Saturday, May 2, 2009

"How will we ever trust you with the remote again?"

Some super exciting -yet kind of sad at the same time- news:


I must say, it was one of the BEST books I have ever read -and I've read a lot of books.

Each time I opened it, I would literally have to force myself to put it down. Most of the time I would just let myself go, though. It's too interesting and suspenseful -plus sweet and romantic- to put down. YOU MUST READ IT.

It's only partially sad because that was the third book. Which means, I am on to Breaking Dawn, the fourth and last. People say that it is the best book ever written, and seeing as it's so interesting, it goes by all too fast. This is simply not okay with me!

I guess it's slightly comforting, knowing I'll get to start the Harry Potter series after this. STILL SAD THOUGH!

Alright, I'm now going to tell you about my day yesterday because it was actually a great day.

I'll make this as brief as possible!

School was fine. We just watched Failure To Launch in the Ag Shop and Rattlin' Randy. After that, me and my friends went and sat out on the dug outs by the baseball feild, where we read, listened to music, laughed, talked, tanned, and slept. Haha.

We then went to fifth period, where we watched the most amazing movie ever- Freedom Writer's. LOVE IT!

Unfortunately, the lunch bell rang before we were able to finish it, so Mrs. Bartee so kindly let us finish it in her class. Next was Journalism, which usually is a drag, but for some odd reason, wasn't as bad as I expected.

Athletics was AMAZING: we just played Volleyball.

NOW for the FUN part:

After school, Shelbie, Audrey, Blanca, Hailey, Abby and I, all went for a Dairy Queen run where we enjoyed Blizzards, drinks and fries. YUM!

After eating, we decided we should play Volleyball, so we walked over to Audrey's to do just that. Somewhere along the way, we decided we were hot and wanted to swim.

Which led to Shelbie's house, haha.

We swam for quite some time. Then we got in the hot tub. Then we swam a lot more. Then we got BACK in the hot tub. We jumped on the trampoline a lot in between, by the way. Oh, and we took some super awesome pictures of us jumping in the pool! I'll try and get some on here as soon as they're uploaded.

Anyway, eventually -being the skinny, fat kids that we are- we got hungry. So, Shelbie's parents kindly ordered us some pizza's. We accidently ate it all, leaving nothing for her family...oops.

Never give us food, and expect any back. It's simply impossible.

Anyway, it was a great day.

Today was pretty awesome as well.

Except for the whole -waking up at 8:30am for Driver's Ed, and having to "walk around downtown observing good and bad driving habbits" in the FREEZING weather and rain.

I watched like, three movies and the rest of the day I read. And ate, of course.

Now I'm going to go and read my OTHER book.

Yes, it's true, I'm addicted to reading. Nerdy, I know.

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