Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Who is that?! And why on earth are they running so fast?"

Two days filled with oversized, non-matching Pj's, crazy unbrushed hair, no makeup, endless doses of horrible tasting medicine, a permanent spot on the couch, and hours and hours worth of lifetime movies.

The life of the temporarily ill.

I think I'm getting better. I'm starting to feel better, anyway.

Considering I havn't much to do all day, I will probably start putting some of these blogs on Myspace. I understand that I've been saying this for weeks, but today I actually might do it. MAYBE.

I should not be held responsible for my serious procrastination issues.

Ok. Moving on now.

I REALLY want some new music. I mean, don't get me wrong, I do indeed love the music that I listen to now, but at one -very soon- point in time, the same songs over and over again, are going to get old.

I also want some old-timey music. Like, I would seriously enjoy hearing some fifties music. I tried searching it, and the best I got was, "The Chicken Dance", and "The Electric Slide". Not exactly what I'm looking for, I must say.

I think I may call my grandma, and ask her who her favorites were. Then I could actually search them by name, instead of "Fifties Music". That would be great.

Anyway, the point is -- If you no of any music you think I might take interest in, do let me know. Oh, and if there are any artists from the 50's, or any of those old days, you are familiar with, I'd LOVE to hear about them. Thank you very much.


Today I was thinking.

If I had like a lot of money, and an incredible amount of patience, and creativity, I would have one heck of a "Sweet 16".

Now, I've considered having one of those, but thought it may be better if I were to just hang out with my best friends instead, or something.

BUT. (If I had a lot of money), I would SO have a 50's Sweet 16.

I would probably rent some nice old-looking bowling alley, and fill it with pretty decorations. People would wear old-timey clothes, and make their hair look all cool. There would be bowling, and lots of classy balloons. We'd all wear heavy lipstick, and there would be TONS of Sherbet Ice Cream. Oh, and milkshakes!!!

I'd get a big screen, and rent one of those weird movie players that they used back then, and we'd watch some Audrey Hepbern movie. Probably Breakfast At Tiffany's.

We'd dance, play games, listen to fifties music, have a costume contest, bowl, watch movies, eat ice cream and milkshakes, and all that good stuff.

It was be so amazing.

And just as the party was ending, my parents would ask me to go outside. As I walked out, I would see some sort of classical car, that would be my sixteenth birthday present. I would squeel with excitement, and jump in it, leaving everyone else to clean the place up, haha.

Yeah, that would be super amazing. Maybe I'll be able to do something similar, yet cheaper.

And the car part, probably couldn't happen.

Oh well!

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