Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Ah! A siren! --Yep, their comin' to get them coaches for child laboring laws!"

Tomorrow is our first track meet. As I've been told, lots of people do really bad at the first meet, and as Coach Norton stated, "It's morely considered a practice meet for us, because y'all are still out of shape."

However, it's still exciting! First track meet of the year; sunscreen, butterflies, hanging out in the middle of the track, screaming like crazy for your friend during their event- all mixed in one. It's so much fun, and wether I was to get LAST, or not, it would not change the fact that it was going to be a great day, filled with nerves and encouragment. (Also a little pain, but we'll leave that out.)

So, I'm making this the part where I say;

I don't get to freaking attend my VERY first track meet of the season. And this makes me so angrily sad (made that up :] ) I could physically harm someone (just kidding).

You know why?

Because the harmfully, evil thing we call "mother nature", could not possibly despise me any more. In other words, I'm sick, and will not be able to attend the meet.

It all started Wednesday, when my throat began to sting like eternal fire, and my body ached with pain. I sat in the girls bathroom, ready to die, repeating to myself (intellectually), "I will NOT get sick! I will NOT get sick!". And, seeing as my brain -or shall I say ammune system- hates me with a firing passion, I GOT SICK. Hmph.

As the week progressed, I began to get sicker, and sicker. Also, the two minutes of sitting in ice cold water, obviously didn't help much. Oh, and the waking up at five something to go and do a track workout in the freezing cold this morning, wasn't exactly the nicest thing in the world.

The point is -aside from all of my babbling- I'm super sick now, and would rather die, than move a single muscle. (a tad of drama there).

AND, aside from the track meet that I REALLY want to go to, I have a family reunion on Saturday, that I also won't be able to go to if I'm still feeling like poo on a stick.

This would be a great dissapointment to my mother, considering she hardly ever gets to see her mother, whom is quite old and not doing her best.

So tell me, why won't this STUPID "Motrin- COLD" kick in, and making feel -freaking- better!??!?

As if it isn't obvious, I'm super tired and terribly dilarious.

It would be great if I could simply go into my room and sleep for two days straight, but even if that were possible, I couldn't sleep that long.

Now I'm simply rambling.

I deeply hope no one is reading, or has read, this blog. If so, you, or they, probably think I'm crazy.

It's the meds I tell you! --

Yeah, I'll be deleting this soon.

Excuse my lack of sanity;

I'm going to go read & then hit he sacccc.

(although i never understood that expression)


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