Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Put a seatbelt on your dog: he'll eat your kids."

I had a wonderful day! :)

Well, most of it was wonderful.

Good things that occured today:

1. All we did in off season was lift...lightly!

2. It's now Thursday..which means the weekend is ALMOST here!

3. My hair actually curled fairly well today. Ha.

4. Everyone was happy today, so school seemed less miserable.
5. I got to take a nice nap in Geography!
So, I'm out of good things.
And now that I compare these lists, it seems to me that I had a bad day, after all. Hmm.
BAD things that occured today:
1. We have to start sewing freaking shorts! No one likes sewing Mrs. Bailey, NO ONE! (Except for Abby! Haha.)
2. I took an IPC test today, that I did not even slightly study for. I did, however, go in for the morning tutorial. All in all, I think I passed and actually did okay, but not as well as I would have liked to.
3. Algebra was SO BORING!
4. Mrs. Bartee made me throw away my newly bought succer that I loved SO much, meaning it was a waste of fifty cents. She was jealous of it, I'm sure!
5. We took Photography pictures of the Jr. High Volleyball girls in Journalism, and like all of mine turned out bad. Plus, I couldn't get my camera to cooperate half of the time!
6. We had TWO SOLID HOURS of the unspeakable...driver's ed. BORING BORING BORING! ...and MORE boring. Ugh.
(29 more hours to go!)
7. My chips from my lunch got stolen AGAIN today. Sheesh people, bring your own freaking lunches. Hahaha.
8. My dad forgot to buy me hot pockets for my lunch, so I was forced to stop this blog, half way through, and go to the store to retrieve hot pockets. I don't really know why this is on my bad list: but it's still annoying.
Okay, I think that about raps it up.
Now I shall move on:
I am SO excited for this weekend.
After Driver's Ed tomorrow, Shelbie, Audrey, Audrey's father, and I are leaving to pick up Jacinda in Abilene. We'll probably go to the movies, or eat dinner or something, as well.
Then we're going to spend the weekend together. Yay!
It's always so much fun when Jacinda comes in because even if we have nothing to do, we still have fun laughing at every little thing that crosses our eyes. It's so great.
We did make plans to eat at the new mexican resturaunt here, that I hear is AMAZING. So, that ought to add some excitement to our wonderous weekend.
And I think tomorrow at school shouldn't be too bad. In art, we'll work on our projects, we'll sew our stupid freaking shorts in Home Ec, watch a video in Geography, watch Myth Busters in IPC, go over boring stuff in algebra, watch Act 4 of Romeo and Juliet in English, and we're walking to Audrey's house for pictures and refreshments in Journalism.
Sounds like an okay day, to me. (Besides Driver's Ed!)
And then it's the weekend!!!!!! Yaaaay! Excitement.
Okay, I'll have mercy on you all and end this blog.

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So it's really freaking pissing me off, that everytime I try and center something, it smushes everything together.

There is no space in between lines, and SPACE IS GOOD!


screw the center button!

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