Thursday, October 23, 2008

Look Christopher! I'm baking you cookies!

Okay, quick post.

I know, I know, I insisted on writing quite often, and I havn't in a while. I'm truly sorry, haha. I'm so freaking busy; it's pathetic! However, Volleyball will be over in only two days. After that, things should be easier. Don't get me wrong, I'm like incredibly depressed that it's almost over. Terrible, isn't it? Anyway.

So, I'm really excited right now. So much to be excited for, actually. I just got a new book, today. I know, how nerdy, I'm excited about a book. But excuse me, Mr.! It's freaking amazing. It's about Merlin. It actually starts out when he is six years old. If you do not know who Merlin is, that would be the man in which, raised King Arthur. He is known as a "magician". If you are not nerdy, and proud, like I, then you probably have no idea of who I am even speaking of.

I'm also excited about this weekend. Aside from my loads of homework I'm sure I will have, it's going to be great! (: Stef is coming in tomorrow! Football game tomorrow! Winter's is coming! I have friends from there! Haha. Fifth Quarter! On Saturday, I have a Volleyball game! The Fall Fest! RUNNING MAN! On Sunday I have church! And hanging out with Stef! Yay!

So, I'm going to eat my Ramen Noodles, now. I'm all alone. My parents, and neighbor went to an ACU Volleyball game. I didn't get to go, because of all the homework I had in store. But, I'm going next time! Anyway, after eating my ramen noodles, I will read chapter two, in my most amazing book, in the world!

It has like 600 pages! But hey! I can totally do it.

I love you all; have an incredibly wonderful night!


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