Saturday, February 7, 2009

I have to go to the bathroom. But what if you get kidnapped? SCREAM REAL LOUD!

I'm happy. Like, really happy.

I'm not really sure of this random burst of happiness. It just seems that everything has been -or is- super amazing right now.

This has been a magnificent weekend. The good part: it isn't even over yet!

Yesterday at about 6:30, we left to go to Abilene to pick up Jacinda. We did so, and then went to Red Robin's, where we said it was Audrey and Jacinda's birthday, and recieved free sunday's, balloons, and the promising joy of hearing the entire staff sing "Happy Birthday", each of them having interestingly unique voices. It was super fun.

Next we went to Wal-Mart to get movies. Audrey began break dancing. Or trying to, anyway. Then Jacinda, Shelbie and I, began chanting, "Go Audrey! Go Audrey! Go Audrey!" People were staring, staff members were hating, it was great.

Then we came home, went to Shell's, jumped on the trampoline (because we find that incredibly exciting), and then we tried to watch this movie called "The Ringer". Everyone raves about how hilarious it is, but we were so bored, we fell asleep. And it was only 1!

This morning we woke up to Shelbie's mother cooking us breakfast. We ate, and then went for a ride on the golf court. Yes, we ARE that nerdy. We actually drove all the way to Dairy Queen, parked in a parking space, and went along with our merry business.

After this exciting, yet embarassing event, we went to the gym to watch Kylea play basketball. It was super boring, but Kylea was the top scoring team mate! Woo!

We went back to Shelbie's, jumped on the trampoline some more, then Stefani came to get us and we took Jacinda back to Abilene where we met her brother. We went into Walmart, and then the 711 to get an icie.

It was so scary! About 15 (no exageration there) gangster looking hispanics walked in and started speaking spanish and crowding around us. Sure enough, luckily, we made it out alive!

But outside of the store a scary looking chinese guy hit on Shelbie.


It was so much fun.

I'm going to go read now.

I hope you enjoyed this wonderfully pointless bloggg :)

Have a good night!

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