Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I havn't written in a blog in a while. I havn't had the time, I'll admit. School keeps me busy, along with my crazy friends, and also crazy family.

But seeing as, I've already gotten all of my homework done, and all my coming tests studied for, I'm taking this oppertunity to write.

Life's been good lately, I suppose. I've come to realize that I have no problem with school in itself, it's simply athletics, the last period of the day, that seems to bludgenly murder me, bring me back to life, then kill me again.

Especially today. On Monday's Wednesday's, and Friday's, we lift. For most people, this is no big deal, and sometimes taken as an easy day, but for me, it's a living nightmare, seeing as I couldn't lift if my freaking life depended on it. I'm not sure why it's so much harder for me, than everyone else.

Coach Fuentes says that I'm "working against my momentum", by bringing the weights down too slowly. Once they reach my chest, my muscles give out, making it nearly impossible for me to lift it back up. Which to me, seems entirely true. What else could it be?

Anyway, that's beside the point. Today we did Pliometrix, with MR. Coach Fuentes. He does enjoy working us hard. I'd say I just about died sixty times, today. Afterward, I could hardly move my muscles. They felt like painful noodles, if that makes any since.

Enough about athletics.

A somewhat big event recently happened. The one and only, Winter Formal. It wasn't near as bad as I was expecting, but still on the verge of terrible. I mean, I had fun with my friends, taking pictures, and seeing everybody in pretty dresses, but it just wasn't what everyone makes it seem. Everybody looked absolutley BEAUTIFUL, however.

I probably should go now. I do still have to read Chapter 10, in To Kill A Mocking Bird, a book that I absolutley love. Also, I've started reading "New Moon" again, and it seems to be addictingly amazing. Last but of course not least, I have to read a few pages of the Mark chapter in my Bible.

I FINISHED MATHEW LAST WEEK (: Which makes me feel incredibly excited, and accomplished.

Then, of course, take my shower, and eat dinner.

This week has been rediculously slow. It's only freaking Tuesday.

But I love Wednesday's! Besides lifting. It's Youth In Action day!

Thursday's are usually okay, and Friday's are awesome, of course. Short class periods! Woot.

But Saturday is the most looked forward to event for this week. UIL competition. It is, however, only a practice meet but I do think it will be fun. (:

I'm doing Ready Writing, which is totally exciting, because I LOVE Ready Writing. Also, Mr. Pucas (mr. lucas) signed me up for "Feature Story Writing", in which was completely and totally against my will.

Oh well. Have a nice day.

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Marvelous Maggie said...

Just so you know, Winter Formal usually doesn't suck at all. Winter Formal is better than prom, honestly.

Those damn DJs must have been sniffing something they found under the sink because they were clearly high. And they had no music at all except for freaking country two-steppin' songs and stuff from four years ago.

I promise you, it's never bad. The DJs just sucked it up HARDCORE this year.

Just wanted to let you know, haha.