Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Oh yes! It's another one!


It's midnight, so that means it is technically CHRISTMAS DAY.

This is incredibly exciting.

I considered not writing this blog, because I understand that I've written exactly three thousand, six hundred and fifty two blogs about Christmas, and the like. But, seeing as this is MY blogspot, I will write all the christmas blogs I want! Therefore, you can choose or choose not to read them. And, if you do read them, you have ZERO percent permission to gripe. (: Thank you very much.

Now. To get on with it.

I was originally going to write my blog tomorrow morning, before looking at my presents, but I decided that would be physically impossible, considering the high state of anticipation nawing at my sanity. So, I'm writing tonight instead.

I am sord of one of those freaks who is absolutley IN LOVE with christmas, and surprises. Also, I am a BIG planner. Basically every aspect of my life is planned, and with that, I see nothing wrong!

So, of course, I've already planned everything about Christmas. Wanna hear?

Well, I'm going to wake up EXTREMELY early, just like every year. Then, I am going to walk down the hall, with my back facing the living room, so that I can't see a thing! When I reach the end of the hall, I'm going to take a deep breath, and embrace the christmas spirit, and excitment (yes nerdy, but I do it every year)! Then I'll slip around (still not looking at the santa present) and peek at my stocking present. After that, I'll cover my eyes and walk into the living room. When I reach the tree, I'll feel around for my santa present, and then OPEN MY EYES. It will be great!

Then, after that, I'm going to write a letter of appreciation my parents, for everything they have done, and will do to make my life as special as it is.

I will then add some eyeliner to my sleepy eyes, and go to wake up my sister, who will probably beg for more sleeping time. But that will NOT be aloud (:

She'll look at her santa and stocking present, squeel with happiness, and then we will go and wake up the parents. When we finally get them up and going, mom will grab her camera, while we open the remaining gifts. Then comes Christmas dinner, and helping mommy cook.

It will be one spectacular Christmas, I tell you.

Oh, and on the 26th, we get our presents from Christi, my oldest sister, who seems to be AMAZING at getting christmas presents. And then, as you all know, comes my birthday the 29th. Happy Birhtday Me!!!!

So, that about raps it up. I'm so excited right now, I'm afraid my heart is going to jump from chest, and pump it's last breath out right in front of my eyes.

Wow, that was creepy, haha.

Anyway, I'm going to sleep now! I'll need all the rest I can manage for one early, yet exciting morning!

It is, you know, only the HAPPIEST day of the year!

So with that in mind, I wish you the merriest Christmas you've ever expirienced, and blessedly happy new year!

I'll be posting ANOTHER christmas blog tomorrow, informing everyone of my new belongings.

Again I say, Merry Christmas!

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