Monday, March 30, 2009

"Yes. We lined 'em up, and he always seemed to be the Ding Ding Ding!"

Would you like to hear about my misfortunate day?

Rather you would or not, I'm going to tell you.

Here goes:

I woke up at 6:25 this morning. Early, yes I know. However, we were to be up at the school by 6:30 to leave for UIL competition in Stamford.

Thinking it impossible for me to get completely ready in five minutes, I tried very hard to think of alternate solutions:

1. "I could get mom to drive me!" - Wait! No, they don't allow that.

2. "I could just skip!" -Wait! No, I'd have to go to school.

3. "I could call someone and tell them to wait!" -Yeah, like that would happen.


4. "I could stop wasting time, get up, and kick it into super mode!"

I went with number 4.

Strangely enough, I straightened my hair, put on my makeup, got dressed, got my bags ready, brushed my teeth, got a bite to eat, headed for the gym, and was sitting on the bus by 6:45.

Yes, my friends, I DO have superpowers.

Want to know something else?

I was one of the freaking first people there!

Although I did forget Audrey, she soon made it there on time, haha.

Alright, moving on now:

It was a long and miserable bus ride. I was forced to sit with Audrey considering there were no more open bus seats (haha), so I could not lay down.

When we finally arrived, we immediatley had to get our pencils and papers and look for where we would be writing, since our event is the very first thing.

After retrieving our utensils, we followed Mrs. Rieger. She dropped us by our classroom, and we wrote.

Topic wasn't too bad, but I still don't think I did too great.

So, for the rest of the day, I sat up against the wall where Emily and I, became addicted the game on my Ipod, called "Scramble". It's quite fun, and super addicting.

Finally it was lunch time, and I ate with Mikala, Lexa, Layne, and Audrey. We had a lot of fun, laughing and completeling confessing, haha. It was great.

After that, we left.

It was a miserable way home, as well.

About halfway there, I realized we would be home in time for track practice. This was a problem, considering I had left ALL of my track stuff at home for the day. I called my mom to see if she'd bring it by, but seeing as I have no luck what so ever, she was in Abilene.

I went to track, but borrowed clothes and shoes.

It was a VERY hard workout, of course. Not to mention it's hot, and it just made the workout that much harder, haha.

When I got home, my mom was very upset because she had zoomed home from Abilene, and come up to the gym with my stuff. Only, I was working out and had no idea she was there. Eventually, Audrey came out and told her.

Also, I just found out that my cat might have some strange health issue.

Now I get to go take two quite difficult, and lengthy algebra benchmarks, do algebra homework, read my IPC, and do an entire poster, make a meal, report, and so on about freaking Russia. Yeah! ALL TONIGHT!

Oh goodness, what a wonderful day it has been.

And tomorrow I get to go to school at 6:30 to run abunch, since I was unable to make it today.


Thanks for listening to my rambling. It means a lot. Haha.


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