Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Don't worry, it's pretty short.

So I was watching The 700 Club (because I'm nerdy, and sometimes find the stories interesting) while cleaning up my room, when one of the stories caught my eye...or ear? Ah, whatever.

It was this lady who had gotten some kind of tendinitis in her wrist and hand. The doctors at first said that it was no big deal, and it would soon fade, after a little medication.

However, it didn't fade, it got worse, and soon enough her hand was basically crumpled up in a little ball. If she tried to open it, excrusiating pain shot from her fingers to her upper arm.

Doctors soon diagnosed her with a very rare disease that can sometimes come from simple injury. They said her hand would never heal and the pain would only get worse.

Not only that:

The disease was going to spread (and quickly) all over her body, and soon enough her body would be shriveled up just like her hand, and in a wheel chair, living with terrible pain all the time (NO CURE!) and completely depending on others one hundred percent!

Even the thought of it, threw her right into a deep depression.

She said that she prayed and prayed and prayed.

One night, her sister invited her to a church service thing and she was standing there singing, when suddenly the pain in her hand that she hadn't gotten used to, but learned to live with, was no more. She could freely move her hand without any problems at all.

When she went back to the doctor, they said that it seemed that the disease had disappeared completely. Leaving NOTHING behind. Not even a need for medications.


Now I know what you're thinking right now:

"That's great for her. But God doesn't usually get around to answering my prayers."


This woman said that if you have even the slightest doubt when you pray, it more than likely won't happen. You have to believe and KNOW that God is capable of anything and totally in control. He knows what's good for you and what's not. So BELIEVE and HAVE FAITH that your prayers will be answered.

As long as it's right for you and and it's the right time (and you ask and believe) God's going to bless you with what you want and need.

But with doubts, why should He?!

If your prayers aren't being answered often, maybe it's because you doubt God? Maybe you think it seems too impossible. Sometimes the doubt inside of us is too deep for us to realize it's there.

Have faith in God. :) He is the only one that can help!

...and He CAN do anything.