Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Hey, uh, can you hand me that? AH! A BEETLE!"

Good things that came of my day:


2. All we did for off season, was play Volleyball!

3. It's Wednesday! Which means Church. Yay!

4. We didn't have regular classes because of the TAKS testing.

5. I got to play Volleyball for most of the day.

6. We got to watch Freedom Writers in Mrs. Rieger's, which is one of my FAVORITE movies!

7. My youth minister became a daddy! For the...fourth time, I think?


Wow! What a good day, haha. That's a pretty large list.

Okay, now for the bad:

BAD things that came of my day:

1. We were stuck in the gym for THREE HOURS! Although part of the time I was enjoying myself, the last hour and a half was MISERABLE. We sat on the bleachers, tired, sore, starving, and incredibly bored.

2. We had to go over a REALLY boring Algebra study guide for like EVER this morning: I nearly died of boredom. Seriously, though.

3. Abby really made me mad in English.

4. Mr. Lucas really made me mad in Journalism. Urgh.

5. I THOUGHT we were going to have a tornado, but soon found out it's just rainy. (I guess that could go on both good and bad. Or niether.)

Okay, so as you can see by looking at the list and the difference in their sizes, it was a good day, for the most part.

The gym was fun, playing Volleyball and the like. But that last of it was HORRIBLE.

Mrs. Rieger's was boring at first, but then we got to watch Freedom Writers.

Lunch was good, of course. And Mrs. Bartee wasn't there today, so we didn't have a teacher in English. It was great.

We were actually fairly decent. People talked, and yelled, but for the most part we just sat there watching Romeo and Juliet. No one even got injured...that I know of. Pretty good, for our class. Hahaha, but really.

Abby made me mad. She likes to pester me like, everyday, and I've tried putting up with her. Today I lost it: and I'm glad I did.

Enough of that.

Mr. Lucas made me mad in Journalism because he kept babbling on about the big camera's (in which I do not have) so I went to sleep. Then he decided to yell at me for sleeping and complaining.

Which I WAS complaining because he was the only teacher in the freaking school who made us do work. So instead of listening to the BORINGNESS (yep, it's a word) of Journalism, I decided to sleep and text, instead.

Athletics was AMAZING. I did some hitting, lots of serving, and played Pepper with Mikala for like 35 years. It was pretty fun. Okay, VERY fun. I MISS VOLLEYBALL!

And now I'm home, waiting impatiently for 6:30 to roll around, so I can go to church, socialize, eat great food, sing some songs and maybe even learn something! :] hahaha.

I'm not entirely sure who will be teaching us tonight, considering Doug is kind of in the middle of something...(becoming a father...again). Maybe it will be Steve! That would be great.

Alright, now I'm just rambling so I'll end this pointlessness.



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