Friday, June 26, 2009

"If everyday was Easter, we could have chocolate bunnies whenever we wanted."

I never post anymore. I think it got boring, haha. I always type in "", sign in, and set my curser on the "New Post" button. However, I then think, "What is there to say?", and exit out.

Even here, now, there is hardly much to say, but this time I forced myself to click the New Post button. I don't why, but I did. So here we are.

I'm very tired right now, so nothing will be interesting or probably even make since.

This morning, my mom, dad, and I, woke at 6am for coffee on the porch. It's a little crazy, but it was fun and I like it when we do weird things like that. However, considering I went to bed at about 2 and woke at 6, a large nap will be needed later on today.

Now I will completely change the subject.

I can't believe Michael Jackson is freaking dead. AND Ferral Fawcett (I've got no idea how to spell her name, ugh.)

I figure that everywhere we look for next week or so, we'll see or hear about Michael Jackson's death. Why not add fuel to the fire? Hahaha.

I honestly can't say that I feel much saddness. I do feel sorry for his kids and the like, but I never really knew anything about the guy.

I heard he mollested kids or something, but was proven innocent. I don't know what's true and what's not. I've considered doing research, but I don't see what it would matter. For my own bennefit, I suppose. Maybe I will.

I do, however, remember seeing pictures of him with his small child hanging over the balcony. Considering it was an actual picture that I saw many times as a young child, I'm pretty sure that one is true.

I don't understand WHY he would want to throw his kid over the edge. Publicity is more than likely the solution to that one. Who wants THAT kind of publicity, though?

Anyway, I also don't understand why on earth he ruined his face. As a young black man, he was pretty attractive. I understand he got the disease where your skin slowly starts to turn white, so he bleached his skin.

Who wants to be blochy? I would have done the same.

HOWEVER, his constant nose surgeries make him look like he belongs in a horror film. And he wears lipstick. GROSE!

Okay, so I didn't know the guy, or much about him. I don't think anyone really did. It's hard to clarify the difference in the truth and all the rumors and lies.


Alright this is probably long enough, aha.


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