Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I am infuriated.

Here is my schedule for the coming year

(in which I am NOT looking forward to):

BCIS -Mrs. Bailey

English 2 -Coach Fuentes (female)

Spanish - Coach Fuentes (male)

Cooking -Mrs. Bailey

W. History -Coach Faith

Biology -Mr. Norton

Geometry -Mr. Davis


Issues with this schedule:

A.) I have to start off the day in a class of FRESHMAN, taught by a teacher who despices and who I'm not too fond of either, might I add. (I am not in a class with younger kids because I failed, but because I took Journalism last year, and need a computer credit.)

B.) I have [that teacher] TWICE A DAY! Just kill me now.

C.) Another of my teachers -in which will remain nameless- HATES ME!

D.) I have World History right before lunch. Which means walking ALL THE WAY FROM COACH FAITH'S CLASSROOM TO THE CAFETERIA! If you're not familiar with this, it's a freaking longggg walk!

E.) My two HARDEST classes are after lunch. NOT COOL.

F.) Also not cool, because those are the classes I'll miss for Volleyball games.

G.) I can't learn Spanish. Impossible.

H.) I have Mr. Davis right before athletics, which means ANOTHER long walk. Not as long as the other, but still too long for me!

Last but not least,

I.) I don't have Mr. Raymond OR Mrs. Reiger this year. This is just outrageous!

On a more positive note;

Good things about the coming year/schedule:

A.) We have Coach Faith for WH! I hear he's totally laid back and easy.

That is all.

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