Monday, April 13, 2009

"God sneezed when he was making you"

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I have officially fallen in love with cold coffee. It's crazy.

Speaking of coffee, there is something you should know:




Considering the large amount of coffee my body has taken in today, I must apologize now for any late night- pointless posts that will result of my lacking ability to sleep.

Moving on now.

Today was a boring day, and I don't really know why I decided to write about it.

School was horrible, dreadful, and boring. No one laughed. It's Monday.

I came home, read lots of blogs, did some of my homework, and then ate dinner, while I waited for my parental authorities to arrive home.

When they did, my mom and I headed to the breckinridge wal-mart to pick up material for my pillow project in home-ec, and topsoil for her garden.

Oh, and lotion, but that's hardly important.

Anyway, it was pretty fun hanging out with my mom. We saw Alli, Jessi, and Nicole there, too!

So then we went to Sonic for coffee, and came home.

I then finished my homework, read, and watched the hills.

Here are a few of my thoughts while watching this week's episode:

"SPENCER! You chubby cheeked, douche bag! Grow up, already, learn to be a boyfriend, and quit flirting with dancing bartender's!"

"HEIDI! Spare yourself this misery! Leave the stupid idiot! It's obvious he doesn't want to be with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Stephanie! Quit trying to start all of this freaking drama. Get a life. Learn to be a sister, and a friend. You stupid, Jessica Simpson look alike. -Oh, and you so shouldn't get the job. You don't even know how to print labels. "Are they sticky?", Yeah, wow."

"Lauren! DO NOT take the responsibility of Stephanie at your job. SHE STINKS AT IT, and is only going to get you into trouble with the big bad Kelly. (Small but scary.)"

"Audrina! You weren't even on the show tonight!"

"Charlie! Quit rising up all manly like, as if you're going to harm Hiedi. You SHOULD hang out with Spencer, because you are both equally douch baggy."

Yeah, that's basically it.

Oh yes, and,

"Sluts at the bar with Spencer and Charlie! Get some dignity!...and better fitting clothes!"

I now must go.

Text messages are ringing off the walls!


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