Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Oh, go die in a house fire."

I am going to make a list.

1. Driver's Ed will be starting soon, and my controlling "know it all" parents, insist on me taking the driving portion of the class, as well. (Not just the classroom).
2. I have an IPC Vocabulary test on Thursday, and the words are looking pretty difficult.
3. What I thought was going to be one free weekend, resulted in working the Jr. High volleyball games ALL DAY!
4. If these things I am hearing about Obama are true, I am going to move to Canada. Actually, New Zealand.
5. Official Volleyball off season begins tomorrow. SCARY!
So, usually when I'm stressed or upset about abunch of things, I get onto Microsoft Word, make a list (similar to the one above), and then below it, I write solutions, or things that might make the situation better, about each one.
I'm probably not going to do that here, because why would anyone else want to read it? Therefore, I'll just discuss each. Moving on now:
1. I'm pretty much super stoked about Driver's Ed, because it puts us THAT much closer to getting permits, which makes us even THAT much MORE closer to getting our liscense's. Which of course means freedom. Or, kind of.
So anyway, the point is it's exciting. HOWEVER, you can choose to do just the classroom portion, or you can do the classroom AND the driving portion. The driving portion is where you drive with the instructor, and they like grill you and make sure you do EVERY little thing correctly.
My parents insist on this. AND I will NOT do it. Seriously, I'm just going to get all nervous, freak out, wreck the car, and NEVER GET MY LISCENSE (spellcheck) FOR AS LONG AS I LIVE!!!! Stupid parents; they know nothing.
Alright, sorry. Going on:
2. The IPC test seems to be pretty difficult, but oh well. HOWEVER, I've failed like every worksheet we've done in there lately, so a nice test grade would be incredibly helpful. I'll just study and go in for tutoring, and then hope for the best.
3. I know Coach Johnstan meant well when he told me to work the ENTIRE day (this Saturday) calling lines, and the like for money. BUT I'd rather not do it. This was supposed to be my relaxing, sleep late weekend, where I would do absolutely NOTHING. But that's all out the window now!
One good thing that shall come of this super long Saturday: MONEY!!!
Okay, two good things, because I will enjoy watching the girls play.
4. OBAMA IS CRAZY! My dad tells me that he is about tax us like insanely. As if we don't pay enough already! I think the man's goal is to have us all lose our homes, jobs, and cars. He'd probably sit in his little office chuckling, and planning his next evil shindig, to take over the world!!!!!
5. So I'm actually really excited to be working on Volleyball, and the like. HOWEVER, I havn't played in a REALLY long time, so I'm going to do HORRIBLE. Everyone's probably going to yell and get annoyed with me. Oh well.
That's not even the SCARY part of the situation. The scary part is that two days a week, every week, we will be LIFTING AND RUNNING.
I am weaker then weak, so the fact that we'll be doing a lot of lifting is very scary, and makes me quiver. Not to mention, Coach Johnstan is going to be one of the coaches, so we'll be running until we puke. And then when we DO puke, we'll run even more. Yay! (sarcasm)
Alright. Well, I just looked up and saw my book, laying there and now it seems to be calling my name.
It HAPPENS to be the best book in the world, and I HAPPEN to be addicted to it.
(It's Eclipse.)
Goodbye now! :)

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ashlee said...

So this freaking blog is really pissing me off, because it's all smushed together.

I promise, when I actually wrote the blog, there was much more spacing.

I tried editing like a million times, but nothing works.


Anyway, sorry about that.