Sunday, April 12, 2009

"He's on to our evil plan! He's making a break for it!"

I will now share with you my weekend experiences.

As you know our District Track Meet- in which was planned to be Thursday- was cancelled/rescheduled for Friday. That meant missing two days of school, so I was totally okay with it all.

Anyway, the track meet on Friday was so very much fun. I got to visit with Jacinda and her boyfriend -who happens to be freaking hilarious- Michael, for most of the day. That was nice.

I ran the two mile, and it was pretty painful, but wasn't as bad as I expected. I didn't do too bad, but I didn't do too great, either.

I did a little better in the mile, but still not great. Anyway, I was proud of myself.

So after I ran, me, Shelbie, Kami, and Aaron Faith had a lot of fun in the bus. We were telling jokes, and messing with people. Me and Kami were messing with the guys in the bus next to us, throwing quarters at them, and acting as if we were actually interested. It was pretty hilarious.

Then me and Aaron started asking people if they were getting a "duck way" in their towns. When they would ask, "What's a duck way?" We would say, "Oh, about two or three pounds." It was funny.

The way home was also fun. Hearing Riley, Aaron, and Jeremy tell jokes. Oh, and Eric Lee prank calling people. Good times.

So that was friday: SUPER FUN.

Saturday was my Easter Family Reunion, and it was amazingly enjoyable. Lots of trampoline jumping, ball playing, water gunning, cookie cake eating, egg hiding, egg HUNTING, and so on.

Oh and, picture taking, unfortunately.

But all in all, it was a very fun day, and it was awesome to see everyone again!

So there is Saturday.

It is now Sunday, and Easter, at that.

So, I shall now say, as I am sure you've heard ten thousand times today,

"Happy Easter!"

And with that, I will go and enjoy MY easter, by enjoying sweet tea, goldfish, and America's Next Top Model.

Enjoy your Easter!

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And I just realized I said

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