Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Presents; fun yet ironic day in abilene; &birthday ideas (:

So, I realized this morning when I was doing all of my cleaning, that I never followed through with promise of writing a blog, telling everything that I got for Christmas. So, here goes;

1. An Ipod Touch (I'm basically in LOVE with the thing!)

2. Some of those winter boots! (I think people call them Ugg boots, even though they arn't really the "ugg" brand, they still look like them. ha. Anyway, they are brown, and really soft, and warm. I've only stopped wearing them a few times. It's hilarious.)

3. The new teen study bible (This thing is amazing! First of all, the outside cover is adorable. Secondly, through out the entire Bible, it has little notes, and stuff that make things easier to understand. Deffinatley needed this one, haha.

4. Guitar Hero for the DS. (I'm crazy addicted to this game. It's so much fun, if you're into the guitar hero games.)

5. This EXTREMELY CUTE over the shoulder/satuel bag. (It's pink & black, and EXACTLY what I wanted. Props for mom & dad, haha).

In my stocking I got an eyebrow razor/machine, and one of those HUGE colorful lollipops, that you see in the movies! Also, lots of candy and fruit.

From my cousin, I got a new volleyball, perfume, and shower lotion.

From my sister Stefani, I got two amazingly adorable shirts.

From my other sister Christi, I got a really cute hand bag, with toe seperaters, lip gloss, two pairs of slipper socks (really warm&comfy), and a gift card to Old Navy. (:

From my neighbor, I got twenty bucks, some stamps from 1870, some cute printing paper, for computer editing, and a REALLY big box of those amazingly delicious chocolates.

I'm pretty sure that about raps it up!

Tomorrow is my birthday Eve!

Meaning day after tomorrow, is my birthday!

I'll more than likely be posting tomorrow, and then on my birthday to tell everyone how it went.

Now, for the next part of my blog;


Yesterday was so much fun! As a birthday gift, my sister Stefani, took me to Abilene. When we got there, she let me pick the place to eat. Of course, I chose Red Robin. We ate, and then went to Hendricks to visit poor little Cade Fairchild, and Kensie. Then, we went shopping. We basically went everywhere in the town of Abilene! Haha, but it was fun. Then, at the end of our day, we went to the movies where we watched, "Yes Man!". It was freaking hilarious! I loved it.

Also, it was the most Irony/Ironic day I've ever witnessed!(sp).

First of all, we're driving down the road, thinking of somewhere to eat. We're thinking Logan's Roadhouse, but we arn't sure yet. Then, we see a white Armada, which is the car my friend Shelbie's mother drives. I said to Stef: "I just got the strangest feeling that was Shelbie!", and she replied, "She isn't the only one in the world with that car, Ashlee!".

So, I proceeded to text Shelbie, and after all, it was her! Meanwhile, we chose Red Robin over Logan's. While me and Shell were texting, she said that she was going to go to Red Robin's to eat, but decided to Logan's instead. I quickly informed her that we were going to eat at Logan's, but chose Red Robin.

Crazy, right?

Well about three hours later we're driving and I see a white Armada. I think to myself, "Okay. Abilene is not a small town. How crazy is it that I saw her once, and we almost ended up at the same resturaunt. But TWICE? That's insanity."

I text her anyway, asking if she just past the Lowe's, and she says YES! Yikes!

So, then we go to Target, and as we're walking in, this strangley gorgeous guy is right beside us, and staring at us like he knows who we are, but isn't sure. As we walked our seperate ways, stefani squeels, realizing that that is one of good friend from college, all the way in San Angelo. So, we walked by once more to make sure. Surely enough, it was him! We talked for a while. Turned out he lived in Gorman, and happened to be in the Abilene target at the same time as us.

So, we go to the mall. There we see the people who sat at the table beside us, at Red Robin. Next, is Kohls, where we saw our waitor at Red Robin!

Then, after other shopping stops, we went to see the movie.

When I looked up, I saw Eric, my sister's best friend running at us, excitedly. He was there with Keely, and Molly.

Then, we're in line getting pop-corn, and we look behind us, only to see Gracie! Which is a little girl, that my sister babysits like everyday.

It was such an insanely ironic day.

But a fun one, at that.

To end the day, we met Eric at Wal-Mart, where we picked up a few things. Eric screamed a curse word to the whole store, and we recieved a few dirty looks.

It was great!

So, that concludes this randomly long blog (:

note: if you plan on getting me a birthday present,
but are worried because you have no idea what to get,
I'd be perfectly happy with money, or a gift card. & clothes
are always greatly appreciated.

(: thanks.

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