Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"Yes, Tommy, I sold my soul. I sure wasn't using it!"

Seeing as I am used to piles of piles of homework, today's algebra homework and a periodic table test to study for, leaves me with spare time.

Usually, I would read. BUT, I left my wonderfully AMAZING book at school, so that's out.

Here are three random facts that I feel like letting you know:

1. My cat ran away today.

2. I changed my future career to a Jr. High teacher and Volleyball coach.

3. I really want my Mom to go on the show Wife Swap!

Let us begin with random fact number 1.

My cat DID run away today. I walked outside, and basically accross the street, then walked back in and said, "I give up! If she wants to come home, she shall.", sat on the couch, and continued with my oreo-eating ways.

However, as I was typing that short little list of facts you know you don't actually care about, my mom informed me that our little refugee kitty decided to come home! Yay!

Moving on to fact 2:

After a long discussion with both my brother in law, and Lydia, I decided I would rather be coaching the sport I have a strong passion for, and helping kids prepare for the rest of their lives, then be a pediactric nurse.

Who knows what will happen, I'm only a freshman. I am, however, considering graduating early. I'm not too sure about that, though.

Alright, fact 3:

I watch Wife Swap like, everyday, and I totally love it. It's very interesting, and seems to be helpful to each family as a whole, and individually.

So, if my mom were to go on Wife Swap, maybe our family would become closer, or more appreciative, or something. Not to mention, I'd be on TV, and have the excuse to be TOTALLY dramatic for two weeks. Who WOULDN'T want that?

Okay, and I'm adding ONE more random fact, before I move on to cleaning my room, and memorizing the Periodic Table.

I ACTUALLY like sewing.

After saying that, I feel a bit like an old person, who like makes her grandchildren clothes, and knits them socks for Christmas.

But I actually like using the sewing machine. It's quite confusing, and incredibly stressful, but once you get past that, it's pretty fun, and I'm not too shabby at it.

I doubt I'll ever make my own clothes. Or knit my grandchildren Christmas socks, for that matter, but it's better then taking NOTES NOTES NOTES in Home Ec.

Okay, I'm finished.

I now must go.

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