coach Johnstan, you know good and well, that when he says the two words, "party time", you are in for it; BIG TIME. If that is his idea of a party, the man has issues. Moving on;

So, we unwillingly dragged ourselves behind him, hearing him chuckle (evily) the entire way.

We sprinted four 150's, and then he told us to get a drink.

Seeing as, I anticipated that we were now finished, I was relieved that today would be an easy day.

So, we quickly approached the man, and he told us we were free to get a drink. Only, there was no water left, because Jr. High children enjoy hanging out at the track after school, and drinking ALL THE FREAKING WATER, SO THE PEOPLE WHO ARE ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING, ARE LEFT TO DIE. It's an outrage.

Hoping for sympathy, we returned to CJ informing him of our dellima. He had nothing to say, but "Get you four more 150's". So, we did.

After 8 of these monsterous babies, I'd say we were about ready to fall over dead. Surely we are finished now, I thought.

But as I lifted my head -that was drenched in sweat- I saw Coach Johnstan waving his hand at me, to hurry it up. We walked up the hill, and he said the words --- "Get into my truck".


He took us out toward Abilene and dropped us off. He told us he'd be parked a mile down the road, and that if we didn't make it back in like six and a half minutes, he was going to leave us. (Only to run back to the gym, and then two more miles after that).

Luckily, we all made it.

I then came home, did my fifteen thousand pounds of homework, and now I'm going to take a quick shower, then read my IPC, and ten pages in my "Peace Like A River" book.

I'm super tired.

Thankfully, this terrible day will soon be ending.

But only to start another one, so very early in the morning.


P.S. He's making us go REALLY early to school on Thursday to run 3 miles! Oh my! And then we have to shower in the gym! This is just great... :[

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stanley, it's been ages!

Why do I continue to shove "Racing Ranch" goldfish down my throat, when I KNOW that in an hour I'll feel so sick, I could puke?

Possibly because, just like the commercial states, "You can have just one!"

I'm already feeling so full, I could freaking pop! And my head hurts, as well.

Enough complaining.

I'm pretty excited right now, because today is the day that I'm supposed to begin removing posters and things off of my walls, and starting taking out all of my stuff. You know why?

Because we're re-doing my room! :) Woo!

Only, today I feel more like laying around all day, so the fact of me having to completely empty my room (walls included) makes me wander why this can't begin tomorrow?

So, I guess in all honesty, it's not the emptying part I'm excited about. That's more of a dreadful event. I guess it's just the idea of it all. Oh well, I have no choice.

Last night me and Audrey stayed the night with Shelbie. It was fun, because we watched Open Season 2, which happens to be the funniest movie you could ever lay your eyes on. We were laughing. Loudly.

Then her parents made us home-ade Ice Cream to go along with the "confetti cake" Shell had made, prior to our arrival. It was all very good.

We sat in Shell's room, contently eating our cake and Ice Cream while watching That 70's Show. We laughed, but seeing as me and Audrey only had a maximum of three hours of sleep, we totally crashed at like...only one in the morning!

It was still fun, though. Especially rewinding the retarted cat seen on Open Season.

Last night was also a little sad, though. I went into "I wish we were still little kids, so we had nothing to worry about, and we were all little good children that never did anything wrong, and so on" mode. It happens every once in a while, ahaha.

It's just sad because things and people change so quickly, without you even noticing. Then eventually, you look back and remember, and wander where everything went, and why people changed. It's sad, but it's the hard part of life, that no one can stop.

Moving on now.


Yesterday was UIL.

I'd like to say it was the most boring event of my entire lifetime, but that might be putting it too mildly.


It was TERRIBLE. First of all, I thought I did okay in Ready Writing, until I discovered I forgot to title my paper, and was so cold-heartedly disqualified. Hmph.

Then there was Feature, which I think I did better than last time, but had absolutley no intentions of placing. There are some crazy good writers, at these boring little academic events.

Anywho, it was a very annoying day for me. People doing stupid things, acting stupid, and not knowing how to get over theirselves, and the fact that they are acting like a whore... okay, I should stop now.

The point is, lots of people got on my nerves because they don't understand what life is REALLY about, and they are just so very self-absorbed. But really, I'll stop complaining.

The end part was fun, because I played BS with Audrey, Aaron, Alex, Esteven, and Tanner. We laughed a lot.

Then I slept the whole way home.

I should go clean out my room now.

Thank you, oh so much, for listening to my pointless ranting, and my boring plans for the day, in which I'm sure, you do not care about.

Oh, but quickly before I go, I'd like to post my FAVORITE scene in the movie, Open Season 2. (a movie in which, you MUST see!)

"Stanley! Ole buddy! Stanley! It's been ages!"

"No, Roger, it's been exactly ONE year."


"Yes, Roger! Every year our owner's bring us to 'Pet Paradiso',
and every year we have this same painful conversation!!!"

"We do?!"

"Yes! Are you finally catching on now, Roger?"


"Stanley!!! It's been ages!"

"Ohhh, it's gonna be a longg week!"


Have a swell day!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I AM a human being! Don't I deserve love? ...and jewelry?

Colorful City Pictures, Images and Photos
I love this picture. A lot.
If this place were real, and actually looked all happy
and colorful, then I would so move there.
It's just so pretty, and all old-timey.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Track kills. Really, it does.

Hmph. My entire body is hurting.

Track. Wow.

Apparently, I am much much more out of shape, then I assumed. (Or hoped, I should day). It was my first track workout, and it officially murdered me, and then unwillingly brought me back to life, but only to murder me once again. Coach Norton says 'not to get discouraged', because after the first few weeks, it gets easier. Well, I sure as heck hope so, because if not, I'll be out of there quicker than you can say...well I don't know...but really fast!

I have a very strong, and unhappy feeling that I will be waking up to an endless amount of soreness, and a sour attitude to begin the day with.

I'm not a sprinter, okay! I'm a freaking long distance runner. I should not -under any circumstances- be forced to run sprints! It's just abunch of pain and embarassment, waiting to happen!

Okay, enough about track!

Secondly, I'd like to speak of my deep feeling of anger, stress, and misery.

I could possibly be being a tad dramatic, but you know how it is.

As of now, I'm making an 89.9, in Integrated Physics and Chemistry (IPC, I like to say the full name because it makes me sound really smart). We have a Six Weeks Exam, on Thursday.

Normally, this wouldn't be a problem. I would do my study guide, turn it in, correct it, study, and make an A on the test.

HOWEVER, Mr. -freaking- Raymond has decided he will no longer grade our study guides.

Therefore, I will write down the wrong answers on my study sheet, then study the wrong answers, and then I will write the WRONG answers on the test!

So, I will not be studying for this test. I will not waste my somewhat valuable time, studying for a test that I am already sure I will fail.

Pointlessness, I tell you.

Anyway, I'm going to read now, then take a shower, and the like.

Have a nice night!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I have to go to the bathroom. But what if you get kidnapped? SCREAM REAL LOUD!

I'm happy. Like, really happy.

I'm not really sure of this random burst of happiness. It just seems that everything has been -or is- super amazing right now.

This has been a magnificent weekend. The good part: it isn't even over yet!

Yesterday at about 6:30, we left to go to Abilene to pick up Jacinda. We did so, and then went to Red Robin's, where we said it was Audrey and Jacinda's birthday, and recieved free sunday's, balloons, and the promising joy of hearing the entire staff sing "Happy Birthday", each of them having interestingly unique voices. It was super fun.

Next we went to Wal-Mart to get movies. Audrey began break dancing. Or trying to, anyway. Then Jacinda, Shelbie and I, began chanting, "Go Audrey! Go Audrey! Go Audrey!" People were staring, staff members were hating, it was great.

Then we came home, went to Shell's, jumped on the trampoline (because we find that incredibly exciting), and then we tried to watch this movie called "The Ringer". Everyone raves about how hilarious it is, but we were so bored, we fell asleep. And it was only 1!

This morning we woke up to Shelbie's mother cooking us breakfast. We ate, and then went for a ride on the golf court. Yes, we ARE that nerdy. We actually drove all the way to Dairy Queen, parked in a parking space, and went along with our merry business.

After this exciting, yet embarassing event, we went to the gym to watch Kylea play basketball. It was super boring, but Kylea was the top scoring team mate! Woo!

We went back to Shelbie's, jumped on the trampoline some more, then Stefani came to get us and we took Jacinda back to Abilene where we met her brother. We went into Walmart, and then the 711 to get an icie.

It was so scary! About 15 (no exageration there) gangster looking hispanics walked in and started speaking spanish and crowding around us. Sure enough, luckily, we made it out alive!

But outside of the store a scary looking chinese guy hit on Shelbie.


It was so much fun.

I'm going to go read now.

I hope you enjoyed this wonderfully pointless bloggg :)

Have a good night!

Friday, February 6, 2009

So very excited...

This is probably going to be the most spectacular weekend I've experienced in quite a while.

I'm leaving at 6:30, along with Audrey, Shelbie, and Kirt, to go to Eula. There, we will be picking up Jacinda! Normally we meet in Abilene, but she has a game in Eula, and it's only fifteen minutes from Abilene. Anyway, then we're going to Abilene to eat at Olive Garden, and possibly see Mall Cop.

Tonight, the four of us will be staying at Shelbie's amazing new house, where we shall have great fun, and pig out on ice cream, while taking crazily wonderful pictures :) It cannot -I repeat CANNOT- get any better than that.

Anywho, I'm super duper excited about seeing Jacinda again! It seems to have been forever, since we last really got to hang out. It's going to be a lot of fun!

I think we're going golfing tomorrow, with Hailey. That should be one interesting experience, considering I could not possibly be more terrible at golf.

________________Moving on:__________________________

Today Coach Norton talked me into doing Track. I never thought I'd see the day. After 8th grade track was over, I was so relieved that I would never ever have to be on another track team, for as long as I would live. But, high school track seems to be a lot better. I'm just doing the mile, anyway. It's simple, and not many people really care to watch it. That's how I like it! Ha. Not to mention the sweats. I hear they are pretty cool.

Well, I think it will be super fun. I'm going to start drinking a lot more water (even though I already drink a lot each day), and start doing some leg workouts. Also, I plan on practicing a lot so that maybe I can get really good at it. It's a good way to stay in shape for Volleyball.


Well, I'm going to brush through my hair, then straighten it. Then I'm going to finish reading.

As of today, I'm currently reading four books at once.

I may as well buy a suit with a big 'S' on it, and change my name to "SuperReader".

Okay, WOAH. I do believe that was the dumbest thing I've said in years.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This is quite exciting.

After discovering the fact that my cat is almost out of cat food, I gasped, and ran into the kitchen to inform my parents of the issue, when they so kindly told me they'd pick it up tomorrow, while in Abilene.

No big deal, you say?

Well, they also told me they will be getting my paint for my room! Yay!

I'm redoing my room. Hopefully, it will be nice.

So. I'm sitting here eating cookies 'n cream ice cream. This is becoming an every night tradition, which can't be healthy. Soon enough, I'll have to break my addiction.

But anyway, today was basically a terrible day.

It good be because I got NO sleep last night. That stupid baby cried at 10, 11, 12, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 5:30. Could she not have just given us a freaking egg?

But the good thing was, I got to give the obnoxious object back today. Now Audrey has it, hehe. Luckily, Mrs. Bailey didn't notice that it's arm is going to pop off at any point time, as well as it's head, possibly. I also got blue paint on it's head, and spilt pink paint on the key thingys.

Yeah, I'd make one heck of a mother.

Anywho, I'm going to look online to see what color of paint I want, and then read. Eventually, I'll go to sleep.

Oh, and today I decided that after I finish the Twilight series, I'm going to read the Harry Potter books. Isn't that great?

It's probably all thanks to Maggie. She makes them sound super interesting.


Monday, February 2, 2009

URG. Rant session.

Well, I'm sitting here, in my room, waiting-so very impatiently- for this stupid mechanical baby that I was unwillingly assigned for FCS class, to finish "eating", so that I can violently shove the stupid "burp" key in it's back, and begin my night's worth of sleep!

That sentence was ridiculously long!

Anyway. My sister just made me so angry, I could probably kill someone right now. Okay, that isn't entirely true, but the point is I'm incredibly furious.

First of all, I freaking miss my phone. My mother put my phone charger in Stef's purse by mistake, and now it has traveled to San Angelo with her, and is currently living the college life, in her dorm room.

As if it isn't obvious, I'm so angry, I'm delerious! This could be dangerous.

However, it's not that she's kindly trying to hurry and mail me the thing, oh no! She MUST take her good, sweet time. She also had the audacity to tell me I was "yappin' in her ear!" -isn't that phrase well educated. After this she informed me of how "annoying" I was being, so I proceeded to hang up on her.

As I told her, No one talks to me that way, I do not care who the freaking heck, you think you are.

Anyway, the stupid baby finally burped it up.

Therefore, I'll try and get a few minutes of sleep, before the obnoxious object begins screaming, once again.

Tomorrow shall be a wonderful day.