Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stanley, it's been ages!

Why do I continue to shove "Racing Ranch" goldfish down my throat, when I KNOW that in an hour I'll feel so sick, I could puke?

Possibly because, just like the commercial states, "You can have just one!"

I'm already feeling so full, I could freaking pop! And my head hurts, as well.

Enough complaining.

I'm pretty excited right now, because today is the day that I'm supposed to begin removing posters and things off of my walls, and starting taking out all of my stuff. You know why?

Because we're re-doing my room! :) Woo!

Only, today I feel more like laying around all day, so the fact of me having to completely empty my room (walls included) makes me wander why this can't begin tomorrow?

So, I guess in all honesty, it's not the emptying part I'm excited about. That's more of a dreadful event. I guess it's just the idea of it all. Oh well, I have no choice.

Last night me and Audrey stayed the night with Shelbie. It was fun, because we watched Open Season 2, which happens to be the funniest movie you could ever lay your eyes on. We were laughing. Loudly.

Then her parents made us home-ade Ice Cream to go along with the "confetti cake" Shell had made, prior to our arrival. It was all very good.

We sat in Shell's room, contently eating our cake and Ice Cream while watching That 70's Show. We laughed, but seeing as me and Audrey only had a maximum of three hours of sleep, we totally crashed at like...only one in the morning!

It was still fun, though. Especially rewinding the retarted cat seen on Open Season.

Last night was also a little sad, though. I went into "I wish we were still little kids, so we had nothing to worry about, and we were all little good children that never did anything wrong, and so on" mode. It happens every once in a while, ahaha.

It's just sad because things and people change so quickly, without you even noticing. Then eventually, you look back and remember, and wander where everything went, and why people changed. It's sad, but it's the hard part of life, that no one can stop.

Moving on now.


Yesterday was UIL.

I'd like to say it was the most boring event of my entire lifetime, but that might be putting it too mildly.


It was TERRIBLE. First of all, I thought I did okay in Ready Writing, until I discovered I forgot to title my paper, and was so cold-heartedly disqualified. Hmph.

Then there was Feature, which I think I did better than last time, but had absolutley no intentions of placing. There are some crazy good writers, at these boring little academic events.

Anywho, it was a very annoying day for me. People doing stupid things, acting stupid, and not knowing how to get over theirselves, and the fact that they are acting like a whore... okay, I should stop now.

The point is, lots of people got on my nerves because they don't understand what life is REALLY about, and they are just so very self-absorbed. But really, I'll stop complaining.

The end part was fun, because I played BS with Audrey, Aaron, Alex, Esteven, and Tanner. We laughed a lot.

Then I slept the whole way home.

I should go clean out my room now.

Thank you, oh so much, for listening to my pointless ranting, and my boring plans for the day, in which I'm sure, you do not care about.

Oh, but quickly before I go, I'd like to post my FAVORITE scene in the movie, Open Season 2. (a movie in which, you MUST see!)

"Stanley! Ole buddy! Stanley! It's been ages!"

"No, Roger, it's been exactly ONE year."


"Yes, Roger! Every year our owner's bring us to 'Pet Paradiso',
and every year we have this same painful conversation!!!"

"We do?!"

"Yes! Are you finally catching on now, Roger?"


"Stanley!!! It's been ages!"

"Ohhh, it's gonna be a longg week!"


Have a swell day!


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Linka72 said...

ahahahahaha!! That has GOT to be the funniest cat I've seen in, well agesssths!!
Dumb Cat Roger is the man!!