Friday, April 3, 2009

Speaking of lambs...

So, my oldest sister Christi, her husband Ash, and my nephew (their son, duh!) Ashton, are all in.

They live in Raleigh, North Carolina, so as you can probably guess, we only see them a couple times a year. It's pretty sad, but it makes getting to see them a real treat.

They came in Wednesday, and are staying through Monday.

We've had a lot of fun, so far. Ashton is 3 years old, so he's at that age where he says the funniest things. He's so smart for his age!

Today I asked him what he did all day, and his reply was:

"I took a pretty good nap."

What three year old is smart enough to say that? Haha! Of course, he has the cute little three year old accent, or maybe it's a lysp. Anyway, it's cute.

Yesterday we were on the trampoline and he said, "It sure is getting pretty windy out". Hahaha.

He's absolutely adorable.

But you have to be careful of what you say; he repeats everything!

Anyway, we've had abunch of fun, just hanging out and watching movies, jumping on the trampoline and playing hide and seek.

Stef came in today, so tomorrow we're all going to the zoo! :) Oh how I LOVE the zoo. So that will be a ton of fun. Especially with Ashton!

However, the fact that they're leaving in two or three days is pretty upsetting. I'm really going to miss them. All of them.

So anyway, it's okay that this is a pointless blog. We'll let it slip.

I will now go and jump on the trampoline with the most adorable nephew, a girl could have. God really worked hard on this one! :] Haha.

And then I have to create as stinking element globe.


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