Friday, October 17, 2008

How do you know? Because I'm magically delicious.

So, I'm basically infuriated. I specifically told my mother to set my hair appointment up, at Just Teasin', for tomorrow. But did she? No! She says we can go to Abilene, to get it done. Um, excuse me mom, I want to get it done here! I totally sound like the little girl on that chocolate factory show. You know, the one with the rich dad, that gives her everything. Only, my parents aren't like that, of course.

Back to the point, I wanted my hair done this weekend so that I could show up to school with a "new hair style", to bring in a new week. I know, I'm like insane, or whatever, but it makes sence! I'd feel weird going to school Tuesday, and then going back Wednesday, with completely different hair. It just doesn't seem right.

Okay, enough ranting. Lets talk about my day.

It was pretty good, I suppose. Lots of laughter, involved, which I like. Art was good because that strange, art woman that can't even draw let me change my little square. You see, now that we are out of our little "musical dairy cow" stage, we are working on some famous artists mural. We each have our own square from the painting, that we have to "re-create". Mine in the begginning, was quite hard, but the one I have now is simply a woman's hair, and half her dress. This is good news, seeing as I have no drawing abilities, what so ever.

FCS was good, because we got to play Old-Maid. Random quote of the day: "I do NOT have the monkey!" Okay, sorry. Geography was terrible. Test, ew. But hey! I ended up only missing two. I guess I should consider myself, a good guesser. Haha. IPC was horrible, especially now that Mr. Raymond hates me. He used to love me, but apparently I did something to offend him. So, now he basically critisizes, and insults me in front of the entire classroom, daily. It's quite annoying, but I'm getting used to it.

Algebra was great. Mrs. Rieger was sick, so she basically gave us work, and said "go for it", which I like. We got to do it as slow, or fast as we wanted, and were free to socialize while doing so. Lunch, of course, was fun. Besides certain annoying people pretending they were cool, and refusing to scoot down. Yeah, you know you are. English was basically terrible. We have a ton of homework, and the thought of it makes me want to hurl. Journalism was absolutley amazing! We got to write for the first time! Even if it was only the lead paragraph!

Now, I'm writing this, and will soon be finishing my ten million piles of homework. Then, me and audrey are spending the night with Shelbie. It's hot tub, time. (: Oh yes, I love that thing.

Alright. So, I should really get started on my homework. No telling how long it will take me. I'm not going to the game, so good luck boys!

Have a happy night, everyone!

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