Sunday, October 12, 2008

Just got home from Church.
I'm sitting here, eating peanut m&m's.
They are basically the bomb, and pretty much addicting. I hate the peanut-part, though. I just eat all the chocolate around the outside. I'm sure you wanted to know that.

So, church was pretty much boring. It's usually pretty interesting, but today our guest preacher was Jimmy Dukes. He always preaches for a long time, not to mention he has mono-tone. Anyways, I just sat there day dreaming the entire time. Day dreaming. That's basically what my life consists of. Isn't that sad?

I always find myself day dreaming about my future. Sometimes it's me, married with kids. Other times, it's me as a huge famous journalist. But today, I was thinking about Jake and Rusty, and their wreck. A disadvantage of living in a small town; you have no idea what/who to believe!

Some people have said that Rusty is okay, but Jake probably won't make it. Others say, Jake is practically fine, but Rusty is fatal. Some say, they are both dying, while others say they're both fine. It's crazy! I don't know which is true, but either way, it's terribly sad.

Speaking of sad, my mom and I, watched the past four episodes of Army Wives, last night. Wow, that show is dramaticly intense.

Pamela had a creepy stalker, threatening to basically kill her daughter. He broke into her house, and everything! Roxy, and Trevor were having problems, because suddenly Trevor is addicted to his pain meds. Joan's uterous(sp) has a tear, and she has to have the baby in a rush, causing the baby to be premature. Rolland tells Joan about Trevor's drug problem, and she fires/re-assigns him. Meaning, Trevor finds out that Roxy told Rolland, causing Trevor to hate Roxy, and Roxy to hate Rolland. Michael's "friend", from another country tries to rape Claudia Joy, but she breaks a wine bottle over his head. Frank and (I forgot her name) seperate, as their son Jeremy deploys to Iraq.

It's all so crazy, and dramatic. I love it! (: haha.

Anyways, this is totally and completely pointless, which most of my blogs on here will be. I was just bored, and had nothing else to do.

I'm going to write my political belief paper, for Geography, now. No, I never did it last night.

Then, I'll probably post ANOTHER blog on here, stating my political beliefs.

Although, it will probably seem more like a "rant session".

Goodbye for now! (:

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