Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Romiet and Julio!"

I do NOT want to study for the completely unnecessary Geography test that we have tomorrow. Landforms and rivers of Asia. EW!

So I'm going to tell you about my day, instead. Even though it was a boring day, and nothing interesting happened. You'll just have to deal with another pointless blog. How sad!

Alright now.

In Art, I made a pretty painting with water colors. I discovered that I really enjoy painting with water colors. It's fun, and extra pretty.

In Home Ec, I finished up my pillow that we've been making for the past week and a half. It actually turned out to be pretty cute, I'd say.

Geography was very...interesting.

Abunch of people got 0's for not turning in this map thing, so everyone was in an uproar yelling at Coach Britting, as if it was his fault they didn't turn in their work. Michaela Folsom took it the hardest.

So Layne was telling her to be quiet about it, because it was her own fault. She didn't like that very well! She began being incredibly rude to Layne, so the rest of us backed her up. I literally thought it was going to result in like, a super duper HUGE girl (yet physical) slap fight, or something. I couldn't help but laugh.

Coach Britting obviously couldn't help but laugh, either. I thought he was going to wet his pants! Haha, he loved it.

Anyway. IPC was...boring. SURPRISE!

Algebra was also boring.

English was fun. Because we did nothing.

And then I left! To go to the big...bad...scary...DENTIST!


I just got a filling. The shot doesn't usually effect me too much, but this time death looked pretty good next to it. The actual filling hurt as well, which is pretty unusual.

So, as I am typing this my mouth is numb, and I keep biting my tounge off!

Now I have to go study for the miserable test that I spoke of before. Yipee.

Well, after I take a shower. And do everything else I can think of so that I don't have to study for the HORRRRRIBLE TEST!

Okay, enough.

I'll end this now.


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