Sunday, October 19, 2008

Maybe he wanted someone with smaller lips.


It's Sunday. I love Sunday's. The weather is always perfect on that certain day. Except, today is a little warm. A little more of a cool breeze would be great. So anyways, Church was good. My second favorite preacher, preached about temptation. You see, our church doesn't have a dignified preacher, so we just have visiting ones, basically ever Sunday. Well, kind of. Every fourth Sunday, we have a "visitor preacher". Every third Sunday, Brother Roland preaches. Every first, Jimmy Dukes, preaches. And every second, Wayne Blackerby.

Yesterday was fun. My mother, and I, traveled to Abilene where I got my hair done. It really doesn't look any different, but oh well. I was upset, because I completely forgot about Maggie's get-together type thing, and didn't get to end up going. But, I did spend the night with Shelbie and Audrey, at Shelbie's house. We watched Clueless, and Garfield, played lotssss of Volleyball, and hung out in the hot tub, for quite some time. It was really quite fun.

Today has been pretty good. I guess. I've been playing volleyball, basically all day. And homework, of course. We're currently reading the novel, "Fahrenheit 451", and I love it. Most people hate it, and some don't even read when she says to, but personally, I think it's quite interesting. However, it could be the fact that I absolutley love to read. The only problem is, she only assigns us a certain amount of pages. So, I get like really into the book, and then I come to page 48, and have to stop. It's not cool; I'd rather just read the entire book myself!

So, as if it isn't obvious, this is just another of my many, many random blogs, containing tons of random facts, that you, nor anyone else, really cares about.

So, for my next random paragraph; I'd like to talk about Christmas.

I freaking love it. It's so magical, and beautiful. I know, corny! But you totally know it's true. From the time it clicks, December, 1st, to the time it clicks January 3rd, I have constant butterflies. Not necessarily, because I get presents for Christmas, or whatever, but because it's a time when everyone is happy, and excited. Everything is so bright, and glowing, and it's cold! The bitterly cold weather just makes you all the more excited. Oh, and the little Christmas jingles! You gotta love 'em! (: The Christmas Tree's! Christmas lights! Sometimes even, Christmas snow! Wow, I really love it. To top it all off, my birthday is four days after Christmas. Therefore, December is just one big happy month! (:

My Christmas list this year, is quite expensive, however, there arn't many items on it. Well, kind of, but not really.

1. New Camera. (It's amazing. I'm in love with it. It's not just another digital camera, it's actually a nice one, that takes really good pictures, and has a framing grid, and everything! I'm literally in love.)
2. Ipod Touch (I've decided, it doesn't necessarily have to be the "ipod touch", just some form of a music player. Preferably, and Ipod. Don't get me wrong; I'd love to have the touchy one, haha. But, seeing as the camera above, is near 300 dollars, I feel kind of greedy :/)
3. Purpose For The Pain (I'm sure most of you know what this one is. It's a collection of journals, by Renee. If you arn't too familiar with "To Write Love On Her Arms", then it probably won't mean anything to you. But, yeah.)
4. New "teen-like" Bible (It's basically just a Bible, with notes on the side, that help you understand, and see things the way a teenager would. It's really helpful, and quite informative)
5. My room re-done (It's going to be quite amazing. I'm really looking forward, to this one.)

That's it. So far, anyways. I don't suppose it's too outrageously expensive.

Anyways, I have about two more months to decide for sure.

Well, I'm going to clean up my room, fix my fat cat's litterbox, and then start studying for IPC.

Have a happy Sunday!

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lil_a1229 said...

Dude, I'm a freaking comma beast.

I just realized that I put comma's like everywhere! Even where they dont' belong.

Ah, that's crazy.

I feel like a loser, haha.