Monday, February 2, 2009

URG. Rant session.

Well, I'm sitting here, in my room, waiting-so very impatiently- for this stupid mechanical baby that I was unwillingly assigned for FCS class, to finish "eating", so that I can violently shove the stupid "burp" key in it's back, and begin my night's worth of sleep!

That sentence was ridiculously long!

Anyway. My sister just made me so angry, I could probably kill someone right now. Okay, that isn't entirely true, but the point is I'm incredibly furious.

First of all, I freaking miss my phone. My mother put my phone charger in Stef's purse by mistake, and now it has traveled to San Angelo with her, and is currently living the college life, in her dorm room.

As if it isn't obvious, I'm so angry, I'm delerious! This could be dangerous.

However, it's not that she's kindly trying to hurry and mail me the thing, oh no! She MUST take her good, sweet time. She also had the audacity to tell me I was "yappin' in her ear!" -isn't that phrase well educated. After this she informed me of how "annoying" I was being, so I proceeded to hang up on her.

As I told her, No one talks to me that way, I do not care who the freaking heck, you think you are.

Anyway, the stupid baby finally burped it up.

Therefore, I'll try and get a few minutes of sleep, before the obnoxious object begins screaming, once again.

Tomorrow shall be a wonderful day.


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