Monday, August 3, 2009


Well my reason for not blogging in a century and a half, is plain and simple:

I've been grounded.

And it seems that with all the text messages and the like, that everyone under the sun knows why. Haha!

Anyway. Luckily (thanks to my wonderful, merciful mother) I was only grounded for one week, rather than three months, as my dad had planned.

However, it was probably one of the most boring weeks of my life. Probably.

I basically watched TV for a week, straight. It was crazy.

But enough of my boring week! It was all uplifted and made happy again when 12am on Sunday night rolled around! :)

Do you know why?!


I love Volleyball.

While most teenage girls claim their love to a boy, mine goes out to Volleyball!

Hahaha, as weird as that sounds.

Anyway. I told my parents I wish I could just move into the gym, wake up early EVERY morning, play volleyball until late at night, and then sleep in the stands or something until it's time to wake up and play again.

Yeah, that would be awesome.

Alright, I'm going to stop babbling and tell you of my "first complete session of two-a-days experience"!


All day and night I was so anxious it was pathetic. My mind raced with thoughts of how this year would be, how many people and who all were playing, and so on.

My poor family probably wanted to KILL me I talked so much about it.

I think when eleven o'clock creeped on up I was trying to find excuses to go ridiculously early. But found nothing.

So I waited......until 11:30.

I hopped in the car and rushed to Audrey's house where I picked her up, and we sped to the gym.

Only to discover that I had forgotten all of my paperwork. Not just forgotten to bring....but forgotten to DO IT!

Thankfully, my mother came to the rescue, by quickly filling them out and bringing them up to me. How nice!

I have to admit, when I first walked into the gym I like, gasped, or something, because of the large amount of girls. The gym was basically packed full. Okay, kind of.

And the scary thing is.....a HUGE MAJORITY of them were...freshman.

Hahaha, I don't really have anything against freshman, considering I was one last year, and all, but you know.


Anyway we started off by getting all of our workout clothes, knee pads, shoes, lockers, etc. I got the locker that I've had forever, and coincidentally (spelling) my pin from last year was in my locker, as well. Crazy, right?!

So we did all of that good, exciting stuff. (By the way, our work out shirts are totally cute because our theme is "Live It", which apparently has a lot to do with Vegas?)

We started off with a few easy drills, and after like five seconds she said "Okay y'all go get a drink and then will finish off with this last drill!"

"Did she say LAST drill?!" I quickly asked the people next to me.


So what I'm trying to say is, it went by REALLY fast. TOO FAST!

But I had the coming morning to look forward to.

I was so excited I couldn't go to sleep. I finally crashed at like four thirty, but woke up again at five thirty. And then again at six thirty. And then again at eight thirty.

So I decided to just stay awake seeing as I would need to be at the gym, in no less than another hour.

Today's session was pretty fun, but very hard.

For like, the first hour or something we did conditioning.


Yeah, it was painful.

But the last hour was FUN!!

Now tomorrow might not be so fun.

Timed mile runs (which is okay with me), agilities/conditioning, and LIFTING WEIGHTS.

I totally wouldn't have a problem with lifting if I wasn't like, the most weak person on this whole freaking universe.

Oh well. I'm still excited.

Hope you enjoyed this ridiculous blog!


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