Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Latte is Itallian for, You just paid too much for that coffee.

Here are a few things I've recently realized:

1. I am an idiot. Completely, totally, idiotic, for choosing to do track.

2. There a lot of stupid people and whores in this town. (okay, ive always known that but it's recently been brought to my attention.)

3. I'm becoming less and less organized everyday. That is BAD.

4. Irresponsible people will NEVER EVER borrow my Ipod again. Because I was nice, and let a few people listen to it, I now have NO headphones. Idiots.

5. My ankles hurt more than all the pain in the wolrd put together, and I seriously need to get braces for them PRONTO.

6. Jason Meznik is the biggest douche bag that ever walked the earth.

That's it.

As Coach Johnstan spoke the words, "You guys better feel appreciative. Coach Norton softened me up today, and we arn't doing much.", I sighed with relief. As exhausted as I had been all day, the last thing I needed was a painfully endless track workout, led by only the cruelest man of all, Coach Johnstan.

However, it was when he said "We'll only be doing 16 150's, instead of 24.", my excitement faded a little.

"Sixteen 150's isn't too bad", I thought to myself. That is until Coach Norton continued to tell us to "scoot back", meaning we were actually doing 200's.

Not to mention we had to dead out sprint, because Grace wasn't far behind and was to try and catch us. Luckily, she didn't, but that meant a very hard sprint.

It was as I was approaching the finish line with aching ankles, and sore thy muscle, in which I realized my body was beginning to shut down. Haha.

The thought, "I am so stupid. What was I thinking? TRACK? Why Why Why am I such an idiot?!" raced through my head numerous times.

One more swell (sarcasm) thing about track:

I have to go at fricking 6:30 in the morning to run abunch. Yippee.

Oh &&&& I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. More pain.

However. I shall add a nice picture to lighten the mood of this blog.


fat guys Pictures, Images and Photos

haaa. just kidding. that was disturbing.

I think I like this one:

motion Pictures, Images and Photos


Mary K said...

i for one am very happy you joined track. i know its horrible, but you make it very interesting and funny to read about. i do feel very sorry for you though. i kinda miss track. meaning, i miss looking like i ran track :)

Marvelous Maggie said...


And I wish that I looked like I ran track also. You - you skinny, tiny, fast-metabolism-having thing - would have nothing to worry about if you quit track. Life is SO NOT fair.

ashlee said...


I love you guys.