Monday, December 22, 2008

I am the tennis champion. And it feels good. Haha.

So, I'm really happy right now because me, stef, my mom, and my dad are all hanging out tonight, playing Wii. It's cool because we arn't fighting, or anything, and that doesn't usually happen, haha.

But it's really nice being with just my family and having fun.

We had a Tennis Tournament, and you guys will never guess who won the entire tournament. Who is the CHAMPION? You ask.


First I beat my mom, and then my dad, and Stefani almost died of shock when killed her three games, of five. It was great! No body EVER beats Stef. But I so did. Haha, I'm quite proud of myself.

Anyway, I just had to share that incredibly exciting information with you all.

Now, I believe we're going to have a Bowling Tournament. I'm pretty much positive that I'm going to lose this one, though. Oh well!

Merry Christmas & remember!

tomorrow is the eve of christmas eve (:


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