Thursday, June 4, 2009

"How exactly do you MAKE fish soup? -You pick up a fat fish and squeeze. Why do you think there are so many fish tanks in here??"

I am excited for the following:


2. Me, my mom, and Sophie (one of my dogs) are leaving tomorrow for my grandmother's house and the lake!! :)


4. I recently found out our family IS taking a beach vacation soon, after all!

5. My mouth doesn't hurt anymore! (Unless I try and eat something...haha :/ )

6. I'm getting a FISH! Maybe even two! =]

Okay. It is now time for explanations.

1. The book arrived sixteen freaking days late, but that's okay because it is finally HERE and in great condition, haha. I got it this afternoon, and have only gotten 100 pages into the book. So far, it's great and only getting better. I now have 1, 2, and 3 and will be recieving the rest in a couple of weeks.

2. Tomorrow we will go to my grandma's house, who lives with my aunt and cousins. We'll stay there that day and night and then we'll ALL (including many other families inside of our family) travel to the lake to celebrate my twin aunt's and cousin's birthday! Lakes are FUN! Anyway, I'm not sure when I'll be back. Soon, I know, but hopefully not TOO soon. Also we get to take Sophie. That should be interesting. I'm taknig my camera and will take LOTS of pictures, if remembered!

3. Four hours of driving will be quite enjoyable! :) I love to drive, hahaha.

4. My sister mentioned the other day (my parent's didn't even freaking tell me) that in two weeks we're going to the beach. I find this very exciting because, 1) my mom said there probably wouldn't be room for a beach trip this year and 2) I absolutely LOVE the beach. We'll be gone for like five days I think.

5. Only sometimes and if I eat. Soups and non solid foods are getting REALLY OLD! Stupid braces.

6. I've been begging for a fish or two. I know it sounds strange because kids never want fish. But I DO! I want two big fat ones to sit in my room in there adorably decorated fish tank where I will give them lots of attention and make sure they are always well taken care of! (that includes keeping my fat cat from trying to eat them). But I have to talk my mom into it. As if fish are a big responsibility, she's "not sure". Hahahaha, wow.

Okay I'm going to go now and read some more before bed. I should get sleep, though, it's going to be an early and long day tomorrow. (Yet fun!:D)

-See ya!

P.S. No one in the family is supposed to know that we'll be there tomorrow and accompanying them to the lake. Therefore, if you are not a family member do not tell. And if you ARE, you are not supposed to know, so keep quiet and don't tell mom! :) Hahaha.


Marvelous Maggie said...


Are you reading the third one now?! It's my favorite. And then the fifth and seventh are tied. Then the fourth. Then the sixth. Then the first, and last is the second.


Ooooh, Harry Potter. How do I love thee...

ashlee said...


I started the second one, and got fairly far into it. But it's so BORING! So I haven't read it in a longg time. I would really like to stop, but I know the books to come are far, far better. I hope so, at least.