Monday, December 22, 2008

Uhm, yeah.

Just so everyone knows, I am beggining to freak out.

I know, I know, I've posted only about five thousand and six blogs about Christmas, and how it's only so many days away. But, get this; IT'S ONLY FOUR DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS. AND DAY AFTER TOMORROW IS CHRISTMAS EVE.

You cannot tell me, that that isn't insane.

Today has been a pretty spectacular day, I'd say. The typical Christmas Break day, anyway. I slept late. Woke up at like ten, and then came into the living room. Everyone else was still asleep, shock. I played Wii for a little while, and then my mom woke up. We took the dogs out, and then came back in and talked for a bit.

Then when Stef woke up, we played against each other on the Wii for quite some time. We then ate, and then played some more. Now, she has gone to babysit Gracie (spelling) & Will, and my mother is in the shower.

I just took maxy, sophie, and my cat outside. I walked outside with jeans and a short sleeve shirt, in the crazily cold weather, and sat on the outdoor-rocking chair on the porch, and watched the animals, do their business and play.

Life doesn't get better than that, haha. Most people hate the cold, and would rather stay warm, and inside. But, I couldn't love it more. I find it refreshing, and exciting. The colder it is, the more if feels like Christmas. I love the Christmas feeling.

Today is one of my best friend's birthday. Shelbie, it is. I texted her at 11:30 to tell her "Happy Birthday Eve", and that it was only thirty minutes until she had been walking this Earth for fifteen years. Then at about one thirty, I sent her another text telling her Happy Birthday, and reminding her to text me later, to tell me how everything went.

She had family Christmas today, and I do not believe she was too happy of the fact. That happened to me last year, as well. But, we just celebrated my birthday on the 28th, then when we went to family christmas on my actual birthday, everyone gave me their present to me, and sang to me, and told me happy birthday about ten times. It was great, actually.

I really have no absolute clue as to what it is that I got for my birthday. My mother assured me that she has already purchased the thing, but I'm not too sure of what it could be. My Christmas presents are wandering my mind, as well.

They STILL arn't under the tree! Mom said that they have one more to get, in which they are getting tonight, and that tonight she will wrap the presents, and set them under the tree. I sure hope so. I can usually guess my presents by the size, or shape of the box. Sometimes, however, I'm wrong.

Anyway, this blog is becoming pointless, although, I'm not so sure it had a point to begin with. I'm probably going to continue reading, and check my MySpace.

Have a very very Merry Christmas!

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Marvelous Maggie said...

Answer to your question:

There's a book called 'Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West' by Gregory Maguire that is absolutely amazing. It inspired a Broadway musical, which is also amazing, and rumor has it they're going to make a movie!

I love the book, but I'm not sure that you'd like it. It's very, like, political, I guess you could say.

You can read it though! In fact, I urge you to. I'm just not sure you'd like it.

Anyway, that's all.