Thursday, April 30, 2009

Watch out sweetie, if it's not too late your face might get stuck like that.

Yes, I am aware that I blogged about three minutes ago.

BUT, that was about my depression.

(I'm not literally depressed: just sad/shocked that Jon would cheat on Kate [if that's what happened])

Now I'm going to tell you about my day (because that seems to be becoming a habbit).


I don't even know why I'm blogging about it.

I seriously can't think of ONE good thing that came of it.

We took a TAKS test. I do believe I passed, but it was still boring and miserable. Mr. Lucas and Abby REALLY pissed me off in Journalism.

I'm serious. Like grow up, already! If they even begin to mess with me again tomorrow I PROMISE it will be ugly. Uglier than today, I suppose I should say. I almost killed them both. Seriously.

Also Blanca kept giving me dirty looks.

Possibly because I told her she looked retarted, but it's whatever.


Athletics was hard. Like, oh my goodness hard.

We lifted in the weight room, but we did our legs.

It's pretty hard for me to walk now, without falling or going weak in the knees. That's probably not a good thing.

Also Driver's Ed was a DRAG. That's nothing new, though.

I'd like to mention now that much more terrible things took place in my day, but they are either a.) too personal or b.) I don't feel like telling you about them.

Most likely A.

Now, because I have had such an unfortunate day, I will be happy enough to take my hot fries, corny dog, Dr. Pepper and book and head to my room for some reading while eating.

If you would like to text me with comfort: that would be great.


I am hurt. Like, hardcore hurt.

As in, I've never felt such saddness in all of my fifteen years.

(Slightly dramatic, yet still really sad.)

Would you like to know WHY my life is coming to an end and I feel like crying!?!

Okay then.

"Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad Jon Gosselin is admitting he "showed poor judgment" by leaving a bar at 2 a.m. with a mystery woman and without his wedding band -- while his wife Kate was across the country promoting a book."

Alright. "It's just a magazine", you say, "It's probably not even true."



He has quotes in there and everything. And who's to say that magazines are ALWAYS wrong. Hm? That's what I thought.

If the large and bolded paragraph above doesn't mean anything to you, then let me explain:

There is a show called Jon and Kate Plus 8. It's a couple that has eight kids and is totally down to earth (not like the muslim people (no offense to muslims) that they show on TV). Kate is the typical over-dramatic, frantic, freak-out about stains on the clothes kind of mom, while Jon is simple and laid back. He pretty much makes nine kids for Kate.


On their show, they are completely real. Nothing is fake: nothing rehearsed. It's real life: their life! It is AMAZING, and ever since it first came to television, I've watched every episode ever filmed. I AM a part of the Gosselin family, even though I do not know how to spell their last name!

Okay, moving on:

If what this magazine states is true, Jon has apparently been sneaking around with some mystery woman, calling her "babe", letting her drive his car, speeding away when spotted by photographers, drinking until 2 a.m., and NOT WEARING HIS WEDDING RING WHILE DOING SO!

Yikes, that's not looking too good.

I just can't believe it. It seriously can't be true.

He's such a good dad. And husband.

Hmph. They were supposed to be "The Perfect Family" of the world,

and now he's gone and screwed that up.

Wow. This depresses me. Hardcore.

I'm going to go now.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Hey, uh, can you hand me that? AH! A BEETLE!"

Good things that came of my day:


2. All we did for off season, was play Volleyball!

3. It's Wednesday! Which means Church. Yay!

4. We didn't have regular classes because of the TAKS testing.

5. I got to play Volleyball for most of the day.

6. We got to watch Freedom Writers in Mrs. Rieger's, which is one of my FAVORITE movies!

7. My youth minister became a daddy! For the...fourth time, I think?


Wow! What a good day, haha. That's a pretty large list.

Okay, now for the bad:

BAD things that came of my day:

1. We were stuck in the gym for THREE HOURS! Although part of the time I was enjoying myself, the last hour and a half was MISERABLE. We sat on the bleachers, tired, sore, starving, and incredibly bored.

2. We had to go over a REALLY boring Algebra study guide for like EVER this morning: I nearly died of boredom. Seriously, though.

3. Abby really made me mad in English.

4. Mr. Lucas really made me mad in Journalism. Urgh.

5. I THOUGHT we were going to have a tornado, but soon found out it's just rainy. (I guess that could go on both good and bad. Or niether.)

Okay, so as you can see by looking at the list and the difference in their sizes, it was a good day, for the most part.

The gym was fun, playing Volleyball and the like. But that last of it was HORRIBLE.

Mrs. Rieger's was boring at first, but then we got to watch Freedom Writers.

Lunch was good, of course. And Mrs. Bartee wasn't there today, so we didn't have a teacher in English. It was great.

We were actually fairly decent. People talked, and yelled, but for the most part we just sat there watching Romeo and Juliet. No one even got injured...that I know of. Pretty good, for our class. Hahaha, but really.

Abby made me mad. She likes to pester me like, everyday, and I've tried putting up with her. Today I lost it: and I'm glad I did.

Enough of that.

Mr. Lucas made me mad in Journalism because he kept babbling on about the big camera's (in which I do not have) so I went to sleep. Then he decided to yell at me for sleeping and complaining.

Which I WAS complaining because he was the only teacher in the freaking school who made us do work. So instead of listening to the BORINGNESS (yep, it's a word) of Journalism, I decided to sleep and text, instead.

Athletics was AMAZING. I did some hitting, lots of serving, and played Pepper with Mikala for like 35 years. It was pretty fun. Okay, VERY fun. I MISS VOLLEYBALL!

And now I'm home, waiting impatiently for 6:30 to roll around, so I can go to church, socialize, eat great food, sing some songs and maybe even learn something! :] hahaha.

I'm not entirely sure who will be teaching us tonight, considering Doug is kind of in the middle of something...(becoming a father...again). Maybe it will be Steve! That would be great.

Alright, now I'm just rambling so I'll end this pointlessness.



Sunday, April 26, 2009

"You've got a crave for champane and a beer pocket book. -Woah woah; we can't afford no beer!"

Well, my weekend has been quite eventful. That COULD be why it flew by so dang quickly. It's Sunday, which means tomorrow we return to the horrifying place we call, "school".

Although, it shouldn't be too too bad this week. We only have one day of regular classes, one day of TAKS, and the rest we get to sit cooped up in the gym with nothing to do! Hooray!

Anywho, I'll tell about my weekend now.

On Friday, school was actually pretty fun. Athletics was even better because we got to play Volleyball. However, Driver's Ed kind of put a damper on things. Oh well.

After Driver's Ed, Shelbie, Audrey, Curtus and I, all went to Abilene to pick up Jacinda! We met and ate at Chili's, where I got the famous Chicken Ranch burger, and of course the most amazing tasting cake in the world...


After Chili's, we went to Wal-Mart of course. We mostly played with the phones and camera's. And of course: we HAD to make a scene, hahaha.

So while at the camera's, I was laughing really hard at something (who knows what) and decided to pull out my phone. I reached into my pocket, feeling nothing but a ten dollar bill.

I frantically re-checked each of my pockets, with no luck what so ever.

I looked at Audrey with wide eyes and said, "I lost my phone."

Alright, you should know that it's possible that I may over use the phrases "I lost..." "Someone stole my..." "Blank dissappeared...". So it's understandable that my friends didn't instantly freak out.

"It's probably in the truck." I reassured them, along with myself.

When we arrived at the truck, it wasn't there.

"Chili's!" We thought.

We went BACK to Chili's, but only to discover that nothing had been found. Apparently the phone WAS stolen. GREAT!

When we arrived back into town, Audrey's dad dropped Jacinda and I off at my house so we could retrieve my things, and drop the phone issue on my parents. That was scary.

I finally said it after beating around the bush for three hours. They didn't take it as bad as I thought. Or they didn't show it, anyway.

We went to Audrey's and had super fun.

We watched Twilight twice, and ate lots of Ice Cream. We also played beach volleyball reallll late, and spun around and around just for fun. It's kind of a nautious feeling, but really cool at the same time. You'd have to be a complete idiot to understand our ways, but that's okay.

So on Saturday we played a lot of Volleyball and the like. Movies and Ice cream also had a lot to do with this day.

Then we decided we wanted to go swimming, so we went to Shell's house and jumped in the FREEZING water. It was so much fun, though.

We went back and forth:


And the pattern continues...

It was great fun.

After a while of that, we went to Audrey's and watched Twilight. Hahaha.

We showered and got all ready, and went down to the new mexican resturaunt, where we felt quite awkward. It's a great place with AMAZING food, but the waitor seemed a tad creepy. And we were the only freaking people in there.


But my cheese enchilada's were like...insanely amazing. Yum.

After eating we walked back to Audrey's, and then we walked to my house (yes, we felt like homeless people..) to "get movies", which was code for "activate ashlee's sister's old phone so she could text". Shhhhh.

So Saturday was fun.

That night: more spinning, volleyball, movies and ice cream. FUN!

Oh, and crazy Mac pictures of course.

Sunday (this morning) we got up and went to my church. Then we ate at Mcdonald's. (: Super fun.

We then came back to Audrey's and hung out for like four hours until we had to take Jacinda BACK to Abilene, to meet her mom.

I'm sad she's gone, but she'll be back in like...two/three weeks.

Even if it means hot-wiring (after stealing) a car, driving all the freaking way to Roscoe myself, kidnapping her with master tape, shoving her in the trunk, and bringing her back to us, WHERE SHE BELONGS. Yeah, I'd so do that.

Okay, so now instead of doing homework, I'm either going to watch Twilight, or read Eclipse. Hm...what to do...?

I'll just do both! :)

Goodbye now.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Put a seatbelt on your dog: he'll eat your kids."

I had a wonderful day! :)

Well, most of it was wonderful.

Good things that occured today:

1. All we did in off season was lift...lightly!

2. It's now Thursday..which means the weekend is ALMOST here!

3. My hair actually curled fairly well today. Ha.

4. Everyone was happy today, so school seemed less miserable.
5. I got to take a nice nap in Geography!
So, I'm out of good things.
And now that I compare these lists, it seems to me that I had a bad day, after all. Hmm.
BAD things that occured today:
1. We have to start sewing freaking shorts! No one likes sewing Mrs. Bailey, NO ONE! (Except for Abby! Haha.)
2. I took an IPC test today, that I did not even slightly study for. I did, however, go in for the morning tutorial. All in all, I think I passed and actually did okay, but not as well as I would have liked to.
3. Algebra was SO BORING!
4. Mrs. Bartee made me throw away my newly bought succer that I loved SO much, meaning it was a waste of fifty cents. She was jealous of it, I'm sure!
5. We took Photography pictures of the Jr. High Volleyball girls in Journalism, and like all of mine turned out bad. Plus, I couldn't get my camera to cooperate half of the time!
6. We had TWO SOLID HOURS of the unspeakable...driver's ed. BORING BORING BORING! ...and MORE boring. Ugh.
(29 more hours to go!)
7. My chips from my lunch got stolen AGAIN today. Sheesh people, bring your own freaking lunches. Hahaha.
8. My dad forgot to buy me hot pockets for my lunch, so I was forced to stop this blog, half way through, and go to the store to retrieve hot pockets. I don't really know why this is on my bad list: but it's still annoying.
Okay, I think that about raps it up.
Now I shall move on:
I am SO excited for this weekend.
After Driver's Ed tomorrow, Shelbie, Audrey, Audrey's father, and I are leaving to pick up Jacinda in Abilene. We'll probably go to the movies, or eat dinner or something, as well.
Then we're going to spend the weekend together. Yay!
It's always so much fun when Jacinda comes in because even if we have nothing to do, we still have fun laughing at every little thing that crosses our eyes. It's so great.
We did make plans to eat at the new mexican resturaunt here, that I hear is AMAZING. So, that ought to add some excitement to our wonderous weekend.
And I think tomorrow at school shouldn't be too bad. In art, we'll work on our projects, we'll sew our stupid freaking shorts in Home Ec, watch a video in Geography, watch Myth Busters in IPC, go over boring stuff in algebra, watch Act 4 of Romeo and Juliet in English, and we're walking to Audrey's house for pictures and refreshments in Journalism.
Sounds like an okay day, to me. (Besides Driver's Ed!)
And then it's the weekend!!!!!! Yaaaay! Excitement.
Okay, I'll have mercy on you all and end this blog.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Exactly how often DO you see bald eagles, Madison?"

I honestly cannot believe I am doing this. Rather then studying for my IPC test -or even STARTING the study sheet, for that matter- I am blogging.

Okay, so I CAN believe I'm doing this, I just don't want to.

I think I'll just blow this one off. Even though I say that about literally every test we have in IPC. Yet I'm still making a fair grade in there. Okay enough of this rambling, I'll get on with my blog now.

Today was quite the busy day.

Unfortunately, I had school -of course- until 3:35. Then, Mikala and I, went into the old gym and played Volleyball. It was really fun because we're finally starting to get back into the hang of it. It's making me reallllllyy excited for Volleyball season. I can hardly contain myself from squeeling, haha.

So. We played Volleyball until 4:30. I went directly from the gym to the most dreadful place I'll ever go: DRIVER'S EDUCATION.

Oh. My. Goodness.

We basically (slight exageration here) have it everyday for TWO HOURS until May 22. Is that gay or what? It's going to be terrible. Hardcore.

So after Driver's Ed, I came home for like thirty minutes and then went to church.

Church was really fun; as usual.

HOWEVER. I'm getting tired of this. Every single week it's the very same, freakishly annoying routine.


Instead, they enjoy ignoring our Youth Minister completely, jumping around, laughing -obnoxiously loud- and talking at a volume that makes the rest of us incapable of hearing what Doug is saying.

As if it isn't enough to laugh and hollar during the songs and lesson, they tend to laugh in the prayers, as well. That is what really makes me mad.

You cannot call on God for a prayer, and then waste His time by laughing and completely ignoring the fact that He is right next to you.

So if this irritating-ness (yep, that's a word) does not end soon, I will be forced to change Church's. End of story.

Oh, and while I'm here and on the subject of Church, I'll say this:


Hahahaha, love you Laynie!

--Okay, I sincerely apologize that this so-called blog has turned more into a complaint session then anything else, but seeing as I am feeling very bitter and annoyed, I must say this: Get over it.

Alright, I THINK I'm finished now.

Off to study for IPC!

Alright, just kidding. I just remembered that I wanted to read instead. Another failing grade shouldn't hurt anything too bad.

Haha, later gater.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Romiet and Julio!"

I do NOT want to study for the completely unnecessary Geography test that we have tomorrow. Landforms and rivers of Asia. EW!

So I'm going to tell you about my day, instead. Even though it was a boring day, and nothing interesting happened. You'll just have to deal with another pointless blog. How sad!

Alright now.

In Art, I made a pretty painting with water colors. I discovered that I really enjoy painting with water colors. It's fun, and extra pretty.

In Home Ec, I finished up my pillow that we've been making for the past week and a half. It actually turned out to be pretty cute, I'd say.

Geography was very...interesting.

Abunch of people got 0's for not turning in this map thing, so everyone was in an uproar yelling at Coach Britting, as if it was his fault they didn't turn in their work. Michaela Folsom took it the hardest.

So Layne was telling her to be quiet about it, because it was her own fault. She didn't like that very well! She began being incredibly rude to Layne, so the rest of us backed her up. I literally thought it was going to result in like, a super duper HUGE girl (yet physical) slap fight, or something. I couldn't help but laugh.

Coach Britting obviously couldn't help but laugh, either. I thought he was going to wet his pants! Haha, he loved it.

Anyway. IPC was...boring. SURPRISE!

Algebra was also boring.

English was fun. Because we did nothing.

And then I left! To go to the big...bad...scary...DENTIST!


I just got a filling. The shot doesn't usually effect me too much, but this time death looked pretty good next to it. The actual filling hurt as well, which is pretty unusual.

So, as I am typing this my mouth is numb, and I keep biting my tounge off!

Now I have to go study for the miserable test that I spoke of before. Yipee.

Well, after I take a shower. And do everything else I can think of so that I don't have to study for the HORRRRRIBLE TEST!

Okay, enough.

I'll end this now.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

"He just kept staring at me, and stomping like he'd seen a bug!"

I am sitting here, eating my King Size Milkyway, and I should be working on that horrible IPC review. BUT, I am going to share with you my eventful weekend, instead. Or what I remember, anyway.

Friday I went to school -um, duh- and I honestly can't remember the day at all. You must understand that my lack of sleep is now catching up with me, and causing my brain to go retarted.


I DO remember athletics, because it was literally what every off season dreams of.

We walked into the gym, ready and worried for a tough workout. We did our jump ropes, and medicine balls, and sat stretching, and waiting for Coach Vickers to lay it on us.

My mouth literally fell open when she said:

"Y'all can just jog a p'kay today. Actually, just walk it if you want."


"Is she serious?" I asked Shelbie, my eyes bigger than ever.

"I think so!" she replied, just as shocked as me.

So, we ran/walked our pkay. We DID run most of it, but quite slowly, I have to admit.

Alright, enough about athletics.

After school, I came home to an empty house. My parents were at the doctor with a friend of ours. I basically sat on the couch and watched TV for a bit, when I remembered that I was to work a Sorority dinner that night, some time. (I am aware that I have no idea how to spell "sorority". DEAL WITH IT! :] )

I texted Shelbie -who by the way, I was going to work the dinner with- and asked if the time was still 6:45 (that she would be picking me up for it). Please keep in mind, the time at that moment was about five thirty, or five fourtyish. She replied,

"Actually, it's six now."

So, I kicked it into GO-mode and got ready super fast. I straightened my hair, brushed my teeth, put on make-up, searched for a nice looking outfit, did everything else that I can't remember right now, and headed out the door.

The dinner was pretty good. We waitressed for abunch of ladies. Most of them were nice, but of course a few of them were totally stuck-up. Anyway, after we served dinner, drinks, cleaned all of that up, then served dessert, drinks, and cleaned all of that up, we got a free steak, bake potatoe and salad dinner, along with bread pudding from the ice house!

It was awesome. Then we had to clean the entire place, haha.

We got paid fifty bucks though, so I'm not complaining.

Okay, Saturday!

I had to wake up super duper early, and head to the gym to work the Jr. High Volleyball Tournament.

Sam, Emily and I rotated through reffing the games, and running the clocks for like, nine hours straight.

I literally reffed THIRTEEN games IN A ROW! Without even the tiniest break.

It was about four o'clock when I got home, and hadn't had a single thing to eat or drink all day. I thought I was going to die. No, seriously. Ha.

But I didn't.
I decided to take a nap, which ended up being a pretty big one.

Then I went over to Audrey's for the night, to hang out with her and Shell.

As usual, we ate A LOT of ice cream, and watched movies.

Twilight!!! and The Hitcher.

Both being AMAZING movies!

We had a lot of fun, and at like two thirty, we decided to go out to her beach volleyball court, to play. So, we did just that.

It was very much fun, yet very freezing.

We had her Ipod and speakers out there, pretty loud. I bet the neighbors just love us, for that one!

Anyway, we ended up getting into deep conversation, which isn't too surprising, knowing us. It was fun.

We came in really late, and watched a movie in Audrey's room, while eating cheese sticks.

I soon fell asleep. It was great.

Now, it is Sunday.

I went to Church, learned a lot, and then went to Skinny's, (or whatever that place is called in b-ridge) and got a slurpee and a milkyway.

Just thought you should know, haha.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Oh, go die in a house fire."

I am going to make a list.

1. Driver's Ed will be starting soon, and my controlling "know it all" parents, insist on me taking the driving portion of the class, as well. (Not just the classroom).
2. I have an IPC Vocabulary test on Thursday, and the words are looking pretty difficult.
3. What I thought was going to be one free weekend, resulted in working the Jr. High volleyball games ALL DAY!
4. If these things I am hearing about Obama are true, I am going to move to Canada. Actually, New Zealand.
5. Official Volleyball off season begins tomorrow. SCARY!
So, usually when I'm stressed or upset about abunch of things, I get onto Microsoft Word, make a list (similar to the one above), and then below it, I write solutions, or things that might make the situation better, about each one.
I'm probably not going to do that here, because why would anyone else want to read it? Therefore, I'll just discuss each. Moving on now:
1. I'm pretty much super stoked about Driver's Ed, because it puts us THAT much closer to getting permits, which makes us even THAT much MORE closer to getting our liscense's. Which of course means freedom. Or, kind of.
So anyway, the point is it's exciting. HOWEVER, you can choose to do just the classroom portion, or you can do the classroom AND the driving portion. The driving portion is where you drive with the instructor, and they like grill you and make sure you do EVERY little thing correctly.
My parents insist on this. AND I will NOT do it. Seriously, I'm just going to get all nervous, freak out, wreck the car, and NEVER GET MY LISCENSE (spellcheck) FOR AS LONG AS I LIVE!!!! Stupid parents; they know nothing.
Alright, sorry. Going on:
2. The IPC test seems to be pretty difficult, but oh well. HOWEVER, I've failed like every worksheet we've done in there lately, so a nice test grade would be incredibly helpful. I'll just study and go in for tutoring, and then hope for the best.
3. I know Coach Johnstan meant well when he told me to work the ENTIRE day (this Saturday) calling lines, and the like for money. BUT I'd rather not do it. This was supposed to be my relaxing, sleep late weekend, where I would do absolutely NOTHING. But that's all out the window now!
One good thing that shall come of this super long Saturday: MONEY!!!
Okay, two good things, because I will enjoy watching the girls play.
4. OBAMA IS CRAZY! My dad tells me that he is about tax us like insanely. As if we don't pay enough already! I think the man's goal is to have us all lose our homes, jobs, and cars. He'd probably sit in his little office chuckling, and planning his next evil shindig, to take over the world!!!!!
5. So I'm actually really excited to be working on Volleyball, and the like. HOWEVER, I havn't played in a REALLY long time, so I'm going to do HORRIBLE. Everyone's probably going to yell and get annoyed with me. Oh well.
That's not even the SCARY part of the situation. The scary part is that two days a week, every week, we will be LIFTING AND RUNNING.
I am weaker then weak, so the fact that we'll be doing a lot of lifting is very scary, and makes me quiver. Not to mention, Coach Johnstan is going to be one of the coaches, so we'll be running until we puke. And then when we DO puke, we'll run even more. Yay! (sarcasm)
Alright. Well, I just looked up and saw my book, laying there and now it seems to be calling my name.
It HAPPENS to be the best book in the world, and I HAPPEN to be addicted to it.
(It's Eclipse.)
Goodbye now! :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

"God sneezed when he was making you"

coffee Pictures, Images and Photos

I have officially fallen in love with cold coffee. It's crazy.

Speaking of coffee, there is something you should know:




Considering the large amount of coffee my body has taken in today, I must apologize now for any late night- pointless posts that will result of my lacking ability to sleep.

Moving on now.

Today was a boring day, and I don't really know why I decided to write about it.

School was horrible, dreadful, and boring. No one laughed. It's Monday.

I came home, read lots of blogs, did some of my homework, and then ate dinner, while I waited for my parental authorities to arrive home.

When they did, my mom and I headed to the breckinridge wal-mart to pick up material for my pillow project in home-ec, and topsoil for her garden.

Oh, and lotion, but that's hardly important.

Anyway, it was pretty fun hanging out with my mom. We saw Alli, Jessi, and Nicole there, too!

So then we went to Sonic for coffee, and came home.

I then finished my homework, read, and watched the hills.

Here are a few of my thoughts while watching this week's episode:

"SPENCER! You chubby cheeked, douche bag! Grow up, already, learn to be a boyfriend, and quit flirting with dancing bartender's!"

"HEIDI! Spare yourself this misery! Leave the stupid idiot! It's obvious he doesn't want to be with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Stephanie! Quit trying to start all of this freaking drama. Get a life. Learn to be a sister, and a friend. You stupid, Jessica Simpson look alike. -Oh, and you so shouldn't get the job. You don't even know how to print labels. "Are they sticky?", Yeah, wow."

"Lauren! DO NOT take the responsibility of Stephanie at your job. SHE STINKS AT IT, and is only going to get you into trouble with the big bad Kelly. (Small but scary.)"

"Audrina! You weren't even on the show tonight!"

"Charlie! Quit rising up all manly like, as if you're going to harm Hiedi. You SHOULD hang out with Spencer, because you are both equally douch baggy."

Yeah, that's basically it.

Oh yes, and,

"Sluts at the bar with Spencer and Charlie! Get some dignity!...and better fitting clothes!"

I now must go.

Text messages are ringing off the walls!


Sunday, April 12, 2009

"He's on to our evil plan! He's making a break for it!"

I will now share with you my weekend experiences.

As you know our District Track Meet- in which was planned to be Thursday- was cancelled/rescheduled for Friday. That meant missing two days of school, so I was totally okay with it all.

Anyway, the track meet on Friday was so very much fun. I got to visit with Jacinda and her boyfriend -who happens to be freaking hilarious- Michael, for most of the day. That was nice.

I ran the two mile, and it was pretty painful, but wasn't as bad as I expected. I didn't do too bad, but I didn't do too great, either.

I did a little better in the mile, but still not great. Anyway, I was proud of myself.

So after I ran, me, Shelbie, Kami, and Aaron Faith had a lot of fun in the bus. We were telling jokes, and messing with people. Me and Kami were messing with the guys in the bus next to us, throwing quarters at them, and acting as if we were actually interested. It was pretty hilarious.

Then me and Aaron started asking people if they were getting a "duck way" in their towns. When they would ask, "What's a duck way?" We would say, "Oh, about two or three pounds." It was funny.

The way home was also fun. Hearing Riley, Aaron, and Jeremy tell jokes. Oh, and Eric Lee prank calling people. Good times.

So that was friday: SUPER FUN.

Saturday was my Easter Family Reunion, and it was amazingly enjoyable. Lots of trampoline jumping, ball playing, water gunning, cookie cake eating, egg hiding, egg HUNTING, and so on.

Oh and, picture taking, unfortunately.

But all in all, it was a very fun day, and it was awesome to see everyone again!

So there is Saturday.

It is now Sunday, and Easter, at that.

So, I shall now say, as I am sure you've heard ten thousand times today,

"Happy Easter!"

And with that, I will go and enjoy MY easter, by enjoying sweet tea, goldfish, and America's Next Top Model.

Enjoy your Easter!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

"Yeah. Maybe your hair reminded him of a poodle."

Yesterday was a basically wonderful day.

School was a blur, as always.

Then there was Church, which was super fun.

Me Layne and Shelbie had some interesting conversation over birds, but that's a completely different story. That no one shall EVER know. Hahaha.

Okay sorry, moving on.

After Church was over, Shelbie looked at me and Layne and said,

"I'm going to watch Marley & Me when I get home!"

So, me and Layne said, "We're coming to watch it with you."

And we did.

The movie happened to be magnificent. It was sad, very sad.

I cried hardcore, but it's okay because it was still a happy a way.

Now, seeing as it was so amazing, I'm going over to Audrey's at five, to watch it AGAIN. Bring on the tears. I am prepared this time.

So yeah, that was yesterday. Woop.


Today was supposedly our District Track Meet. The fact that it would take place in Roscoe made things a lot better because I would get to see my best friend Jacinda!

So, after waking up ridiculously early, driving all the way to Roscoe, (slowly I might add) with like no air conditioning, and sitting crammed in between all of me and Audrey's bags the entire way, we finally made it.

I hadn't even the chance to get off the bus before I looked up and saw Coach Norton marching toward my seat. I smiled a fake smile, and looked down. I then looked back up, only to see Dakota looking like she wanted to kill someone. Why, you wander? Oh my friends, you shall soon find out.

"Ashlee!" she hollered, "How hard've you been workin' on the 2 mile?"

"Uhm," I mumbled -confusion taking over my brain- "I havn't."

"I run the MILE! As in...ONE mile!" I reminded her.

"Oh yes. But Coach Johnstan wants you running the two mile to get us some more points."

I had nothing to say but: "Are. You. Serious."

And she was.

So after saying, "Oh.My.Goodness. This is not right." a bazillion times, I decided to get up and off the bus. I went to change, and started stretching.

Now to the point.

If you are especially retarted and you didn't know the wind was blowing like I've never seen it blow before, then I'll tell you: the wind was blowing hardcore.

Not only that, but the Roscoe track is right beside a big gigantic dirt feel, so everyone and everything was completely covered in dirt.

(Ok, I'm tired of blogging so I'm going to end this as quickly as possible. Sorry!)

All in all; they cancled the track meet.

It's now tomorrow. Yay! (sarcasm)

We went to Mcdonald's for like EVER, and had so very much fun.

Then we went to school, barely making it in time for 7th period.

The coaches decided not to make us run. I had to go sew instead.

Now, here I am.

Right now I am asking myself why I bothered to write this blog.

But I'll post it anyway. Just so I don't feel like I wasted my time.

Goodbye now.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"Yes, Tommy, I sold my soul. I sure wasn't using it!"

Seeing as I am used to piles of piles of homework, today's algebra homework and a periodic table test to study for, leaves me with spare time.

Usually, I would read. BUT, I left my wonderfully AMAZING book at school, so that's out.

Here are three random facts that I feel like letting you know:

1. My cat ran away today.

2. I changed my future career to a Jr. High teacher and Volleyball coach.

3. I really want my Mom to go on the show Wife Swap!

Let us begin with random fact number 1.

My cat DID run away today. I walked outside, and basically accross the street, then walked back in and said, "I give up! If she wants to come home, she shall.", sat on the couch, and continued with my oreo-eating ways.

However, as I was typing that short little list of facts you know you don't actually care about, my mom informed me that our little refugee kitty decided to come home! Yay!

Moving on to fact 2:

After a long discussion with both my brother in law, and Lydia, I decided I would rather be coaching the sport I have a strong passion for, and helping kids prepare for the rest of their lives, then be a pediactric nurse.

Who knows what will happen, I'm only a freshman. I am, however, considering graduating early. I'm not too sure about that, though.

Alright, fact 3:

I watch Wife Swap like, everyday, and I totally love it. It's very interesting, and seems to be helpful to each family as a whole, and individually.

So, if my mom were to go on Wife Swap, maybe our family would become closer, or more appreciative, or something. Not to mention, I'd be on TV, and have the excuse to be TOTALLY dramatic for two weeks. Who WOULDN'T want that?

Okay, and I'm adding ONE more random fact, before I move on to cleaning my room, and memorizing the Periodic Table.

I ACTUALLY like sewing.

After saying that, I feel a bit like an old person, who like makes her grandchildren clothes, and knits them socks for Christmas.

But I actually like using the sewing machine. It's quite confusing, and incredibly stressful, but once you get past that, it's pretty fun, and I'm not too shabby at it.

I doubt I'll ever make my own clothes. Or knit my grandchildren Christmas socks, for that matter, but it's better then taking NOTES NOTES NOTES in Home Ec.

Okay, I'm finished.

I now must go.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Speaking of lambs...

So, my oldest sister Christi, her husband Ash, and my nephew (their son, duh!) Ashton, are all in.

They live in Raleigh, North Carolina, so as you can probably guess, we only see them a couple times a year. It's pretty sad, but it makes getting to see them a real treat.

They came in Wednesday, and are staying through Monday.

We've had a lot of fun, so far. Ashton is 3 years old, so he's at that age where he says the funniest things. He's so smart for his age!

Today I asked him what he did all day, and his reply was:

"I took a pretty good nap."

What three year old is smart enough to say that? Haha! Of course, he has the cute little three year old accent, or maybe it's a lysp. Anyway, it's cute.

Yesterday we were on the trampoline and he said, "It sure is getting pretty windy out". Hahaha.

He's absolutely adorable.

But you have to be careful of what you say; he repeats everything!

Anyway, we've had abunch of fun, just hanging out and watching movies, jumping on the trampoline and playing hide and seek.

Stef came in today, so tomorrow we're all going to the zoo! :) Oh how I LOVE the zoo. So that will be a ton of fun. Especially with Ashton!

However, the fact that they're leaving in two or three days is pretty upsetting. I'm really going to miss them. All of them.

So anyway, it's okay that this is a pointless blog. We'll let it slip.

I will now go and jump on the trampoline with the most adorable nephew, a girl could have. God really worked hard on this one! :] Haha.

And then I have to create as stinking element globe.