Sunday, April 26, 2009

"You've got a crave for champane and a beer pocket book. -Woah woah; we can't afford no beer!"

Well, my weekend has been quite eventful. That COULD be why it flew by so dang quickly. It's Sunday, which means tomorrow we return to the horrifying place we call, "school".

Although, it shouldn't be too too bad this week. We only have one day of regular classes, one day of TAKS, and the rest we get to sit cooped up in the gym with nothing to do! Hooray!

Anywho, I'll tell about my weekend now.

On Friday, school was actually pretty fun. Athletics was even better because we got to play Volleyball. However, Driver's Ed kind of put a damper on things. Oh well.

After Driver's Ed, Shelbie, Audrey, Curtus and I, all went to Abilene to pick up Jacinda! We met and ate at Chili's, where I got the famous Chicken Ranch burger, and of course the most amazing tasting cake in the world...


After Chili's, we went to Wal-Mart of course. We mostly played with the phones and camera's. And of course: we HAD to make a scene, hahaha.

So while at the camera's, I was laughing really hard at something (who knows what) and decided to pull out my phone. I reached into my pocket, feeling nothing but a ten dollar bill.

I frantically re-checked each of my pockets, with no luck what so ever.

I looked at Audrey with wide eyes and said, "I lost my phone."

Alright, you should know that it's possible that I may over use the phrases "I lost..." "Someone stole my..." "Blank dissappeared...". So it's understandable that my friends didn't instantly freak out.

"It's probably in the truck." I reassured them, along with myself.

When we arrived at the truck, it wasn't there.

"Chili's!" We thought.

We went BACK to Chili's, but only to discover that nothing had been found. Apparently the phone WAS stolen. GREAT!

When we arrived back into town, Audrey's dad dropped Jacinda and I off at my house so we could retrieve my things, and drop the phone issue on my parents. That was scary.

I finally said it after beating around the bush for three hours. They didn't take it as bad as I thought. Or they didn't show it, anyway.

We went to Audrey's and had super fun.

We watched Twilight twice, and ate lots of Ice Cream. We also played beach volleyball reallll late, and spun around and around just for fun. It's kind of a nautious feeling, but really cool at the same time. You'd have to be a complete idiot to understand our ways, but that's okay.

So on Saturday we played a lot of Volleyball and the like. Movies and Ice cream also had a lot to do with this day.

Then we decided we wanted to go swimming, so we went to Shell's house and jumped in the FREEZING water. It was so much fun, though.

We went back and forth:


And the pattern continues...

It was great fun.

After a while of that, we went to Audrey's and watched Twilight. Hahaha.

We showered and got all ready, and went down to the new mexican resturaunt, where we felt quite awkward. It's a great place with AMAZING food, but the waitor seemed a tad creepy. And we were the only freaking people in there.


But my cheese enchilada's were like...insanely amazing. Yum.

After eating we walked back to Audrey's, and then we walked to my house (yes, we felt like homeless people..) to "get movies", which was code for "activate ashlee's sister's old phone so she could text". Shhhhh.

So Saturday was fun.

That night: more spinning, volleyball, movies and ice cream. FUN!

Oh, and crazy Mac pictures of course.

Sunday (this morning) we got up and went to my church. Then we ate at Mcdonald's. (: Super fun.

We then came back to Audrey's and hung out for like four hours until we had to take Jacinda BACK to Abilene, to meet her mom.

I'm sad she's gone, but she'll be back in like...two/three weeks.

Even if it means hot-wiring (after stealing) a car, driving all the freaking way to Roscoe myself, kidnapping her with master tape, shoving her in the trunk, and bringing her back to us, WHERE SHE BELONGS. Yeah, I'd so do that.

Okay, so now instead of doing homework, I'm either going to watch Twilight, or read Eclipse. Hm...what to do...?

I'll just do both! :)

Goodbye now.


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