Thursday, April 9, 2009

"Yeah. Maybe your hair reminded him of a poodle."

Yesterday was a basically wonderful day.

School was a blur, as always.

Then there was Church, which was super fun.

Me Layne and Shelbie had some interesting conversation over birds, but that's a completely different story. That no one shall EVER know. Hahaha.

Okay sorry, moving on.

After Church was over, Shelbie looked at me and Layne and said,

"I'm going to watch Marley & Me when I get home!"

So, me and Layne said, "We're coming to watch it with you."

And we did.

The movie happened to be magnificent. It was sad, very sad.

I cried hardcore, but it's okay because it was still a happy a way.

Now, seeing as it was so amazing, I'm going over to Audrey's at five, to watch it AGAIN. Bring on the tears. I am prepared this time.

So yeah, that was yesterday. Woop.


Today was supposedly our District Track Meet. The fact that it would take place in Roscoe made things a lot better because I would get to see my best friend Jacinda!

So, after waking up ridiculously early, driving all the way to Roscoe, (slowly I might add) with like no air conditioning, and sitting crammed in between all of me and Audrey's bags the entire way, we finally made it.

I hadn't even the chance to get off the bus before I looked up and saw Coach Norton marching toward my seat. I smiled a fake smile, and looked down. I then looked back up, only to see Dakota looking like she wanted to kill someone. Why, you wander? Oh my friends, you shall soon find out.

"Ashlee!" she hollered, "How hard've you been workin' on the 2 mile?"

"Uhm," I mumbled -confusion taking over my brain- "I havn't."

"I run the MILE! As in...ONE mile!" I reminded her.

"Oh yes. But Coach Johnstan wants you running the two mile to get us some more points."

I had nothing to say but: "Are. You. Serious."

And she was.

So after saying, "Oh.My.Goodness. This is not right." a bazillion times, I decided to get up and off the bus. I went to change, and started stretching.

Now to the point.

If you are especially retarted and you didn't know the wind was blowing like I've never seen it blow before, then I'll tell you: the wind was blowing hardcore.

Not only that, but the Roscoe track is right beside a big gigantic dirt feel, so everyone and everything was completely covered in dirt.

(Ok, I'm tired of blogging so I'm going to end this as quickly as possible. Sorry!)

All in all; they cancled the track meet.

It's now tomorrow. Yay! (sarcasm)

We went to Mcdonald's for like EVER, and had so very much fun.

Then we went to school, barely making it in time for 7th period.

The coaches decided not to make us run. I had to go sew instead.

Now, here I am.

Right now I am asking myself why I bothered to write this blog.

But I'll post it anyway. Just so I don't feel like I wasted my time.

Goodbye now.

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