Sunday, March 8, 2009

My tounge hurts. -How come? -I think it's because I'm nervous.

Yesterday was my very first track meet of the season.

I totally had a lot of fun cheering on other people, and watching them do their events. However, when I heard, "First call: Varsity girls MILE", I pretty much wanted to die. I was totally sure I was going to get dead last. I tried convincing myself that I didn't care, but in all truth I totally did, haha.

Albany did really good though. All the relay teams did great, and I think abunch of them got first.

Anyway, I didn't end up getting last in the mile, but almost. We were running against Varsity girls because apparenty we "don't have enough girls to make up a JV team". Urgh. While talking to the girls before the race, I found out that a lot of them ran their mile in like five minutes. After informing them that I ran it in about a seven, they asked me, "Are you serious?", like I was the slowest person in the world!! (which is a big possibility).

So, during my running event, I was totally embarassed, and felt stupid for even doing it, because it's not like I'll ever be good. Haha.

I can't wait till this track season is over. You know why? Because I am so not doing it EVER again. This fact brings a smile to my face.

So, after the meet, I was left with nothing but aching legs, exhaustion, and a super sunburnt face. Woohoo!


Now I must clean my room, do some laundry, and get myself ready for tonight. Because, I am hanging out with my best friends and we are going to have like ten million loads of fun. :D FOR SURE.

P.S. I REALLY like the song on the JC Penny commercial.

You know, the one that goes:

"Everything keeps happening in the most peculiar ways.

It may be unbelievable but it happened just like that.

You came into my life and now I want you to stay."

It's a good song, so if you know who sings it or even just
the title, it'd be great of you to let me know.



ashlee said...

Yeah, and by the way, Audrey totally ditched us when we got there.

So, we compared her to thick lotion.

(Keep in mind, I was using Diana's SUPER thick lotion at the time, so the thought of "thick lotion" was fresh on my brain, aha).

"Good friends are like thick lotion" we told her, "It never goes away."

"Yeah. Bad friends are like THIN lotion. One minute it's there, the next it's gone."

Hahaha. We're great.

OH & while I'm here,


"You're like steroids. You keep me strong. :D"

Marvelous Maggie said...

The song on the JCPenneys' commercial is called Unbelieveable by The Sleepy Rebels.

And there's never a girls' JV. Like, nobody has ever had one.

ashlee said...

Haha yeah, I just went to Google, and typed in the lyrics. It took me right to their page.

Thank goodness for google! =]

But yeah, sometimes at big meets they put different colored wrist-bands on different age groups and just run everyone together, but do the scoring according to the wrist bands. But since it was a small meet, there were no JV teams.