Saturday, August 29, 2009

FIRST week of school blog.

So, I suppose school isn't QUITE as bad as I anticipated, but it's still bad of course.

And I've already been tardy like, six times. No exageration there, by the way.

I'll tell you about each class:

BCIS- this is the easiest class in the entire world. Everyone said Mrs. Bailey made it really hard, but they're apparently REALLY dumb because this is like fourth grade stuff, okay! So I have no problem with this class. EXCEPT, that I can't come to school at 8:45 anymore, like last year. Darn.

ENGLISH- this class seems to be really fun! We've already done lots of activities and like, no work. It's wonderful. And Coach Fuentes is freaking hilarious!

SPANISH- wow. I'm like so white, it's not even funny. I'm the worst at Spanish, and I have the feeling I'm going to fail. Hardcore. Not to mention, I have to basically sprint all the way across the school just to get there ALMOST on time.

CHILD DEVELOPMENT- this class was originally supposed to be cooking, but she changed it without asking us. It'll be cooking next semester, though. Anyway, this class is like REALLY fun because we get to go to children's hospitals, daycares and that kind of thing. It's like a 'hands-on class' instead of note taking and work. So that's awesome. And next year I get to be in Ready-Set-Teach which I think is going to be wicked fun.

Oh, another good thing: We're already taking a field trip next week. She won't tell us where we're going but we'll miss most of the day.

A bad thing about this class: It's required for us to be in FCCLA. Which I guess is cool because we're taking lots of trips this year. And missing lots of school. WOO!

Enough about this class already.

WORLD HISTORY- is amazing. We walk in, do some easy vocabulary or something, and then do whatever we want. Coach Faith is so very mellow. I LOVE it.

Lunch- WOO!

BIOLOGY- is somewhat difficult. But not TOO bad. I like how he explains labs and helps you out, unlike Mr. Raymond who you just smiles when you ask a question. I love Mr. Raymond, but that's awfully annoying. I like Mr. Norton too, but I will have to get used to this class and the 5023498 vocabulary tests we'll be taking, WEEKLY.

GEOMETRY- regardless of what everyone says, I think Mr. Davis is an awesome teacher. He's really nice and doesn't get mad if you have no idea what's going on. He explains things really well. I like this class, but I don't like the homework. (In which I should be doing right now.)

ATHLETICS- VOLLEYBALL PRACTICE! The best part of the day. :)

So yeah. That is all.
Except for the whole -having to walk all over campus because my classes are all so spread out- thing, and then the -having so much work and getting stressed out a lot- thing, oh and the -annoying people that they're wonderful- thing, school really isn't THAT bad.



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