Friday, December 19, 2008

I am posting this blog because it is an incredibly special occasion today. I woke up at about 8:45. I then did my hair, brushed my teeth, got dressed, and headed for the school. I went inside and found the big, yellow tablet, where I wrote "Ashlee 9:20". I then walked out of the school, climbed into my mother's car, and we drove home.

Do you know what this means????

As if you cannot tell, I'm extremely excited.

Can you believe that Christmas is only SIX days away? Oh my goodness, this is just awesome, haha!

Christmas is next Thursday! Yikes.

Tomorrow, I have family Christmas, which is also pretty exciting. Our family Christmas is usually a lot of fun. We get there really really early in the morning, and considering my grandmother and aunts and uncles all live about three and a half hours away, you can't imagine what time we wake up, to leave.

Anyway, everybody always goes straight to the presents to see which ones have your name on them, and to see if maybe, just maybe, you can guess what's inside. After that, all the kids are usually playing some sort of sport outside. Usually football, sometimes basketball, and the occasional Volleyball. Oh, and of course wall ball. While this taking place, all the men of the family are cooking the big turkey outside, while all the women are cooking the side dishes, and stuffing, and stuff inside. Once the big dinner is complete, we all take our places inside, and eat as fast as we possibly can, knowing that as soon as everyone is done, it's present time. After the constant rushing of the adults to hurry up and eat, already, we all head into my grandma's house, and crowd around the small tree, with tons of presents underneath it. One of the oldest kids, (usually my sister) goes through each present, and hands us the ones with 0ur name on it. On three, we all open each of our presents, with ginormous smiles on each of our faces. We usually get one from my grandma each, and one from aunt lori, each. Also one from Great Aunt Ruth. Then we get our special, or "big" present from the person who drew our name.

After this exciting event, everyone is busy showing off their gifts, and then putting them away. Then, we all go and crowd in the living room, to watch some big important game that may be going on that day. Football, or basketball, doesn't really matter. After this, we usually just kind of hang, and crowd around the desert table.

Once it gets dark, it's time for Kick The Can. (Which is a game that our entire family places every single time that it's dark, and we're all together. It's the game of hide and seek, but when you get caught you wait in the base area, hoping for someone to kick the can, and set you free. You try not to get the light of the flashlight, help by the person it, shone on you.) It's really fun because they live kind of out in the country, so there's lots of open land, and tall grass to hide in.
Oh, and lots of trees! So, we play that until each set of parents comes out to say "Alright kids, load up! It's time to get home". Then we all say our goodbye's, and wave our arms off to the person leaving. You travel all the way home, sleeping the entire way.

It's great, and the more I talk about it, the more excited I get. Haha.

Then just five days later, it will be the ACTUAL CHRISTMAS.

I love Christmas Eve. It's the absolute longest day of the year! My parents always try to keep us up really late, so that we will sleep as late as possible. But, I like to go to bed as early as possible. This doesn't entirely suit their fancy. Anyway, I usually wake up at like five or six o'clock in the morning, and go and look at my stocking present and my "Santa Present" which is usually the best present, of all. I then wake my sister up, and she goes into the living room to look for herself. We go and wake up our parents, and then they acompany us into the living room, where we open the remaining presents. After this, my mom and dad usually take a big, long nap, and my sister too. While I stay up too excited to go back to sleep.

When my parents wake up at a decent hour, they begin our big Christmas lunch.

It's the happiest day of the year, and I cannot wait.

and my birthday is only in ten days! (:
fifteen, here i comee*

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