Monday, January 26, 2009

The City, and The Bachelor.

I completely, and whole-heartedly despise Adam.

What kind of person could seriously do that to a girl?

I just feel so sorry for her. She goes out of town, hoping and assuming that she can trust her boyfriend. I mean, how is she supposed to know that he is an overgrown pig? The poor girl.

I also feel sorry for Caterina. She had no idea that Adam had a girlfriend! Through her eyes, she was simply kissing a single guy. She didn't think that she would be haunted by this later on, I'm sure. She seems like an honestly sweet girl.

For her to tell (I cannot remember her name) that she kissed her boyfriend (Adam) unaware of the fact that he was NOT single, was just an enourmous sign of loyalty, and courage. Not to mention honesty.

But (whatever her name is) didn't believe Caterina. She believed Adam. However, I know she knows the truth in her heart. I can totally see the saddness in her eyes. Besides, who would make up a random story about kissing a guy? She's CERTAINLY not the type of girl that would intentionally hurt some one. Obviously.


Jay should understand where Whitney is coming from. After the things she has witnessed, and watched her friends go through this week, she is sure to question her own relationship. It isn't that she doesn't trust him, at all. It's the fact that her eyes have been opened to how heartbreak can be so unexpected, and un-prepared for. Of course she's going to worry!

Oh, and now that he shaved his beard, he's super ugly. It's quite sad. He was flawlessly delicious eye candy. Not anymore.

Moving on now.

The Bachelor. (Can't spell it, I know).

I literally cried when he sent Nikki home. She was in an ELEVEN year relationship, filled with compassionate love, only to wake up one Friday afternoon, to her boyfriend telling her he never wanted to get married. Wow.

It's like she finally put her guard down, and learned to love again. Then he completely threw her away, and sent her home.

She was in the lemo, talking about how she didn't know how to get any smarter, or any prettier. She didn't understand why she keeps getting rejected, and nobody wants her. I really just wanted to jump through the television screen, and give her a big hug. It was super saddness.

Aside from all of that saddness, I was even more depressed when I discovered One Tree Hill didn't come on tonight. Hmph.

Anyway, I have to go brush my teeth, and get ready for bed.

We are learning how to use those STUPID "Ready or Not Tots".

I'm seriously going to commit suicide.

We actually have to carry a plastic baby to all of our classes, and home.

That's the STUPIDEST thing I have ever heard.

I'll take my zero now.

Goodnight, all.


Marvelous Maggie said...

OH MY GOD! Y'all actually have to do those stupid baby things? REALLY?! I am so sorry.

Mrs. Bailey is so stupid. I had her twice a day my freshman year. TWICE A DAY! Needless to say, we made many plans of locking her in that glass display case by her room. Many plans.

All she did was talk, talk, talk. And all we did were notes, notes, notes. So many notes... I wanted to murder her.

Veronica said...

Ohmygosh, I feel SO sorry for ya'll. She didn't have the sex talk with you guys though, right? That is enough to scar anyone for life.