Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"You are the rotten cherry on top of my fat-free sundae!

It's been a terrible day.

And not only that, but the beginning of many many terrible days.


School was "okay", from what I remember, anyway.

But the amount of homework we recieved was ridiculous, and I thought I was going to drown in all of it!

We have to memorize all the freaking landforms of Europe by tomorrow! Coach Britting makes me so angry, I have to hold myself back from literally punching him square in the face, during class. One day, I'll lose it I'm sure.


ALL the freaking landforms! First of all: I'll probably never go to Europe. (as much as I'd like, it's just not going to happen!) And second: Even if I was lucky (& rich) enough to visit Europe I wouldn't need to know all the frickin' landforms of the place. GEEZ.

Also, we have a HUGE IPC test coming up on Thursday, and the review is super long, with like a bazillion and two essay questions. I still have quite a few of those left, which in the end, probably will remain unfinished, but oh well. Anyway, I have to work on that. Also read TWO IPC sections, that all in all will make absolutley no since to me anyhow-seeing as we're doing chemistry, now.

An Algebra paper with like over 50 questions on it. (Which -I know- doesn't seem like much, but each problem takes like ten minutes!!!).

And actually, I think that's all, but it is worse than it sounds okay!!

For the worst part of my day:


I would advise every kid in this entire country NOT to ever -no matter what- do the unspeakable -- track.

We had to do a 400. Then sprint 2 800's, and then sprint another 400. After this -our faces redish purple, and each of us panting repeatedly- we headed up -or so we thought- to the weight room, to get in some lifting.

On our merrily way up, we so wonderfully (sarcasm) ran into Coach Johnstan.

"Where are y'all going?" he asked innocently.

"To the weight room!" we replied.

"Oh no!" he laughed, "It's party time."

If you have ever, or are currently in athletics with Coach Johnstan, you know good and well, that when he says the two words, "party time", you are in for it; BIG TIME. If that is his idea of a party, the man has issues. Moving on;

So, we unwillingly dragged ourselves behind him, hearing him chuckle (evily) the entire way.

We sprinted four 150's, and then he told us to get a drink.

Seeing as, I anticipated that we were now finished, I was relieved that today would be an easy day.

So, we quickly approached the man, and he told us we were free to get a drink. Only, there was no water left, because Jr. High children enjoy hanging out at the track after school, and drinking ALL THE FREAKING WATER, SO THE PEOPLE WHO ARE ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING, ARE LEFT TO DIE. It's an outrage.

Hoping for sympathy, we returned to CJ informing him of our dellima. He had nothing to say, but "Get you four more 150's". So, we did.

After 8 of these monsterous babies, I'd say we were about ready to fall over dead. Surely we are finished now, I thought.

But as I lifted my head -that was drenched in sweat- I saw Coach Johnstan waving his hand at me, to hurry it up. We walked up the hill, and he said the words --- "Get into my truck".


He took us out toward Abilene and dropped us off. He told us he'd be parked a mile down the road, and that if we didn't make it back in like six and a half minutes, he was going to leave us. (Only to run back to the gym, and then two more miles after that).

Luckily, we all made it.

I then came home, did my fifteen thousand pounds of homework, and now I'm going to take a quick shower, then read my IPC, and ten pages in my "Peace Like A River" book.

I'm super tired.

Thankfully, this terrible day will soon be ending.

But only to start another one, so very early in the morning.


P.S. He's making us go REALLY early to school on Thursday to run 3 miles! Oh my! And then we have to shower in the gym! This is just great... :[


Mary K said...

oh my goodness. i feel so, so, so sorry for you. oh my goodness track sucks. oh im so sorry. i could cry for you right now. wow...

ashlee said...

Thank you very much, Mary, for your sympathy!

However, now that our season has progressed, we do even a lot more than that day.

It's getting easier though, seeing as we're getting more in shape.

But he says next week we'll want to die, everyday. And for Coach Johnstan to say that, it's got to be bad.