Monday, October 13, 2008

One Tree Hill completes my soul.

I love One Tree Hill. From crazy nannies, to high school shootings, to fashion designers getting beaten by their jealous mother's, this show takes all. It's so dramatic, yet cute. And Chad Micheal Murray, is just the cherry on top.

As if it isn't obvious, I'm watching One Tree Hill. My mom, and aunt are "taking a nap", at eight thirty. And my faja is Louisiana. So, it's just me. We had so much freaking homework, I thought it was going to come out of my ears! Wow, that was corny, but for real. It was insanity.

We literally had homework in every single class, and three different things in English. Although, my day was actually quite awesome. Art was fun, because we just got to mess around. After we finished those "musical dairy cows", that is. Home-ec was basically okay, because we got to go the computer lab, under no supervision. Geography was pretty boring, big shock. It was cool though, because we didn't have a lesson, we just got to have a "catch-up day". IPC was nice and easy. He just talked the entire time. Algebra was fine. I love algebra, though, so it's always fun. Haha, I'm quite the nerd. Lunch was fun; as always. Besides Coach Wilson, and Mrs. Brown calling us rude. Boo-hoo, get over it! Haha, they're crazy. English was basically terrible. What else is new? Journalism was incredibly fun, and easy, of course! (:

Then, of course, Volleyball was amazing. It really brings me down that we only have a few more games. No more hilariously fun, work outs in the old gym with Coach Wilson! :( But hey! I get to play with both Freshmen, and JV, tomorrow. So that's exciting. If I get to finish the season, with JV, then I'll actually have five more games. That would be quite great. I love playing with them! They are so good.

Anyways, I finished up all my homework, and got most of my studying done. Although, the English makes absolutley no since to me, what so ever. Therefore, I'll be visiting Mrs. Bartee tomorrow, during tutoring.

Well, thats about all the rambling I have for you, tonight.

Have a good one!

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