Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Oh my freaking goodness, my sister infuriates me to EMOURMOUS amounts. She's one of those rude people, who makes fun of you for everything, and then just keeps agging it on and on, until you POP.

She's so freaking stupid. And she's such a JERK!

First she's rude to me, after I do SO much for her, and take up for her about EVERYTHING, even if she IS wrong, and then she has the freaking audacity to tell me that I make a big deal of everything, and ask me why I am in such a bad mood!!!! UGH!

Well STEFANI (&i hope you are reading this) WHO FRICKIN cares if I make a big deal of everything. GET THE HECK OVER IT. I am not going to change because of your lousy oppionion, and so if you have problem, TOOO FREAKING BAD!

And WHY am I in a BAD mood? Maybe because you have the power to drive someone so INSANE, that they cannot see straight! EVER THINK OF THAT?

If you don't want my bad moods, then I HIGHLY suggest you don't give off your rudeness like it's Carbon Dioxide. Because my "bad moods" are only the result of YOU.

And I have the feeling that you are going to tell Mom about how I am ranting of your actions to the entire world wide web, and she's probably going to yell at me, and suggest that I delete the blog, and never write about you again; BUT, this is a blogging site, and as far as I am concerned this is a blog. What is wrong with that picture? NOTHING. Thank you.

So, I'm sorry that you all had to listen to this, but there was simply no where else to rant. Thanks for reading, which I doubt anyone did.

Merry Christmas Eve, Eve!

Day after tomorrow is CHRISTMAS.

Hope it's wonderful!

&bytheway; I feel a LOAD better now.

I'll try this more often.

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Marvelous Maggie said...

Note to self: Never piss Ashlee off.

Haha, but seriously.