Sunday, December 21, 2008

Family Christmas was fun.

Yesterday was family Christmas. It went basically like I said it does every year, in one of my previous blogs, below. Do read, if you havn't.

It was good fun. Especially the Kick The Can part. This time, we played for hours. Everyone had a lot of fun. Me, Jessica, and Brady (two favorite cousins, that are my age) were hiding like way out pasture thing, just talking and hanging out. Then we decide that we'd sat there for a long time, and hadn't seen the sight of the flashlight in quite some time. So, we decide that we should quickly, yet quietly run up to the front to see what was going on.

To our surprise, everyone had given up on finding us, and gone in a while before. It was funny, to think that we spent all that time hiding...from no one. Haha!

The present part was pretty good, too. Besides the fact that one of my aunts got "angry" (what else is new) when no one liked one of her "good ideas". She decided that considering the large number of children in our family, and the small amount of space in my grandma's house, that we should line up on the sidewalk, outside. Yeah, that was a good idea. Then, she says that we should all go into the house one at a time to open our presents in front of grandma. Yeah, RIGHT!

I'm no shy person, at all, but I think it might be a little awkward having everyone stare at me, while I opened each present. So, I said, "Whaaat?", and everyone else proceeded to join me. Apparently, she felt attacked, and got quite upset. She didn't understand the problem, so I said, "That would be awkward, not to mention it would take all day!", and basically everyone agreed.

So we all opened our presents, outside, and had good fun doing so.

One of my aunts who gets every kid a present, wasn't there, so we only had two to open, but that was okay, because we arn't greedy, haha.

I got a new volleyball, with spritz stuff, and flavored lotion, or something. Haha. Then, I got a little stuffed animal from my grandma, that has some internet game, or something.

Anyway, the point is, it was fun, and there is only FOUR days unil Christmas!

Going to finish my Christmas movies, now.

Thanks for reading, (:

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