Friday, August 7, 2009

"Oh my! Guys! In 15 years, we're ganna be...30!"

Today we had our first scrimages of the season!


Considering they were only scrimages, they made it all weird where we didn't play to 25, but just played two twenty minute rounds.

Our first game (JV) was against Breckinridge JV, and we lost the first round and won the second.

Next, we played Bryson Varsity and did the same. (Won one round, lost the other.) But that was pretty exciting for us, considering they were a varsity team. And not a bad one, either.

So yeah.

I feel much better about this year. It will be more fun and stuff once we really get into it and everything. You probably have no idea what I'm talking about, but that's okay! :)

Anyway, I'm off of two a days until Monday (obviously), and if my sources tell me right, we only have three more days of two a days.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week.

Because Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we have a TOURNAMENT!


I'm basically booked tight for the rest of the Summer. Which kinda sorta stinks! But oh well.

Let's see.

Tomorrow: watching Cade and Calhan with Stef.
Sunday: Going to Shelbie's to meet her foreign exchange student, Ivy! (Hong Kong)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday: Two a days.
Thursday Friday Saturday: Tournament
Sunday: Church and packing.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday: BEACH TRIP! WOOO!

Thursday: Orthodontist appointment.

Friday: Take Stef to college.

Saturday: FINISH SCHOOL SHOPPING! (Hopefully I can get that done before this time, but by the looks of this schedule, who knows!)

Also Saturday: Get hair done!

Sunday: Get ready for school. ://///

Monday: First day of school. KILLL ME!

I think I counted right.
Anyway, that's crazy. School is coming way too fast.
I am SO not ready. Ugh.

That's all for now!


Marvelous Maggie said...

I may be wrong, but we should be working out that last week before school starts as well. . . . Who is your source?

And you've gotten so much better since last year, Ashlee! You're doing awesome.

ashlee said...

Honestly, I can't remember who my source is?! Hahaha, I just remember someone telling me they were only two weeks long.

And thank you! I feel like I've gotten worse...