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Good stuff.

I've been meaning to write this blog for what seems like AGES, but I haven't had a chance to actually sit down and do it. Shelbie so kindly (ha) informed me that she has been checking my page daily and has found nothing!

So I suppose I should write it now. Ha.

Silent Christians

I was skimming through my bible one day just looking for some verses, when I saw something that caught my eye. It was an "Instant Access" (an article that shows up in my Bible every once in a while, explaining and comparing different subjects) that was talking about "Silent Christians".

It talked about kids that claim christianity but never really voice their religious beliefs or stand up for God. Some even attend "very un-holy" places and do very "un-holy" things. They are basically just like any other kid, but choose the label: Christian.

That's a problem. BECAUSE, since when is Christianity a LABEL?! It's not meant to be a stereotype or category, it's meant to be a way of life, THE way of life.

It then goes on to say that those who stand up for God, or voice their religious oppinions sometimes face persecution.

This "persecution" can come in many forms and fashions. Sometimes big and sometimes small.

It says something like, "Say you have a bible study in the morning before school for those who are Christians. People start to talk bad about you and make fun of you, so people stop coming, because they don't want to be made fun of."

That could be a persecution.

OR, you could face more serious types such as:

"On a Sunday morning, people were having church services, just like always. Only right in the middle of the serman a group of men, burst in with guns in their hands. They grabbed a bible and through it in the floor at the front of the sanctuary.

They had the people line up behind the bible and spit on it, one by one. Those who refused to spit, were shot right in the head.

Everyone -scared literally to death- did as they were told, completely forgetting about their faith, and spit on the Bible. But as a little girl approached, she quietly wiped the Bible clean with her blouse.

"Forgive them Father." she said, and was instantly shot in the head."

Scary, right?!

BUT...where do you think she went as soon as the man pulled the trigger? Where do you think she is RIGHT NOW?!

Worth it? I'd say so.

Instant access finishes with this,

"So if you do begin to face persecution, it means that you are starting to get to satan. Your making him sweat a bit. It also means that YOU are becoming a spiritual success."

That's awesome, haha.

So ask yourself this question:

"Why am I here, on this earth?"

Is it to be popular?
To worry about what others think of you?
To have the nicest clothes or have the most friends?

OR IS IT because GOD put you here and gave up His son to save you from sin.

Don't you think you owe Him A LOT?!

After all, life is pointless without God.

Life is the small picture here. HEAVEN (eternity) is the big picture. THAT is what we need to be focused on.

So why don't we stand up for God? Why don't we devote our complete selves and everything we are to HIM? He is why we are here. The one and only reason we are here.

We need to forget about everything else in the world, and FOCUS.

Switching subjects.

One quick thing I want to talk about.

Once again, I was skimming through my bible and found an amazing verse.

The first of it said,
"Do not worry about your life."

That's deep. As simple as it sounds, it's very very deep.

Why are we always so worried about what comes next.

We worry that we won't have this...or that..when material things don't even matter.

It says "do not worry about your food."

God is going to provide for us...ALWAYS! So why do we worry so much?

I'm going to share this quick story and then I'll stop.

You should seriously read this, though! :)


In the 18th year, Abijah became the kind of Judah.

He went into battle with four hundred thousand men.

However, they had to face Jeroboam.

Jeroboam's troops doubled the amount of Abijah's, with EIGHT hundred thousand men.

When the people of Judah began doubting their abilities, Abijah stood on a hilltop over everyone (including Jeroboam & his men) and said,

"Jeroboam! You have resisted the Lord and His kingdom!..."

2 Chronicles 13:10: "As for us, the LORD is our God, and we have not forsaken Him." 13:12 "God is with us; He is our leader. His priests with their trumpets will sound the battle cry against you."

As the war began, Jeroboam's men surrounded Abijah's from front to back.

They called out to the Lord, and the priests blew their trumpets.

At the sound of their cry, God routed Jeroboam and everyone before Abijah and his men.

13:18 - "The men of Judah were victorious because they had relied on the Lord, the God of their fathers."

Later, Abijah took everything from Jeroboam (countries, land, etc.). And Jeroboam was struck and killed by the Lord.

Abijah lived a long and happy life, filled with many children. He grew even stronger and more bold and when he died, his son Asa took over the land.

They were at peace for ten years, even after that.


Awesome, right?

So I'll end with this:

A.) Let's stand up for our God -the one who saves us-, for HE put us here, and HE is why we live!

B.) We should never worry, no matter how large our problem/issue is, GOD is bigger than all, and controls all. The only thing we have to do, is have faith and trust Him. Simple enough, right? :)


C.) No persecution is scary enough to lead us away from God. We will face what we have to face, and if it does come our way, than we know we are getting to the devil, making him sweat, changing the world, and becoming a spiritual success!

Thanks for reading! :)

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