Sunday, March 15, 2009

"Don't worry little blind man. Your sight will soon come home."

Well here it is Sunday, and I have yet to do my homework. I had a feeling this would happen seeing as I'm quite the procrastenator.

Oh well, I'll probably do it tomorrow in Art.


I'm pretty much ecstatic right now because I found two cars that I basically love, and both are extremely good cars and that arn't too expensive.

It could be true that I have not much of a life, and have spent all day in my pajamas going from website to website looking for a new car. However, my mother seems to like the idea.

It's just dad I'm trying to convince. It shouldn't be too dificult. He said himself the car was nice, and for a pretty good deal.

He just said that I'd have to get a job.

But, you see, this fact thrills me deeply, because car or no car, I'm getting a job, anyway. I need my OWN money to buy my OWN clothes and needs, and if there shall be a car, my OWN gas. Also I'd have to make the payments on my OWN car.

Alright, enough of the OWN stuff.

So, I'm sad (sarcasm) to say that I will more than likely be quitting track, and getting a job. I'm not sure what kind of job, or even if anyone's looking to hire, but I do not that I desperatley need one, and will pretty much work anywhere.

Except Pizza Pro, Dairy Queen, and Brookshires.

Don't get me wrong, I like all of these places, and find nothing wrong except that:

I couldn't work at DQ, because I cannot cook, I am clutsy, and I'd be tempted to eat all of the ice cream.

I couldn't work at Pizza Pro, because I hear all you do is make pizzas and sit around. The sitting around part gets me. I'm like ADD, I MUST be entertained at all times.

Moving on; Brookshires. This sounds like a good place to work. I mean, I hear it pays well, and you actually get to do stuff instead of just sitting around. HOWEVER, I ALSO hear that the schedules are outrageous, and sometimes students are stuck working until 9 o'clock sharp.

This in no way works for me. I have to be home by 5:30 or 6:00 so that I can work out, shower, do all my homework and chore stuff. I can't do those things if I'm working like crazy until 9:00.

So, I'm completely stumped.

I'd enjoy a nice job of simply answering phones, or helping people look around like in the stores down town. But I know they're hard to find, and who knows if any of the downtown stores even need help. Also I don't want to get lonely.

I guess I'm too picky for a job.

I'm just going to keep looking for one, AND a car.

Well, I've already found a car. Just have to convince Dad.

If you know anyone hiring, please let me know.

I'm job desperate.

Now I must wash the dishes, clean my room, do some laundry, read, POSSIBLY look at my homework, clean the litter box, and then take a shower.

Oh, and then go hang out with my friends, of course.

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